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I also have some photos of last Sunday's 18thC  reenactment to share, I can't find the charger for my camera so had to use my phone, which has the one bonus of easy photo uploading ;)
(I really need to work out how to do a cut on my phone app! )


Walking towards the government camp:

The view from our home from home - the officer's tent:

Mummy sorting out her lunch:

Me ditto ;)

Out for a stroll:

After stand down the boys got up a bit of a cricket match, our regiment, Pulteney's XIII and the visitors (who's name I can't remember! )

Needless to say, our boys won ;)

I'm going to be doing a lower class impression next year, which should be fun :)

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So, I've always wanted a muff with a naughty picture on it (well, maybe not naughty exactly, perhaps risqué!) and I've always wanted to try working with pen and ink on silk. So yesterday, with a sunny afternoon to spend at home, I decided to combine the two with an old photo of me from the first Bath Minuet Company ball, and came up with this:

 photo DSCF6682.jpg

I love it! although, I may feel a little bit vain wearing it ;)
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Still working on my Williamsburg wardrobe, but now it's a 1745 dark blue wool en fourreau gown!

 photo 1D337DC4-orig.jpg

I started pleating the skirt yesterday over my larger hoops, and it would not lie right and looked dreadful and I though I was going to have to scrap the whole thing, but today I tried my smaller hoops and it works great! I am severely limited by the amount of fabric I have, but I've just managed to squeeze it all out. Luckily the petticoat is adjustable, so it works just fine with the smaller hoops. I have plenty of hand-sewing for work tomorrow, and hopefully it won't be too long before I can cross another thing off my list :)
Talking of which, last week was great for list crossing! I finished the Brunswick, right down to the matching stomacher for wearing it as a pet en l'air, and my fur trimmed short cloak (which I have just realised I've not posted any photos of!) and I knotted several necklaces and made a new fichu.
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It's finished!! and needless to say I love it :)

 photo DSCF6640.jpg

The wrinkles and all the bumps from my stays aren't quite so noticeable in real life, and I think the flash makes them 100 times worse! The fit isn't perfect, it's a bit small in the bust and a bit big in the waist, and because I changed the fronts to be a bit smaller the front point ended up a bit too short, but even with these problems I still think it's one of my most favourite gowns evva!

I've been plodding away on my Brunswick, the waistcoat hood is nearly done and the sleeves are set with pins ready to sew tomorrow. I'm going to tackle cuffs tomorrow, then it's just the lower sleeves, buttonholes and trimming, but I'm still struggling to get hold of some silk buttonhole thread :( in the mean time, to celebrate finishing something, I've cut out a brown wool short cloak :)
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My stripy jacket is coming along nicely. By the time I get home from work tomorrow night (about 9pm I think) I should hopefully have sewn in the sleeves, covered the linen shoulder straps in the silk, and hemmed the 'skirt'. After all, there is one up side to the amount of time I have to spend in school doing nothing during a performance week - lot's of sewing time!
Knowing how much time 'll have to kill at school, I don't want to do any of the hand sewing at home, so this evening I started cutting out a capelet. I'm making it from a very pretty sage green silk taffeta I bought in Paris, lined with dark cream wool left over from my 1860s bathing suit. Unfortunately I only have enough wool for the body of the capelet, and I wanted to make a hood.
My question is, do you think I could have an unlined taffeta hood on a lined capelet? I'm planning to bind the edges in cream silk taffeta, like the little girl in 'The morning toilet' here: But it's so hard to tell what's going on at the neck of her capelet!
If I DO make a hood, how would I finish it to match the rest of the capelet? with the same wide binding round the face? or if I don't make a hood, how would a small cape collar look? It would certainly work with the binding style at least.
Ugh! I don't know what to do now. Help!!
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Yeah, so I haven't posted my pics yet, I'm a bad girl. But then you knew that! Anyway, it's only been a week! We had a fab time, even though it was very very cold in the house, I was so glad I was able to wear my jumps (the bodice of my dress only just did up!) they kept 'my me' (my insides!) nice and warm :) After the trip everyone came back to our house for tea and cake, and I warmed up very very quickly! First the dress, then the petticoats, then the jumps came off, leaving me in stays and modesty petti for the rest of the evening!

We weren't allowed to take photos inside, and it was too cold for many outside, so I only have a few to share with you. )

The next day we went to a reenactors fair that we found out was happening not very far away. Normally I wouldn't be very interested in them, but a friend had said a very good fabric seller would be there, so we thought it would be worth it, since it was only an hour or so away.

