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I'm lounging on the sofa in my newly finished combinations! They need a ribbon for the neck, but I think I want all my undies to match, so I'm going to get some when I get the ribbon for the corset, and I think I may just use the poly satin I can get locally, and not worry about trying to get silk satin from the US as I originally planned.
Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment first thing, and as you know I do not do well with dentists :( I've been having trouble with one of my wisdom teeth, it doesn't hurt, but it's coming through the side of my gum! It's cut my cheek a couple of times, and once the cut became a horridly painful ulcer, and each time I moved my lips the tooth rubbed over it again, OUCH! I don't have room for my bottom wisdom teeth to come through properly either, so I'm hoping he'll do an Xray to see if they're going to need to be removed, I'm not looking forward to that scenario at all! I bet I'll need a filling as well, and I'm just dreading the whole thing :'(
Still, I've got the whole day off work to continue with my undies, I've decided to go ahead and make a petticoat waist, so that's next!
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It's been over a week now, and I'm still spending most of the day sleeping or lying on the sofa cuddling the puppy, watching TV or on the net. I've been starting to feel a bit better in the evenings, and managed a little bit of sewing on the dress. It's very slow going though, because I just don't have the energy, and my brain is just a fuzzy cloud most of the time! I've got to start getting better soon though, surely!?
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I had today and yesterday afternoon off work, I feel like I achieved rather little during all that time, but maybe I didn't.

I fitted Mummy's ballgown bodice pattern yesterday afternoon, over her new corset, and did some more work on attaching the waistband. Then today, I cut out the bodice and made it up, and I finally finished whipping the waistband onto the skirt, and I even did the centre back cartridge pleats!

I was thinking I would get round to piping the bodice today, but that didn't happen ;) What I have done though is play around with bertha decoration, and there are some photos under this cut, if you care to walk this way... )

I have to go to work tomorrow morning, and then I have the dentist at half past two, which usually completely takes it out of me, so who knows if I'll get anything done tomorrow!


Nov. 9th, 2010 11:07 pm
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I now have a nearly completed, dark red ball gown skirt, trimmed with black lace :D My left pinkey finger does not like whip stitching the waistband on though, so it's only 1/3rd done, but I'm hopefull I'll get to it tomorrow evening while watching TV.
I also finished Mummy's new evening headress, and tried to take some pictures earlier, they're not very good, but you can walk this way to see anyway ... )
I was supposed to go to the dentist today, but he's off sick, so I have to go on Friday instead, I HATE going to the dentist, so this extension of the agony is no fun at all :(
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I have been feeling rather out of sorts the last few days, not doing much but faff about on the net and read, when I want to sew but just don't have any get up and go, I'm stuck in a bit of a rut.
To top it all off, yesterday started with a headaceh, so no work. Then last night I had a headache too, that morphed into a total inability to feel sleepy, so it was half three before I could even try to get to sleep. Then this morning I woke with such a bad headache I couldn't even see straight, so straight back to sleep till lunch time. I managed to get up and dressed, had some toast, but then felt dreadful again, so back to bed till half four! And the evening then morphed into a horrid few hours on the sofa with the puppy trying not to through up :( I think it must have been a migraine, I've not had one since I was a teenager, so it really hit me hard. But I'm feeling alive again now, so hopefully it's gone for good now and I'll finally be able to get to work tomorrow.
And I want to sew dammit!!! Part of my sleeplessness last night was spent planning Regency ball gowns from the saris we got a few months ago, and new ideas for baubles as well. At least I've been managing to do the odd bauble while I'm stuck in this rut, but poor Mummy's pelise still only has half it's hooks and no bars, and no buttons!
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I've been very poorly all week with a rotten cold, and now you're all going to CosCol without me! But I'm sure I'll get my medicine soon in the form of scrummy photos appearing every five minutes on my Flist (hint hint!!)
Anyway, my cold is now finally getting better, I managed to re-trim a bonnet yesterday, and today I started a new corset for Clare (her old one wasn't actually made for her, so never fit properly) the mockup fitting went very well, and I now just have to wait for the hardware to arrive. I also adapted her bustle bodice pattern to a high neckline and refit the darts over the mockup of the new corset. The bodice is sewn together and the sleeves are ready to set, it's navy cotton velveteen and will have a short pleated walking skirt made from green and navy plaid cotton. I'm going to trim a straw hat with royal blue ribbons and the wings from a bird a friend gave me. She knew I wanted wings to trim a hat, so when some friends were killing pests on a farm she got them to save one, she cut the wings off and told me to dry them out in a low oven, spreading the feathers to the shape I wanted before drying them so they would stay in the right position. Sounds very gruesome I know, but we have to suffer to be beautiful!!
Hopefully I'll be feeling as alive tomorrow and the sewing progress will continue as it has done today! But I do know one thing that will keep me motivated ... lots of PICTURES!!!

