Jul. 7th, 2014

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So, I said my main inspiration was the collar, but you can't just wear a collar and some underwear now can you?! (yes yes, I know just wearing underwear is a common trait with me by the end of the evening, but just humour me ok?!) I knew I wanted a plain bodice to showcase the collar; with long full sleeves like the dresses Cynthia wears in Wives and Daughters. The general idea is something like this dress:

I also knew I wanted a crazy hem, but what kind of crazy?! Pinterest to the rescue!
I'm planning something like this:

With these fan thingies instead of the leaf things:

I'm not sure though if I'll have time for the loopy lines that I like so much in the fashion plate, I have to work out a quick way to make the rouleaux, I have an idea but it may only work in my head! If not, I'll probably do something a bit more like this:

I got a fair bit done over the weekend, the bodice just needs the second sleeve sewing in (all the pleats are pinned in already though, and that's the time consuming bit isn't it?!) and I think I'll do hooks and eyes, and it's done! Which does of course mean I can't put the skirt off any longer ;)


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