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The Jane Austen festival was so much fun this year! Mummy and I stayed in the centre of town this time, instead of staying with our friend who lives in the suburb of Odd Down. We love staying with Ginny, but it was so nice to be 1 minute's walk from the Abbey Church Yard and able to say to new acquaintances 'come for tea this afternoon, and we'll have a nice noisy game of cards afterwards' which we did nearly everyday! Even better, we were only a few minutes walk from the lovely cocktail bar Ginny introduced us to last year :)
Mummy and I both had complete, brand new outfits for the promenade, then the rest of the week was a mixture of old and new, dresses and spencers, hats and caps, it's wonderful to have such nice big wardrobes of clothes to chose from each morning, I took everything we have, and some things came home unworn but it was so nice having them there if we wanted them, and I never wore the same thing twice, except my stays and petticoat ;) Then Aunty Jac joined us for the rest of our stay. I managed to get one of Clare's dresses to (sort of) fit her, and she wore mummy's spencers and wide brimmed hats to cover her modern hair, so, not too bad for a last minute addition!
Now, without further ado, pop on under the cut for lots of photos! )

Since coming home from Bath, I've been rather poorly, first with strained intercostal muscles from all the coughing, then with a dreadful head cold. I'm now over the cold, and most of the cough, but the strained muscles are as bad as ever, and now my back, which has been compensating for my chest muscles, is bad too, so I've been pretty slow this last week or so. I have finally managed to unpack from Bath and put everything away, including all the things from our reenacting escapades, and I've been indulging myself with a spot of modern sewing - some everyday tops and a skirt. I do need to get back to 'proper' sewing though! I need a ball gown for a Victorian Ballmoral ball next month, and then there's a Regency Christmas ball I want to make us new dresses for, and our winter dance demo this year is a Scottish Victorian theme, so I have a kilt I need to alter for Mummy, and I need something warm and tartany to wear too. Also, we've been invited to a 12th Night party by some new friends, so I kind of want a new Elizabethan dress ;) I really need to pull my finger out if I'm going to get all that done, and make a start on my WIlliamsburg wardrobe!!
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So, last weekend we went to Hampshire for a Regency ball. It was held in a fabulous Georgian building that's been a school since the '20s, and the next day about half of the attendees went to a local National Trust place in Regency costume. Of course, you guys would know all this by now if I wasn't such a lazy bum and had actually got around to posting some pictures!!!
Anyway, I thought, since we have another ball tomorrow, that I ought to post the pictures for you now! So, if you will follow me this way, I have some photos to share! )

This week I've not just been lazy, I've been busy busy busy getting ready for this weekend! I've been sorting out the house for all the ball guests we have staying with us, and yesterday and today I was cooking too. But inbetween I have been sewing.
When I made my brown velvet spencer it started out as a pelise, but I decided I liked it better as a spencer. I kept the skirt part though, and it is now hemmed and sewn to a little bodice like thingy (like the riding habbit in Patterns of Fashion) made from the same silk as the lining of the spencer.
I also made Mummy a new hat, green velvet, that is so plush it's almost like fur! Trimmed with turkey feathers, a green ribbon half rossette and a brown silk bow with a gold buckle, as well as my new muff and tippet. I will try really hard to take more pictures this weekend, and I may even get them posted before the next event!!
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Using my Bath icon, naturally :)

So, we went during the festival, but didn't actually do any festival things! We thought we might go to something, but it ended up with us just taking the opportunity to not look QUITE so out of place ;)

We spent the weekend meeting up with friends, eating and shopping, and it was lovely! It did feel a little bit odd not having a ball to go to during the weekend, but it was good fun all the same! I even managed to take quite a few photos, some of the best are under this here cutty thing... )
So, I think that's all the photos I need to post, I do have a few others, from trips we've done in kit etc, so I might get them up sometime soon, but at least now I don't feel so bad about my lack of posting!!


Sep. 21st, 2010 01:54 pm
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I still have a couple of days of Flist to catch up on, but I just have to post right now to say how happy I am with my fabric! You guys are so sweet, and you picked the PERFECT fabrics for me :)
For those of you who have no idea what I'm on about, in June after UTR, while [ profile] koshka_the_cat and I were staying with [ profile] jennylafleur, I ran out of holiday before I ran out of spending money, so I asked them to get me something gorgeous while they were in the Garment District in LA after CosCol. Well, my wonderful friend brought the package this morning, and the fabric is FAB! I asked them to look for some pink and faun plaid silk taffeta, and they found it! And some gorgeous pale pink and faun taffeta as well. So now my dress for the Bath Minuet Company ball in March is sorted ;) YAY :o) as I posted on face book, I feel so loved <3