There was another incentive. Reenactors fairs over here have very little later than Tudor and Elizabethan on offer, (Apart from fabrics and trims and things) so not very much to interest me, usually ;) But there has been a costuming development, and I needed ideas! )

I'm very excited for this new project, I can't think about anything else at the moment! I really need to though, because the Bath Ball is coming up soon!! Unfortunately we're not going to the Marie Anntoinette Tea Party tomorrow after all, I found out on Thursday morning, so haven't done any sewing since. All I had left to do for the Tea Party was buttons and button holes on both Mummy's coat and her secret waistcoat (which I put together on Wednesday, and she now knows about and loves!) I made my breast knot and frilly neck thingy, and only had the mits and new muff cover to do, so my outfit for the next 18thC trip is pretty much done, whenever it may be :) I may make the muff cover tomorrow, I'm feeling inspired, but I also want to bake, so maybe not ...
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So, we're all off to Keddlestone on Saturday, and next Sunday we're dancing at a Marie Anntoinette tea party, then April 2nd we're at the minuette ball in Bath. Mummy has been borrowing a coat from school and a modern shirt adapted to look 'right' with her own breeches and waistcoat I made last spring. The coat and shirt have had to go back to school because I need them for an upcoming play, so I'm making her her own.

Yesterday I started the shirt, because I figured I can't really fit a coat pattern very well if she isn't wearing a shirt! Mummy has been saying she'd really like girls clothes to wear for Georgian, but I don't have the time to make any for her, especially when she needs boy's clothes for the demos, so I want to make her boy's stuff really nice to make up for it. So I decided, instead of adapting a modern shirt for her I would make her a proper 18thC shirt, with the proper rectangular constuction.

Boy do I wish I hadn't decided that! Mummy has VERY sloping shoulders, and men usually have very square shoulders, so I have had soooo much trouble fitting the collar and neck gussets! I decided to make the shirt by machine, becase I have so much to do and the rest of her outfit is machined, and I worked out how to put it together looking at various different instructions. It went together fantastically, then I tried it on when it was all complete and the fit around the neck was awful! Absolutely dire!! By then it was time for bed, so I left it till today. We were out all day and had a few hours this evening before we went out for a meal with friends, so I took the collar off, took out the neck gussets and recut the slits lengthening them by 3 times as much I think? New huge gussets and several tries of the pinned on collar later and I have a finished, perfectly (almost!!) fitted shirt! As much as they can be when all they are is rectangles! It just needs ties at collar and cuffs and lace frills.

So, tomorrow it's onto coat patterning! I bought 2 lots of fabric last week, to go with what she has already. Her waistcoat is old gold, and her breeches are red floral damask. I found some bright, deep crimson chenilley velvet upholstery fabric, it's not right, but I think it will look nice, for a day coat for her, that I will make for Saturday, and she can wear for the Tea Party. I also got some old gold and brown fabric, it's sort of a taffeta, with lines of raised threads in a diamond pattern, with brown 'spots' at each conjunction, that I will use to make an evening coat and breeches for the ball.

She loves the fabrics and is very happy with the plan, except she would love an embroidered waistcoat like Clare! She was saying so so often that I had to tell her my plan for her birthday present, a waistcoat with ribbon embroidery! I'm not sure if I'll be able to get to it though, ( her birthday is March 20th) I have so much to do for the ball, so I've decided, as a surprise, to make her another waistcoat that she can wear to the Tea Party with the new red coat. I have 2 small scraps of brocade in a lovely narrow red, gold and cream floral 'regency stripe' that I think will be just enough for a waistcoat, hopefully she will like it :)

So that's what I'm up to at the moment! I also need to finish my dress for the Tea party, but my outfit for Saturday is all sorted, I'm wearing my Ikea duvet cover Anglaise, brown linen petticoat, the mits Clare knitted for me and my cardinal cloak. I'm going to see if I can wear the jumps under the dress as well, fo extra warmth. IF I have time (ha ha!) I want to make a muff, with a skin of cream taffeta with yellow taffeta and rococo ribbon trim.

And now, bed!
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So, while taking the photos I've pretty much made all the decisions I was unsure about yesterday! But here are the photos anyway! )

There is still one thing I'm not sure about. I can't tell if the original has any trim at the neck. I like it plain like this, and I will be wearing it with a lace fichu (very like the original's, and it will be fastened with the breast knot) but I wonder if it SHOULD have trim? It would be the same box pleated scalloped frill, just a lot narrower. I'd be very happy not to have to cut out any more scallops that's for sure!!

I think I need to move the flounce down a bit more, I think the skirt is still going to be a bit short. Annoyingly the flounce isn't long enough to go round the whole petticoat, so I have to cut another bit, more scallops :'(

I may be putting the whole project on hold for a while though, some members of the dance group have decided to go out in kit at the weekend, and we're going in Georgian, so mummy's new coat needs to get made sharpish! I'll tell you all about it tomorrow :) Also, I think I want to make me a muff, and maybe some mits, and perhaps a hat ...

UTR rundown

Jul. 7th, 2010 11:56 pm
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OK, so my main memory of UTR is of unbearable heat! Heat, and mosquitoes thinking I'm the best thing since sliced bread! But perhaps my other memory is the one that will last - spending time with some amazing people! The chance to play dress up all weekend, in the best company, has got to be worth the heat and bugs!
The only trouble is, it was so hot I didn't get around to taking very many photos. But I have a sample of my favourites, and will attempt a little write up as well, all under here )
So much for a little write up, this got HUGE! Jenny-Rose's picnic will have to wait till tomorrow I'm afraid! Hopefully, more photos, less waffle!!
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Well, I didn't wear my red wool after all, didn't get the buttons on the shift so decided to wear my Indian print instead. It was a rather glum looking morning, but by the time we set off at about 2 it had cheered up, and we had glorious sunshine all afternoon!
Clare decided not to dress up in the end, so she was our official photographer! There are quite a few pics, so they're all under here... )
Now I need to finish my bathing suit for Wednesday, and then I can get on with my long long list!!


