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Dec. 28th, 2010 01:22 am
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I was thinking of trying to resurecting posting everyday, but I'm not at all sure how well it will turn out!
I mentioned yesterday that we're having a Georgian evening party on Thursday, we have lots of friends coming and are planning a relaxed evening soiree! Everyone is coming in kit, and are instructed to come in 'undress' to facilitate relaxing and raucous fun :D We're going to have 'tea' after people arrive, at 5 or so, with tea and coffee, mulled wine and apple juice, and cakes and biscuits and things. Then we will drink and chat and play games and gamble, till about 9 or 10 when we will have 'supper' before people leave.
We're hoping to have a truly Georgian supper spread, using recipes from period receipt books, as we do when we make food for balls, but this food will all be done by us, and will be supper dishes, like the Victorian savoury course, and will be a bit like a modern fork buffet I think.
So far we have planned: soup (it's cold outside! and it'll fill people up if they're feeling hungry by then) 'a pretty dish of eggs' (hard boiled eggs, cut in slices and browned in butter, with slices of onion, also browned in butter, with a sauce poured over) 'a nice whet before dinner' (except ours will be with supper! slips of toast with anchovies and toasted cheese) a platter of cold meats; 'a boiled salad' (cold cooked winter veg in a mayonaisy salad dressing) 'mushrooms in loaves' (mushrooms cooked in a veloute sauce served in the cutest little tiny bread rolls we got in France!) and 'a delicate ragou of chicken' (which may end up as turkey, since, as you can imagine, we have rather a lot left!) and, not sure if it counts as sweet or savoury, and they didn't seem to mind, 'potatoe pie' (a pastry tart filled with a mix of mashed potatoes, butter, sugar, eggs and spices)
Then we will also have an apple tart (none of your unholesome preserves here!) macarrons (also from France) stewed plums and fresh exotic fruit from the hot house (AKA the local supermarket!) We shall also have dishes of bonbons and chocolates, and for a centre peice we have even gone to the expence of hiring a Pine-Apple!
While we were in France we saw the most beautiful little Buche de Noel, swiss rolls (jelly rolls I think you call them in the US) decorated with pastel coloured butter cream icing with piped flowers and leaves to decorate. We're thinking of having a go at making them for the 'tea', although it may be a disaster!
Clare will hopefully be wearing her new waistcoat, if I can get it finished in time (it still needs a back!) and I started making jumps when we went to France, from the same fabric as Clare's waistcoat fronts (I just have enough left from the yard I bought to make a reticule I think!) They're nearly done, I just need to finish binding one armhole and do the other, then ribbon ties and it's done. It's silk, lined with linen and interlined with fluffy (pink!) wool, for warmth and a bit of structure, because I want to be able to wear it without stays, and don't want to look too bulgy in the bust department!! I had hoped to get around to making banyans for Mummy and Clare because they will both be wearing boy's clothes, but there's no chance I'll manage now!
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