In other news, the trip to Kent was lovely, we did quite a bit of siteseeing, but mostly we ate, played games and read and watched films. I also worked on some sewing. Mummy's ballgown is finished, and Clare did the handsewing on her spencer, (it's wearable but still needs braid and buttons) I didn't get anything done on my short stays though, because I've decided a pretty new spencer is more useful than a comfortable undergarment ;)
I was hoping to post daily photo updates of the spencer, but have yet to find an android ap for LJ that lets you posts photos :(


Sep. 4th, 2010 10:14 pm
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The toe that I hurt 3 years ago in my moped accident has decided to hurt again :( I've been in lots of pain on and off all day, but it's not been too bad while sitting, so I've got lots of sewing done. Mummy's new ball gown is nearly done:
Since taking this pic, the skirt os now pleated and pinned, ready to sew on tomorrow. I need to make 2 little bands to join the bottoms of the slits in the over sleeves, and once I've got them, I'll have buttons to sew on and button holes to do, as well as the sleeve hems, but the hand sewing will wait till we're in Kent, after all, hand sewing is perfect for a proper holiday! (can you tell, I didn't think the Victorian festival was a proper holiday, too much like work!)
So, tomorrow, I'll get the skirt on, then I think I'll do either my pink and gold over gown or start on Clare's red and white ballgown. Still have a long list of things that would be nice for Bath! I also remembered this morning I decided I want a pair of short stays, so I'll have to see if I still have my long stays pattern ....
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Why would you want to post an out of context comment to FB? So obviously I never will, apart from anything else, wouldn't know how! So rest assured :)
In other news, I've not been able to sew all week, but I'm about to go into the dining room to try and make a start. I've sorted out a plan for Mummy's new ballgown, made from a lovely black and gold sari with a sable coloured pelu and bodice piece. I've also come up with an idea for some fabric the wonderful [ profile] jennylafleur gave me when I visited her in June. It's a beautiful hot pink and gold brocade with a gold border on one side. I'm going to make a sort of tunic/over robe, to be worn over a white or gold, (haven't looked to see which will look best) petticoat. When we got Mummy's sari we also got a lovely red and white one, with a lovely wide border and spotted with flowers, for Clare; and a very pretty pale mauve and silver brocade one for me, it's very yummy! I just need to work up the energy to actually sew something!
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So, here we have some photos from the Regency ball in Scotland we went to a few weeks ago, since then I've been a bit MIA due to the horrid, dreadful evil drama workshop, but that's OVER now, so life is back to normal! Unfortunately of course, normal for me means lots of faffing and WILFing on-line for most of the day, with ony a little sewing slipping in here and there!
Also, I have photos of Mummy's turban and a bit of a how to, so under here are lots of photos ... )
Tomorrow I hope I can start on a new 1860s cotton wash dress for Mummy, but I may be too busy, we're going to a re-enactor's 21st on Saturday, so I need to pack our kit ( I think we're wearing Regency, small and comfy!) and I want to do some baking too, both to take with and to have for when we get home!
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... but not the dress I was working on! My little frock is finished, except for buttons. I got the buttons today, but have yet to make their holes and sew them on. Since I finished my dress last night, I started Clare's warmer day dress, and finished it a couple of hours ago. There are some pics under here... )
If I can work up the energy tonight I will sort out the fastenings on my frock, but I doubt I will manage it! Tomorrow will be Clare's cool long sleeved day dress (as long as I have enough fabric, haven't measured yet!) or maybe I'll sort out Mummy's 1830s dress. Originally it was an 1860s dress made for my Aunt, with a jewel neckline and rather skimpy bishops sleeves. Mummy wore it to the Victorian festival last year, because it's short (Aunty Jac is very much shorter than Mummy!!) so she can wear it with just one or 2 petticoats, no crinoline!But the sleeves are not right at all, and I didn't like them on Aunty Jac either, so I'm planning to make new ones ( I have fabric left) in a more 1830s style. She's probably going to be wearing early Victorian for the demo in August, either this dress or one of her early 1860s with lots of petticoats instead of hoops, but although the length is fine for streets, it might not be OK on grass (I think the demo will be on grass anyway) so I want to sort out the sleeves in time.
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The little print frock is taking rather longer than expected, but that could be because I'm being shamefully unproductive! The bodice is done, except for fastenings, and the skirt is half pleated, so it is nearly done, but I'm not working as quickly as I'd like!
As soon as it's done I'm going to make a couple of Regency day dresses for Clare, she's wearing Regency for our next demo and doesn't have any long sleeved day dresses, so I'm making a warm drop front fro if we have typical English August weather, and a cool muslin with a border print trim in case we get atypical weather and it's hot and sunny!
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Sorry for the delay in posting photos from our trip to the seaside, I've been busy sewing ever since we got home!
The day dawned foggy and unpleasant looking, not a very propitious start! But by about 9 the fog had gone, and by the time we were half way there the sun was out in full glory! We had wonderful weather, although it was a little windy, but it was beautifully sunny and the wind helped dry our suits!
Talking of which, there are several photos of our bathing exploits under here... )
We're going to Deene Park on Sunday (another historic house!) for a Georgian picnic, and I have my chemise dress nearly finished, I just have to put a little more lace round the neckline and I think I'm going to take the lace off the cuffs and make them bigger, they're a bit tight at the moment. Meanwhile I've been working on our outfits for the Scottish Regency ball, Clare's little sleeveless spencer is done, and Mummy's dress is nearly done. I think, if I carry on as I have been doing, things will work out fine for me to get everything done before UTR, keep your fingers crossed for me!!
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... but we're not going to be going bathing too soon, looks like it'll be Wednesday at the earliest, so lots of time to get my suit finished! Clare's is done and Mummy's needs buttons sewing on (Clare's doing them for me) mine needs leg cuffs and buttons and holes, and the skirt and maybe a collar, then I need to re-shape some straw hats for us to wear and we're done.
Tomorrow afternoon were going to an Abbey for a craft fair and flower festival in costume, leaving me the morning to work on my bathing dress. Not sure what we're going to wear yet, if it's Georgian I think I will give my red wool it's first wearing (must remember to put button holes in my shift cuffs!!!!) but we might go in Victorian or Regency ... too many to chose from!
I've been thinking about our outfits for the Scottish ball, and watching Wives and daughters gave me an idea for mine, so now I'm finally excited to work on them :)