Oh dear :(

Jun. 19th, 2010 08:22 pm
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I have been very remiss about posting lately, I've been too busy sewing getting everything ready for next weekend! But also I've been stupidly busy at school with the year seven play. It's lucky I've managed to get all the essentials done for UTR though, because I'm not sure when I'll be able to sew again!
Yesterday I was sorting things in the garage when some heavy plastic crates slipped and hit me on the temple. The hospital thinks I have a mild concussion, so painkillers and rest, and I'm not to left alone for 36hrs after the bang, so not till tomorrow at 11am.
I was supposed to be at work today, and I'm supposed to be at work on Monday, but worst of all tomorrow is the first demo of the season, and I'm not allowed to be energetic at all! At this rate I'm not sure I'll even be up to dressing and manning the coconut shy while the others dance - I may have to wear civvies :'( But at least I'm managing to stay awake for more than 10 minutes now, at the hospital I kept falling asleep in the waiting room!
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I forgot to post yesterday, but then, I didn't have much to say! I strugled into work in the morning, came home at 12, ate a teeny bit of lunch then went to bed for a couple of hours! Felt a little bit better, so I stitched one of the side seams in the petticoat, but then felt tired again, so did no more. But this morning I woke up feeling SO much better! I pottered about on-line in the morning, made lunch (sloppy joes, the first time I'd tried them, very nice!) and then got down to some sewing! I've done the other side seam and the hem, and have nearly finished pinning in the pleats on the waistband, I just have the second half of the front to do, then I will go to bed ready to sew them down in the morning, then it's time to TRIM!!!!
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Boy have I been feeling crap today, this cold really is a stinker :( But anyway, here are the photos from Sunday, I don't have many and they're not great, but here they are )
I'm so very glad I'm not working tomorrow, I feel so awful right now I don't even think I'll manage to get any sewing done :( But hopefully lie in and a nice early night will make a difference.

So tired!

Mar. 1st, 2010 10:37 pm
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The tea dance was great fun, even though I was still feeling so dreadful with my cold, I think having fun was the best medicine, but it sure wore off quickly! We didn't get home till about 8 (we had to do something on the way home) and the friend that came with us didn't go home till nearer 10 when I went straight to bed, and I was at work today and this evening Gemma came round to be a Gleek with me, so no photos uploaded yet, except one little teaser ;)
I have work tomorrow too, but hopefully I'll get round to sorting some photos out after, if I'm not still suffering - this is the 3rd cold since Christmas, and I didn't really have any all last year :( And of course I now have a headache as well :'(

