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I can't believe I've not posted here, but guess what? Calum and I are engaged!!!!!!

This selfie was taken at the scene :) We took Emmy to a lovely local park for a walk on Sunday November 23rd, and after clambering round on some rocks we went to rest on a bench looking down over the hill to a herd of deer (complete with splendid antlers!) Emmy was being very good, just snuffling round, and then he got down on one knee (in the mud!) and popped the question :) I cried, and he was a bit damp round the eyes, and it was just amazing! He couldn't have picked a better way to propose, and we couldn't have had nicer weather!

We took some photos a couple of days later when we were all dressed up for a date to celebrate :)

He loves Emmy so much :) it's great, especially when I remember him saying he didn't like dogs on our first date (he was afraid of them after being knocked down by a big dog when he was a little boy of 3) but who could resist this face?!!

This pic is from the day before he proposed, we were at a friend's 60th Birthday party, theme 'gorgeous'! (do you like my dress? it's based on a free petticoat pattern from )

What 'we're engaged' post would be complete without a ring shot ;)
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