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... with PICTURES!!! and actual content! how fantastic :)
My wool dress is now finished! the skirt is on andthe neck frill, all that's left is some kind of fastening for the cuffs, and seeing as I can always pin them, I say it's done! I did take some pics of the fitting for the finished bodice, before the skirt went on, but I look dreadful, so won't be posting them!
Once the dress was out of the way I treated myself to a little bit of millinery therapy :) And you can find the proof under the cut, as per usual! )
I think I will finish off the last hat, then move swiftly on to my new ball gown, which has had a teeny change of plan and I'm now much more excited to make it!!

Um, oops!

Sep. 27th, 2010 11:53 pm
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Hello all, I'm finally back from Bath, and now we have no holidays planned till the end of October! I get to go back to normal at last :D
Anyway, in all the manic event sewing I've done lately I've been very remiss with posting, especially picture posting :( SO to make up for that, here are some pictures from the Victorian Festival in Wales. I was my usual useless self when it came to picture taking, so there are not exactly many to show for the 9 days, but the best of those I did take are under here... )
So now I just have to do the same for the photos form Bath, and we're up to date! I'm going to try to be better about posting more now, but we all know how well my resolutions last ;)
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Boy do I have lots to post! But I'm too busy to edit and upload pics, and it's only going to get worse! I've been sewing like mad, in between coughing fits, Sunday we're doing a demo at a local hippy type dance festival, as long as it doesn't rain that is! Mummy will be wearing the early Victorian I fixed the sleeves on, and I'm wearing 18thC, probably my Indian print jacket with a cream taffeta petti and my new blue clocked stockings from Williamsburg, so hopefully there will be pics from that. And next Saturday we go to Wales for the Victorian festival! EEK!!!
It's this festival that has me sewing like a crazy person, for instance, today I finished Mummy's new 1860s cotton dress, it's dark blue with a yoked bodice and double puff sleeves (all I had left was the centre back cartridge pleats, moving the dog-leg buttons and hemming the cuffs). I also did the fastenings and decoration on a day bodice to go with my gold stripe ball gown skirt, trimmed the same way as the original I'm copying with velvet ribbon and fringe. I cut out, assembled and made the boning channels for Clare's new corset, but it's so tiny I'm worried it might actually be too small, even though she's a midget, so I'm waiting to finish it till she gets back. I also trimmed a straw bonnet form my best friend bought me for my birthday, using the vintage rose ikat print ribbon from the first bonnet I made, which I also re-trimmed a few days ago. And last, put in an extra hook and bar on the plaid skirt for Clare's new Bustle walking suit. Whew, just writing it makes me tired! Now, bear in mind that this is a completely abnormal day, making up for yesterday's almost total slacking, but it does give you an idea of the little sweat shop I've made for myself! A word to the wise, when you know you have a deadline coming up, however many months away it is, don't faff around doing nothing for days on end, it WILL come back to bite you in the arse!!!!
To top off the enjoyment, I've spent the last 24 hours obsessing about '20s dresses, thanks to certain people who will remain nameless ... you know who you are and should feel ashamed!!! I need to finish things for Llandod, not daydream, and WILF for pretty frocks and the House of Eliot DVD!!!!!
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I have no idea what happened to me, but I have hardly any photos from the ball! I think I was having too much fun to take photos ;) And I only have a couple from Sunday too, I took lots of photos of the portraits, but not many of us!
Anyway, here we all are )
Well, I guess I better get back to work, break time is over :( The next post will be mostly waffle about my next 18thC outfits ...
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So, I'm still plodding along! My birthday weekend was packed! My favourite aunty came to stay fro a few days, so Saturday was taken up with going to collect her from a charming little town half way between our houses where we had a lovely lunch. Then Sunday was a relaxing morning, followed by a rehearsal at school all afternoon, finishing at 8pm, when my friends took me out to a delicious dinner. Monday morning I was at school, lunchtime I went out with friends again, and then home for Birthday cake and presents! In between I have managed to finish the doll's dress - just a sash left to make; and my ball gown skirt is finished too, and a new sleeveless chemise I needed because of the net under-sleeves, plus the bodice is all done except for eyelets, which I'll hopefully be able to do tomorrow at work in my breaks. I have to be there from 9 till after the performance so probably 8 ish (2 hours earlier than a usual performance because we're having a new examiner and she wants to get home early, so means I get an early night too!), if I don't have enough time tomorrow I'll be able to do it Friday - I have to be in early again, because of getting a lift in, and the play is much later, so I'll have loads of time to kill.