poorly :(

Feb. 27th, 2010 09:27 pm
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I have a cold. I feel like pooh :'( I just hope I'm still alive tomorrow for the dance, (must remember to fill my reticule with tissues) but the way I feel it doesn't seem likely! I did manage to finish my apron though, in between naps. Then I struggled and struggled with the loops for my Apollo knot. I wanted to make a 5 braid loop, and after 3 tries with different types of hair I gave up. Then I wanted to make smooth loops with a backing, the way I think they made them for The Young Victoria (you can see the white backing inside the loops of her brown hair) but that didn't work either, I think because I started with too thick a backing and tried to glue the hair to it. Also, feeling crap does not make you very patient does it! So then I made the loops the way I did before, with copious amounts of setting lotion and wrapped around a clothes rail pole! While writing this I had a sudden though, maybe I can glue something to the insides of the loops? Instead of glueing the hair to a support, glue a support to the hair? Now to think of what to use as the support ... hmmm. Anyway, not now, now I'm going to go to bed to try and get well!
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I woke up this morning with a worse head than yesterday, but I went downstairs in my PJs and took some painkillers had some toast and drank, lots! It wasn't too bad after a while, but my brain was too fuddled to risk sewing!! By 3 it was much better though, so I finished sewing the skirt onto Clare's ballgown and sewed down the neck binding while attaching the lace trim. 2 Hooks and bars later and it's all finished!
I keep forgetting to take flash photos - you can't see the sparkle at all! All of the decoration, except the braid round the neck, is made up of gold and silver spangles!
Once Clare's dress was done, and I had proved to myself that my brain was working properly again, I got to work on my 1820s dress. I mocked up a beret sleeve but didn't really like it, although that may have been because I used a floppy old sheet instead of something crisp! But anyway, I decided to go with a puff sleeve instead, and using my Regency puff as a starting point drafted up a much poufier sleeve than I've made before! The taffetta backed with cotton organdy make for a very full sleeve indeed!!
Tomorrow morning I'm up bright and early to take the puppy to get her hair cut, so hopefully I'll have a productive day, just as long as my headache holds off - I can feel it rumbling in the background right now ... :(
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I started a headache on the way home from work. Still hasn't gone away. No sewing today, here's hoping a good night's sleep will get rid of it.
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I have a cold, again. But I'm still managing to sew a little bit - hand sewing while lying on the sofa! I had to come home from work early on Wednesday, yesterday was my day off, but I was hoping to go in today. Instead I woke up feeling very icky :( I went back to sleep till nearly lunch time and felt lots better, but still not 100%
Anyway, I have managed to get the neckline of the chemise fixed, the petticoat has fastenings and tucks at the hem, but I managed to measure wrong, so the frill is on too high, I'm either going to take it off again and make more tacks and attach it again at the right point, or hope I can order more eyelet and add another frill, either way it can wait!!
Yesterday I actually thought to measure the taffeta I have, I could have sworn I got 5yds of the blue and 4 of the green, turns out, I had 5yds of blue and 5 and a third of the green! So looks like I'm making my dress from the green after all!! Anyway, having decided this I then cut out the bodice and It's all sewn together! It just needs a good pressing and the hem at neckline pressed over so I can hem it down with cotton tape. Looking at the dresses in Costume in detail, and reading [ profile] koshka_the_cat's posts of her newest dress, I decided to fold the neck edge over once and cover the raw edges with tape, creating a drawstring channel at the same time. I made the back bigger, so I can gather it in as per the original, but I don't want to have the gathers fixed, I like the flexibility of drawstrings! I'm still not sure how I'm going to do the rouleau round the neck with an adjustable drawstring, but I'm sure it'll work out! Ever the eternal optimist me!!
Talking of the rouleaux, I found super duper wide piping cord, it's cotton and really soft, I think it'll definitely work for the skirt rouleaux, and it'll help the skirt hang nicely - give it a pleasing weight. The bodice rouleaux I think I'll do with the quilting wool I've got, I'll have to use 2 strands at least to make it thick enough, but I think the cotton might be too heavy on the bodice, and I'm sure it wouldn't work well at the back where it's gathered.
I need to mockup sleeves before I can get to the rouleaux, I still can't decide between beret or regular puff sleeves!!
