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Sep. 27th, 2010 11:53 pm
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Hello all, I'm finally back from Bath, and now we have no holidays planned till the end of October! I get to go back to normal at last :D
Anyway, in all the manic event sewing I've done lately I've been very remiss with posting, especially picture posting :( SO to make up for that, here are some pictures from the Victorian Festival in Wales. I was my usual useless self when it came to picture taking, so there are not exactly many to show for the 9 days, but the best of those I did take are under here... )
So now I just have to do the same for the photos form Bath, and we're up to date! I'm going to try to be better about posting more now, but we all know how well my resolutions last ;)
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We did several demos last weekend and made videos, they're quite long, but here they are if you want to see :)

I also did some silly filming at the Playford Ball we went to, we had fun :D
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Having finished my red challis ahead of schedule I'm now thinking what to make next. I need my corset for the 5th, but no other deadlines before March. We have a Playfor ball on Saturday, we usually wear Regency for Playford, and I DO NOT want to wear my pink again! I'm fed up with it, it's the only ballgown I have and it feels like I've worn it so many times! I've been wanting a new one for ages, but I couldn't make one in time for Bath in September because I had so much sewing for Mummy and Clare to do, but I bought the fabric, it's a sari, quite see through, pale minty green with sparkly beads and embroidery. So I'm going to try to make it up this week. I don't think it'll take me too long, I have all the patterns, and it won't need embellishing or hemming. This week is quite busy work wise though, I was at work today, 12 till 7, and Tuesday I'll be in from lunch time till 9 or so, then Thursday from 8 till 10:30 and Friday till 10:30 too, but Thursday and Friday I will have lots of time to kill, so I can do hand sewing then, and hopefully get the cutting and machining done on Monday and Wednesday. I need to do something with my corset though, it's way too big since my gallstone enforced diet :) I'm wondering about taking a tuck in it? I'll have to try it tomorrow.
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I finished the red challis in time to wear to go to Rockingham Castle Friday evening! And I love it :) It's so silly and festive, and it's WARM!! Any way, I didn't manage to get any good pics, the two that shoe the dress the best are rather fuzzy, but they're
I'll hopefully manage to get some better pics soon - on the 5th we're dancing in the local town, just for fun, then on the 6th we're doing an official demo at another local town at their Victorian Christmas Market, so there should be some photo opportunities then. I should have my new corset done by then too, so it'll look better as well :)
And I have work tomorrow :( It's the week of the Yr 10 play, so rehearsal tomorrow, then I'm in till late on Tuesday for another rehearsal, then the performances on Thursday and Friday till 10:30 ish in the evening :( We have a Regency Ball on Saturday, and I'm hoping to be able to fit making a new ballgown into next week too!
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Well, since my last post I now have an almost finished dress! Yesterday a friend suggested we go to Rockingham Castle's Victorian event in kit, and the event finishes tomorrow so we decided to go tomorrow after her daughters finish school. And I decided to really knuckle down and finish my challis to wear. I had work today from 11:30 till 9:00, so knew I had to get lots done yesterday. I piped the bodice, set in the sleeves, pressed up their hems and sewed the button holes and covered the buttons. I also made a new set of collar and cuffs. I planned to hem down the piping, sew on the buttons, add the ruching to the 'yoke' line and tack the collar and cuffs in today at work. I managed all but the last quarter of the ruching, and the tacking in my lunch break and during tea at school, and finished the rest once I got home. So all I have left for tomorrow is to pleat and attach the skirt. Mel is going to collect me at lunch time, so I'll probably be finishing at her house, but who knows! Anyway I'll hopefully have some photos for you of my new dress very soon!!
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As promised, finally! I had to take the photos with the lights on though, the weather here has been HORRID!! And I still cannot manage to take a photo in the mirror to save my life :) So any way, enough excuses, the photos are under here )
The bodice of the red challis is pinned together, the sleeves are done, the piping for neck, waist and armholes made, and the skirt panels ripped. In theory I'll get the bodice put together tomorrow, and should get the sleeves set in too, but in practice, not so likely! It' a friend's birthday and we're going out for a meal, and I want to bake for her, and Mummy and I have to go shopping in the morning, so no idea how much sewing time I'll have :(