Edited to add:
I meant to post a pic from my last fitting for the chemise dress - if I can't work on it at least I can share it!
The sleeves are not attached here, and the side seams were only pinned, I'm going to make a wide yellow sash for it and it will have a 2 layer collar like this one: (thank you Jenny-Rose!!)


May. 21st, 2010 02:13 pm
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I'm making up for weeks of almost no posting today :o)
So, my red wool is nearly done, (depending on how busy the pub is I may get it done today, at least tomorrow) I have my old print jacket and linen skirt and my new Indian print for day times, and my Gaulle for the dinner (I don't think I can fit my Sunflower sacque in my suitcase :'( I'll try, but probably not - it means hoops and another underpetticoat, as well as the dress and petticoat) so I'm sorted, at a pinch, for UTR, I want more, but I feel I can move on.
So next I want to make my chemise dress! I'm thinking of making it by machine (all my 18thC stuff so far this year has been done by hand) and TRYING to achieve a down and dirty quicky job (HA! Like it's ever going to happen!) Any way, hopefully it won't take aaages.
After my chemise dress (which is for Jenny-Rose's picnic) I think I better make our Regency stuff for the New Lanark ball, which is the weekend after I get home. I can ony make it if the fabric has come, but I think it must have done by now, so hopefully my friends will be bringing it to dancing on Sunday. I will leave things like hemming and sewing on buttons for Clare, or for the car ride up to Scotland.
I still want to make other things for UTR though. I don't really want to wear my old print jacket, so have plans for 2 new ones. Mummy bought me some fabric from Ikea (duvet covers and pillow cases actually!!) and I have pictures of them hanging on the line after washing they're under here, along with a LOT of waffling! )
Then there's my Lampas jacket and pink silk petticoat. I am really struggling coming up with a style for the jacket! I love the fabric, and want to do it justice, but it's a very big pattern, and I only have one yard. I don't really NEED it, so maybe I shouldn't force it to become anything, and just keep waiting for inspriation to hit? It's so pretty though :'( I bet this is all moot anyway, there's no way I have time to fit it in! But at least half term is coming up, a week of sewing! Although I have to make a couple of Victorian bathing suits as well for a trip to the seaside at the start of the week!! And then after term starts again it's the yr 7 play, with 70 odd children to cloth and organise!
Anyway, I really think this is my last post of today, so sorry for cluttering up your Flist!!!!