So, since my ball gown is nearly done I've been working on my red wool round gown. But before I could start it I had to make a new shift ( I hate making undies, takes time away from the pretties!!) I don't have one with long full sleeves gathered into cuffs, and several of my planned outfits need this kind of shift! It's done though, except for handsewing the cuffs on (I did the rest by machine, it doesn't show!!) And now the bodice is all cut out and pinned to its lining, with the neck and hem turned in for stitching, and I'm in the middle of stitching it together now.
I must remember Mummy's chocolate velvet sash though, before I get to sucked into 18th C sewing again!! And I have to do lots of cleaning, and we need to cook for the supper as well, so looks like I'll be pretty busy the next few days!
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I'm actually quite liking this dress! I didn't think I would like the round waist and the double stacked box pleats, I thought they might be unflattering, but they're not, and I love the fabric even more now it's becoming a dress!
The undersleeves are silk net with brown velvet ribbon cuffs. Mummy thinks it's lovely just plain like this, and doesn't want me to decorate it in any way, except a simple little net tucker, so I think I'll leave it as is (well, not quite as is, it's full of pins!!) for this wearing, not even a berthe, and make the fichu for next time.
We're going to collect my Aunt tomorrow, she's staying with us for the weekend, so I have 3 hours or so in the car to do hand sewing. I still have the doll's dress to finish, (been so busy at work no time to sew!) but then I can move on to attaching the pleats to the waistband and stitching down the piping and waistband on the bodice. I also have to cartridge pleat the back of the skirts, but that is a job I'm very happy to put off ;)
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I've been millinering! We're going to a historical market/bazar on Sunday, I will be wearing my Indian print, but have no head-wear, so today I took apart and shaped a cheapy straw hat to make a tricorn; and wet and shaped a round, low crown, straw hat to be trimmed with ribbon. I did think I wouldn't have time to cover the tricorn, so did the round hat as well, but I decided tonight that maybe I would have time, so the brim is almost done, then I'll cover the crown, put it together and trim it! I'm at school till 4 tomorrow, so I'll have lots of time to sew during my breaks, (I'm also working on a little cap to wear with the round hat, in case the tricorn has issues)
The ball gown bodice is still in it's pitiful pinned state, but the skirt is now halfway hemmed. I'll get there eventually, but it may be rather less trimmed than I planned!
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Work was fine, the pub was good - we had 3 people and they all had, and enjoyed, the sticky toffee pudding I made yesterday :) And when I got home I had a wonderful nap! I've even managed a bit of sewing, did a couple of feet of hemming at the pub and the bodice is ironed and pinned together ready to sew tomorrow.
The day didn't start very well though, last night I went to bed very early, but woke up with terrible pain in my tummy/chest. It was so bad every time I went to lie down that I had to sleep sitting up, propped up on a wedge and lots of pillows, needless to say I slept very badly :( We think it might have been indigestion, quite probable after the day I had yesterday, I only had a bowl of cereal, and a sandwich at lunch, nothing for supper at all, and not nearly enough to drink. I'm sure I'll do better tonight though, and I'm not working at school so can have a bit of a lie in!
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Today I cut out my ball gown skirt and bodice, sewed the long seams on the skirt and turned up the hem ready to sew at the pub after I finish work at school, (if I have time that is, I have to make chilli and soup and sticky toffee pudding). The fabric frays very badly so I zigzagged the silk to the cotton lining, and tomorrow when I get home I will hopefully have time to put the bodice together, and decide if I want a pointed or round bodice, (I think I want round this time, my other 2 ball gowns have points) before I have to go back to the pub for the evening shift.
Tomorrow is going to be one very busy day!! But at least Glee tonight has fortified me ready for the week to come :o)
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Well, as expected, no sewing today!
I baked some coconut cupcakes before I went to the pub to do lunch. Then we went to another local pub for lunch. While eating, Gemma's evening chef called to say his daughter was sick and he wasn't going to make the evening shift, so guess who got to take over?!
