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I woke up feeling very poorly today, but Mummy wanted me to go out with her, we hoped to go to Chatsworth, but I got sick so we came home instead, so no sewing done yet :( But I do have some photos for you, so the day is not totally wasted :) They're under here )
I also have some photos from Sunday, and I'm waiting for a video to load to YouTube, but I think I'll post them later!!
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Last night's ball was so much fun, but boy am I tired today!!! I don't think I've been this stiff and sore after a ball in ages! But any way, there are some photos under here )
It's half term this week, so I should be able to get lots of sewing done, but tomorrow I'm going shopping with Gemma and we're going to the cinema to see Valentine's day as well, then home for supper and Gleeeeee!!!


Feb. 12th, 2010 09:24 pm
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No sewing today :( But last night I finished sewing the hood onto the cloak, so now it just needs hooks and eyes and ribbons, which I'll do tomorrow.
But this afternoon was filled with baking a cake (to be iced tomorrow) preparing the vegetable pie (still have to roll out the pastry lid) and working on the white soup, which will be finished tomorrow. My mother made the trifle (also from Jane Austen's cookbook) and my sister crystallised some rose petals for me for decoration. Busy busy busy!!!
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I've not done anything to my 1820s dress, but my cloak is nearly finished ;) I just need to finish sewing the hood on and add a hook and eye and maybe some black silk satin ribbons to tie. I tried it on when I pinned the hood on, and can't believe how warm it is!! I'm a bit cross that I didn't think to measure how long it would turn out if I just recreated the original, so it's a bit shorter than I wanted, but oh well, never mind.
I'm working tomorrow morning, so when I get back I have a cake to bake and vegetable pie (from Jane Austen's cook book!) to prepare for the ball on Saturday, then I'll get on to finishing the cloak so I can wear it to go to the ball!!
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I hate rouleaux!!
I've finished sewing the cartridge pleats in the skirt to the waistband, and the padded hem is all finished, except I think it may look better with a rouleaux as well, we'll see when the zigzag is done. It's this zigzag that's made me hate rouleaux after all!!
Nah, it's not that bad, but boy is it taking AGES! I like the look of it though :)
I think I might start the cardinal cloak tomorrow, I'll just be brave and jump right in ... I thi
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Why are all of my subject lines the same at the moment? - 'I did some sewing, but not as much as I'd like' seems to be the gist for everyday this week!! Today, (when I finally started working!) I managed to do the edge stitching on the second bodice front, and that's it! I didn't sew the 2 darts, I didn't work the eyelets. Neither did I work on my cloak! Such a bad girl, if I don't pull my finger out I'll never get it all done :( It's my own fault though, I'm such a silly! Here's hoping tomorrow will be a bit better.
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Such a bad girl! But to be fair, after work, (where I managed to sort out my queen costume almost completely, just need to sort out one hem) I went to my dancing friends' house to start work on an exhibition dance that we're going to learn - just the 3 of us so we're not doing it at normal dance practices on Sundays. Then when I got back, at about 7, I made some supper and watched a program I'd recorded last night. That brings us to about half an hour ago! So now I'm so sleepy I think if I start to sew I'll probably do it backwards or sew my fingers too and not even notice!
This week has been rather hellish, work has been stressful with my boss worrying about the inspection, and the snow has made getting to work such a pain in the but! To top it all off I'm finding it SO hard to get to sleep. I turn my light off after reading my book and suddenly all these ideas for costumes start shooting round and round my head! And even once I get to sleep there's no rest, I keep waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to get back to sleep :(
So I think I'm going to try to get an early night tonight, and work really hard tomorrow, I've decided to finish the other bodice front and if my boning still hasn't arrived I'm going to make my cloak, I found some lovely cardinal red wool a couple of weeks ago :) I only have the day though, I'm going to be learning some bollywood dancing in the evening :D


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