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Finally, 2 months later, I have photos from Llandod to share! I can't believe it's been this long! But then again, the fact that it's been a month since my last LJ post just shows how crazy busy I've been.
Anyway, without further ado, for many, many, MANY photos, step this way! )

I'm going to post the photos from Bath, Hampshire and the Cotillion in separate posts, sorry for the ridiculous number you had to trawl through this time :D
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Sorry for the delay in posting photos from our trip to the seaside, I've been busy sewing ever since we got home!
The day dawned foggy and unpleasant looking, not a very propitious start! But by about 9 the fog had gone, and by the time we were half way there the sun was out in full glory! We had wonderful weather, although it was a little windy, but it was beautifully sunny and the wind helped dry our suits!
Talking of which, there are several photos of our bathing exploits under here... )
We're going to Deene Park on Sunday (another historic house!) for a Georgian picnic, and I have my chemise dress nearly finished, I just have to put a little more lace round the neckline and I think I'm going to take the lace off the cuffs and make them bigger, they're a bit tight at the moment. Meanwhile I've been working on our outfits for the Scottish Regency ball, Clare's little sleeveless spencer is done, and Mummy's dress is nearly done. I think, if I carry on as I have been doing, things will work out fine for me to get everything done before UTR, keep your fingers crossed for me!!
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Well, I didn't wear my red wool after all, didn't get the buttons on the shift so decided to wear my Indian print instead. It was a rather glum looking morning, but by the time we set off at about 2 it had cheered up, and we had glorious sunshine all afternoon!
Clare decided not to dress up in the end, so she was our official photographer! There are quite a few pics, so they're all under here... )
Now I need to finish my bathing suit for Wednesday, and then I can get on with my long long list!!
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... but we're not going to be going bathing too soon, looks like it'll be Wednesday at the earliest, so lots of time to get my suit finished! Clare's is done and Mummy's needs buttons sewing on (Clare's doing them for me) mine needs leg cuffs and buttons and holes, and the skirt and maybe a collar, then I need to re-shape some straw hats for us to wear and we're done.
Tomorrow afternoon were going to an Abbey for a craft fair and flower festival in costume, leaving me the morning to work on my bathing dress. Not sure what we're going to wear yet, if it's Georgian I think I will give my red wool it's first wearing (must remember to put button holes in my shift cuffs!!!!) but we might go in Victorian or Regency ... too many to chose from!
I've been thinking about our outfits for the Scottish ball, and watching Wives and daughters gave me an idea for mine, so now I'm finally excited to work on them :)

Edited to add:
I meant to post a pic from my last fitting for the chemise dress - if I can't work on it at least I can share it!
The sleeves are not attached here, and the side seams were only pinned, I'm going to make a wide yellow sash for it and it will have a 2 layer collar like this one: (thank you Jenny-Rose!!)
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I've had to put my UTR wardrobe on hold to make bathing dresses for Mummy and Clare :( I don't mind, and I'm super excited to go sea bathing in the correct attire (might actually be warm enough to bathe in the sea in England dressed in all that wool!!) but I was in the middle of my chemise dress :'(
Any way, Mummy's is done except for buttons, and Clare's just needs a collar and buttons and a skirt. I think I'm going to go ahead and make me one too. Having done lots of research I've found out that a 'combination' garment with a separate skirt was the best for sea bathing (as opposed to swimming) the combination is more comfy than a tunic and drawers apparently, and my old suit has drawstring drawers as well, not good when wet! So as long as Clare's doesn't take too long I'll make me one too. I should manage, what took so long was drafting the pattern, but I've done that now, so it will hopefully be plain sailing!
The trip to the seaside will be in the next few days, so I need to get them done ASAP, then when they are finished I'm going to finish my chemise dress and make the sash and hat, then I have to drop UTR sewing again to get things ready for the Regency ball in Scotland after I get back. It is never ending here!!! At least I have this week off school to hopefully get lots done But as soon as I get back it's crazy time at work again AAAAAAARGH!!!!!
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So, I got Clare to take some finished pics of my red wool round gown, in the garden in the sunshine, lovely! They're under here, if you want a look )
I'm just about to leave work for home, probably won't get much time to sew tonight, but if I do get any time, I think I'll be working on bathing suits for a change of pase!
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So now that my laptop is finally behaving (thank you Clare!!) I can post some photos! I thought I'd start with the oldest :p
So pop under here for lots of Victorian Festival photos )
I have almost as many from Bath, but I think they'll be for tomorrow's instalment! I've done all the editing though, and I'm about to upload them, work was actually good today as well, so I'm a happy bunny now!


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