May. 6th, 2010 02:38 pm
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So, my ball gown for next week is going well, and hopefully won't take too much longer to finish. I've decide to simplify it for this wearing, not make the fichu or put the ribbon and fringe on the skirt but make a plain berthe with fringe and ribbon trimming somewhat like the original.
Mummy will be wearing her old ball gown, it's gold taffeta and I'm thinking of using the off cuts of chocolate brown silk velvet I have to make a sash to kind of look like molten chocolate running down over a mummy shaped caramel centre :p And she can wear the new ribbon hairnet I gave her for her Birthday too, so I think that's sorted. Clare will be a boy, and either wear her tails or if she gets round to it, a brown frock coat with cream satin knee britches, stockings and pumps for an early Victorian look. She has a cream evening waistcoat and we could make a cravat/tie out of the left over gold spotted silk I made my Gaulle from. So now I get to think of Summer plans!
We have all the stuff we need for the demos in June (one of which I can't go to because I will be in the US) and I can spend July and the start of August working on anything we need for Llandrindod. But the ball we're going to in Scotland is the weekend after UTR, so I need to get our sewing done for that done before I go really. It's a Playford ball, and we've decided to go in Regency, tartan Regency at that, as a nod to the location :) I have some blue and gold silk plaid on its way to us, and we're all going to have the same fabric, just in different guises. I'm planning to make a 'jumper dress' for me, with a lace or fine cotton short sleeved shirt, and a sleeveless spencer wit for Clare to be worn over her white muslin gown, and Mummy will have a turban made from the left overs, and probably wear her beige cotton gown, maybe with a sash of the plaid if it's not dressy enough.
And now to UTR plans! )
So, lots to do, I better get cracking with my sewing hadn't I?
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I woke up this morning with a worse head than yesterday, but I went downstairs in my PJs and took some painkillers had some toast and drank, lots! It wasn't too bad after a while, but my brain was too fuddled to risk sewing!! By 3 it was much better though, so I finished sewing the skirt onto Clare's ballgown and sewed down the neck binding while attaching the lace trim. 2 Hooks and bars later and it's all finished!
I keep forgetting to take flash photos - you can't see the sparkle at all! All of the decoration, except the braid round the neck, is made up of gold and silver spangles!
Once Clare's dress was done, and I had proved to myself that my brain was working properly again, I got to work on my 1820s dress. I mocked up a beret sleeve but didn't really like it, although that may have been because I used a floppy old sheet instead of something crisp! But anyway, I decided to go with a puff sleeve instead, and using my Regency puff as a starting point drafted up a much poufier sleeve than I've made before! The taffetta backed with cotton organdy make for a very full sleeve indeed!!
Tomorrow morning I'm up bright and early to take the puppy to get her hair cut, so hopefully I'll have a productive day, just as long as my headache holds off - I can feel it rumbling in the background right now ... :(
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I came home from work early, so after I'd walked the dog, had lunch and done a load of laundry, I finished sewing the rouleaux onto my bodice. Then I decided that a change can be as good as a rest, so I got out the sari for Clare's new Regency ball gown for the Valentine's day ball. I had to mockup the front because I only had a pattern for a gathered front gown and I wanted it to be darted with a V neckine. And somehow when I was putting the bodice together I managed to sew one of the backs in sideways!! But I managed to fix it without having to undo it (which I so did not want to do as it would have meant undoing the neckline binding as well) The sleeves I removed from the sari top worked really well as straight fitted sleeves, with just a little alteration to the sleeve head, so they were really quick. Now all I have to do is sew the skirt on, (it's gathered and pinned on already, but I've decided it's probably time I turned in if I have work tomorrow!) and hem down the binding round the neck and add a couple of hooks and bars. I have some narrow gold lace I might put at the neckline, but I think I'll see how it looks altogether before I decide. I'm amazed at how quickly I can churn things out when I put my mind to it :) It's not the prettiest of sewing jobs on the inside, and it's mostly machined - the only hand sewing is still to do - but still :)
I need to be as productive with my sewing now though! I suppose it's my own fault for hand sewing the whole thing, but the 1820s dress and the sacque back are both going much more slowly! I also want to make my cardinal cloak soon, for the Valentine's ball if I can, so I really need to get on, but I have work tomorrow, all day, and again on Thursday morning :( Thank heavens for half term!!
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As promised here we have some photos from the Jane Austen Festival in Bath, it's still going on now actually, but we only went for the first weekend.
As usual you'll find lots of photos under here... )
I didn't get any photos from the first evening when we went to the theatre because we were so busy chatting! I met some friends from college who I haven't seen in 4 years, quite by accident! And I was so busy watching the amazing dancing at the Baroque dance display we went to the second night I forgot to take any photos! I definitely want to go next year! And when I win the lottery I will be buying a holiday home in Bath!


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