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Such a bad girl! But to be fair, after work, (where I managed to sort out my queen costume almost completely, just need to sort out one hem) I went to my dancing friends' house to start work on an exhibition dance that we're going to learn - just the 3 of us so we're not doing it at normal dance practices on Sundays. Then when I got back, at about 7, I made some supper and watched a program I'd recorded last night. That brings us to about half an hour ago! So now I'm so sleepy I think if I start to sew I'll probably do it backwards or sew my fingers too and not even notice!
This week has been rather hellish, work has been stressful with my boss worrying about the inspection, and the snow has made getting to work such a pain in the but! To top it all off I'm finding it SO hard to get to sleep. I turn my light off after reading my book and suddenly all these ideas for costumes start shooting round and round my head! And even once I get to sleep there's no rest, I keep waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to get back to sleep :(
So I think I'm going to try to get an early night tonight, and work really hard tomorrow, I've decided to finish the other bodice front and if my boning still hasn't arrived I'm going to make my cloak, I found some lovely cardinal red wool a couple of weeks ago :) I only have the day though, I'm going to be learning some bollywood dancing in the evening :D
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I've spent the last 2 days working on my sontag, it is taking FOREVER!!! I'm still a little bit sore from the op, standing, leaning over and walking a lot, especially stairs, gets a bit uncomfortable, I can crochet though! But while I crochet I've been planning what I'll be sewing as soon as I can bend over the table long enough to cut out :) I'm going to re-cut Mummy's hood from the 'red riding hood' pattern I used, to a fitted hood like mine, I think I'll have just enough without having to piece, and only need to do a tiny bit more quilting, and I'm going to keep the pinked scalloped edge on the curtain, so hopefully it'll be a fairly quick job! I haven't decided yet if I will use some of the pretty plaid ribbon I bought on ebay recently, or re-use the taffeta fabric ties... we'll see :) But I want to put fur on it, nice and snuggly!
I also have decided to make my new wool dress before I make my new corset, because I NEED a wool dress for the Xmas demo, I can cope with the badly fitting corset but I can't cope with the cold in a cotton dress!
And last plan, I'm going to get my hair cut. At the moment it's long enough to tuck into the waistband of my jeans, but the ends are all straggly, and while it's great for dressing up, it's not so good for 'real life', so I'm going to get quite a bit chopped off and layers put in, no bangs though, it'll still be long, just not ridiculously long :) So that's my job for tomorrow!
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was great fun!! I had my stitches out in the afternoon and felt SO much better after they were out. They were pulling the skin and muscles so tight it made it really uncomfortable, but once they were gone, even though it was a teeny bit sore, like after an injection, I felt SO much better!
I didn't wear my brown 17th century ish dress, decided it would be bad for my poorly tummy, so instead I wore a high waisted medievaly dress with my hair down and all curly to be Juliet, with the stab wound in her side from the dagger :D Mummy was a nun in a costume from school, with a bloody white surplice, and she brandished a kitchen knife for photos! She also got hold of a fake leg covered in blood from the decorations and waved it at people :) Having far too much fun hamming it up!
Our cousins came for the weekend to go to the ball, their first! Katharine, Mummy's cousin, wore Mummy's plaid ballgown and lot of black lace, and Julianne, her daughter, wore Clare's green ball gown and she'd made lots of ribbon and paper roses to put all over it, and she was a flower garden :) They love getting to dress up, so while it was a treat for us NOT to wear a corset and petticoats, for them it was the opposite :)
I'm just about to re heat some yummy baked beans I made on Saturday, haven't made any since Xmas 2 years ago! I forget how NICE they are :) The ones I made for Julianne (a vegetarian) even turned out nice without the bacon and smoked sausage :) I must make them more often, even if they do have a rather adverse affect on my mother!!!
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I'm much less sore than I was, the wounds are itching like mad though! I know it's really good, but it's also really annoying! My tummy muscles are lots better too, I can sit up and get up from lying down and stand up straight without it hurting too much at all! But I'm all distended, it's so uncomfortable :( And I think it's hurting more than the wounds, it's really not helping my sore muscles!!
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Feeling rather sore and very tired, but still alive!
Thank you all for your well wishes!!
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Just to let everyone know, Megan came out of the op fine and will be regaling you all with tales of her new scars and enormous gallstones soon!


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