So I got home after lunch at about 3:30, fell into bed with a splitting headache, and woke up to go out again at 10 to six. I got home about half an hour ago :(
Tomorrow we're going to a friend's to help eat her last turkey (good riddance I say, he was a nasty thing!) at 3, for which we're taking vegies and pudding, and we'll stay for dancing, so who knows if I'll get round to sewing? I want to make some nuttela cupcakes tomorrow, so at least that will cheer me up!
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Although, after the photo shoot I ripped out the sleeve heads to try and get a bit more ease over the front of my shoulder, they're stitched back in though, so, it's finished!!!!The proof is under here! ) When I got in from the pub, after my lunch, it was such a nice afternoon I mowed the lawn and played with the puppy. So, because of that and the slight sleeve mis-hap, I haven't got onto my ballgown, and I have to go to the pub tomorrow again, and I'm usually totally useless when it comes sewing at the weekends, so I don't think there will be much progress to report in the next few days! Oh, and I want to bake tomorrow too ;)
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Poof, working at the pub is so exhausting! I don't know why, since I don't do much, well, except today of course, when I had 7 people order at once! After work I went to a friends to do some pottery ( I was useless!!) and didn't get home till about 7, when it was time to make supper, and I had a load of laundry to do, so no sewing this evening.
But I've been planning my ball gown ( in my head!) and there are some photos under here )
I got my hem done at the pub today, so tomorrow it's cuffs and I'll be done. Then I really need to get my brain round the ball gown, although I suppose I could be doing the skirt while I procrastinate!
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Every time I think I'll be finished soon something happens! This morning I didn't get time to mark the hem because I got a lift into Loughborough to go to the post office, so left the house at 10 instead of 11, when I got home from the pub I was so tired I had a nap, then a couple of hours sewing before supper, then an hour more and our friends from dancing came round! So I have managed to get the shoulder straps done, and the hem marked and I found some lace fro the cuffs. Who knows, maybe I'll get the cuffs hemmed and the lace sew in, and get the hem done tomorrow, but I'm not counting on it!
Anyway, I've decided to start on my 1860s ball gown tomorrow, and only work on the Gaulle while I'm at the pub. I got out all the fabric and trim and took pictures, but they're uploading so I think I'll post them, and my plans, tomorrow. I must get to bed! I was hoping to go earlier today, oh well...


Apr. 6th, 2010 10:15 pm
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Well, I'm off to London tomorrow, I have my wheely shopping bag and my list (which is about as long as your arm!!) and I must remember my tube map and my street map when I go upstairs! I think the address for Barnet and Lawson is on there, so I'm ready to go!
I've got my jacket all packed ready to sew on the train - the sleeves are pinned in ready to sew, and I have the printed cotton shoulder straps ready to sew in over the sleeve seam allowance. I can also edge stitch the neckline ( the centre front is waiting for one more fitting to double check before I finish it and add hooks and eyes) but the peplum thingy isn't ready to do yet. Hopefully by the end of tomorrow the jacket will be done except the centre front and the peplum, and I think they should be relatively quick, maybe one day?
Then it's on to the next project, which I think will be the Gaule, not the 1860s ball gown, because I need the Gaule 1 week after term starts, and the ball isn't till May 15th. Once the Gaule is done I will work on the ball gown, then it will be sewing for UTR!! I must get to work on caps and fichus, as well as the pretty dresses and hats :D Eek, its fixing up for a busy few months round here!
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(so I thought I'd use an icon from Bath!)
Bath was so much fun, the ball was so wonderful! and Sunday we spent dressed in Regency, wandering the town and then to Sally Lunn's for supper. The only down side was Mummy getting sick on Sunday night :( But she's all better now!
The upshot of such an AMAZING weekend, is that I'm too tired to upload all the photos to show you, but here's one to keep you going:
I striped to my undies as soon as we got back to the apartment ( on Great Pultney Street!) where we all had tea and cake after the ball, then once nearly everyone had gone back to their hotels Clare took some silly photos of me lounging in my unmentionables, I felt quite decadent :D
Tomorrow I start on my Indian print cotton jacket and petticoat, I'm giving myself until next Wednesday (when I go to London to get supplies for my gold stripe 1860s ball gown) to get it finished, I work best with a deadline, lets see if a self imposed one will work as well!


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