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I finished the hood, and wore it to dancing on Sunday night because it was SO cold! I only got to wear it TO dancing though, Saf, the 12 year old in the group, decided it was far too warm and snuggly for me to wear, so she stole it for the rest of the evening!! I'll try to take a photo or 2 soon.
Today I cut out my red challis (1860s) and started putting the sleeves together. I'm definitely going to take photos tomorrow because they're such crazy sleeves! The challis is a tomatoey red and I'm trimming it with a lovely golden brown silk ribbon, Mummy said it looks drab, but I like it, it seems festive! and it reminds me of a robin red breast :)
Today I also finished the last of the chocolate chocolate chocolate chip cookies, so I'm planning to try some apple-sauce oatmeal raisin cookies tomorrow, the recipe sounds yummy, and slightly more healthy!!!
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I've spent the last 2 days working on my sontag, it is taking FOREVER!!! I'm still a little bit sore from the op, standing, leaning over and walking a lot, especially stairs, gets a bit uncomfortable, I can crochet though! But while I crochet I've been planning what I'll be sewing as soon as I can bend over the table long enough to cut out :) I'm going to re-cut Mummy's hood from the 'red riding hood' pattern I used, to a fitted hood like mine, I think I'll have just enough without having to piece, and only need to do a tiny bit more quilting, and I'm going to keep the pinked scalloped edge on the curtain, so hopefully it'll be a fairly quick job! I haven't decided yet if I will use some of the pretty plaid ribbon I bought on ebay recently, or re-use the taffeta fabric ties... we'll see :) But I want to put fur on it, nice and snuggly!
I also have decided to make my new wool dress before I make my new corset, because I NEED a wool dress for the Xmas demo, I can cope with the badly fitting corset but I can't cope with the cold in a cotton dress!
And last plan, I'm going to get my hair cut. At the moment it's long enough to tuck into the waistband of my jeans, but the ends are all straggly, and while it's great for dressing up, it's not so good for 'real life', so I'm going to get quite a bit chopped off and layers put in, no bangs though, it'll still be long, just not ridiculously long :) So that's my job for tomorrow!
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Work was a bit of a drag today, it's the junior dept Book Week casuals day on Friday, they all have to dress up as characters from history, so I had several come to me for costume bits. Next Saturday is the open morning, so I had teachers coming to me for bits for their students to dress up in - Roman robes for Latin and a Medieval man and an Air-raid Warden for History :) My job is never the same!
But I did get a big roll of fabric in the post today - my coutil for our corsets and mummy's stays. I guess this is a sign I should sew tomorrow?! Although, I need to order busks and laces before I go too far. Can't decide where to get them from! Somewhere in the UK I think, the US might be a bit cheaper, but the UK is quicker! Not sure what I'm going to make the mockups from though, no more heavy duty calico (muslin) left!
I really should work on my cousin's bear though, maybe I'll cut it out tomorrow and sew it another day. Not so arduous that way :) And I might alternate with my red wool, we'll see!
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Today started out ok, I made a yummy apple and sultana steamed pudding for lunch, but after lunch I started to feel icky, really tired, tummy ache and cold, even though I was hot! I had a long nap, felt a bit better, drank some tea, felt worse, ate a cracker, felt better! I managed my supper fine, but about 2 hours ago I started to get my gallstone pains :( I've finally put a hot water bottle down the back of my top, and it's easing, I look like a moron though :D
Needless to say I've not done anything done! I better not let this nothing doing last too long though!
Ok, here's the list!
By 31st October, Fancy Dress Ball:
Fancy dress costume fro me, hopefully just add bits to an existing ball gown
Ditto fro Mummy

By 28th November, Playford Ball:
Hopefully nothing!

By end of November, Xmas market display:
Tomato red wool dress for me
Wool hood for Mummy
Wool coat for Mummy

By 13th February, Valentine's Ball (regency)
Nothing for Mummy
Maybe a new dress for me, probably not because of:

By March something, Georgian Ball, Bath
Stays for Mummy
Hoops for me
Fix my old hoops for Mummy
Red ribbed silk Anglaise and petticoat for Mummy
Yellow Francaise and petti for me
Wig for Mummy

And I have to try and fit making us both new corsets for 1860s in there somewhere, our figures are so much better with all this dancing that our corsets no longer fit! And if Clare can make any balls she might want something new as well, I really should get on, don't you think?!


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