May. 6th, 2010 02:38 pm
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So, my ball gown for next week is going well, and hopefully won't take too much longer to finish. I've decide to simplify it for this wearing, not make the fichu or put the ribbon and fringe on the skirt but make a plain berthe with fringe and ribbon trimming somewhat like the original.
Mummy will be wearing her old ball gown, it's gold taffeta and I'm thinking of using the off cuts of chocolate brown silk velvet I have to make a sash to kind of look like molten chocolate running down over a mummy shaped caramel centre :p And she can wear the new ribbon hairnet I gave her for her Birthday too, so I think that's sorted. Clare will be a boy, and either wear her tails or if she gets round to it, a brown frock coat with cream satin knee britches, stockings and pumps for an early Victorian look. She has a cream evening waistcoat and we could make a cravat/tie out of the left over gold spotted silk I made my Gaulle from. So now I get to think of Summer plans!
We have all the stuff we need for the demos in June (one of which I can't go to because I will be in the US) and I can spend July and the start of August working on anything we need for Llandrindod. But the ball we're going to in Scotland is the weekend after UTR, so I need to get our sewing done for that done before I go really. It's a Playford ball, and we've decided to go in Regency, tartan Regency at that, as a nod to the location :) I have some blue and gold silk plaid on its way to us, and we're all going to have the same fabric, just in different guises. I'm planning to make a 'jumper dress' for me, with a lace or fine cotton short sleeved shirt, and a sleeveless spencer wit for Clare to be worn over her white muslin gown, and Mummy will have a turban made from the left overs, and probably wear her beige cotton gown, maybe with a sash of the plaid if it's not dressy enough.
And now to UTR plans! )
So, lots to do, I better get cracking with my sewing hadn't I?
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From the historical bazaar this time, which was a bit of a waste of time, but it was held in the grounds of Rufford Abbey, which was well worth a visit, and we had a nice lunch too! Any way, to fit in with the multi time period bazaar we all dressed in different eras - 2 Anglo Saxons, 2 Georgians, a Regency lady and a WAAF girl :)
Since the only time we've done Georgian before has been for balls, or demos (where hats can be problematic!) I realised I had nothing for my head! SO I took apart a £1 straw hat and shaped it into a tricorn, covered it with biscuit coloured dupion silk from the stash. I decorated it with the very last of the pink silk taffeta from my frilly 1860s ballgown, along with an ostrich feather stolen from another bonnet, 2 arrow-head shaped ostrich tips and a diamante brooch, to make the prettiest bit of fluff! I love it!
Anyway, the photos are right this way ... )
I still have some more photos to share, from this Sunday, we didn't have dance practice, so the organiser suggested we go on tour instead, we went to Hawkstone Park in Shropshire. It's 18thC owner created a path up and down the sides of the valley, through caves and under trees, over bridges made of logs and through arches blasted in the side of the hill, he filled it with follies and in the 19thC it was opened to the public, so we went in our Victorian kit for a picnic and, for those of us who's joints were up to it, a walk over the trail! So hopefully I'll get them posted tomorrow.
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I am alive, I'm just now recovering from a crazy crazy week! Both weekends were full, and the week in between was filled with work - going to school from 9 till just before 12, then rushing to the pub from 12 till after 2, then home about 3 in time to cuddle the puppy and nap before going to the pub again from before 6 to after 9, then falling into bed to repeat again the next day!
I never really felt like posting to LJ, all I had to post was 'worked, napped, worked, slept' not very cheerful :( And when I did have time off I couldn't work on my own sewing because I'm finally able to finish dressing the doll I've been comissioned to get restored and dress, I have NOT enjoyed it, but at least it's practically over now!
So last night I got the doll's dress to the stage where it only needs hand sewing so I moved on to my ball gown for the chocolate ball in 2 weeks. The bodice is together, complete with the alterations needed to make my old pattern fit my new post gallstone body! I'm all set to work on it tonight when I get home :)
Anyway, I have some photos from the ball, aaaages ago it seems! They're under here... )
I also have photos from the bazaar the next day, but they will have to wait, my lunch break is almost over!
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My millinering went very well, my hat is a froofy bit of cute and I LOVE it :) can't wait to wear it now, and you have to wait for photos till Sunday because it really needs hair to do it justice ;)
Pub tomorrow lunch time, then a ball in the evening, and dressing up again on Sunday, even if the bazaar is a total wash out it will be fun to dress up, and hopefully it'll be a nice sunny day! So a lovely weekend should be on the way ...
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I've been millinering! We're going to a historical market/bazar on Sunday, I will be wearing my Indian print, but have no head-wear, so today I took apart and shaped a cheapy straw hat to make a tricorn; and wet and shaped a round, low crown, straw hat to be trimmed with ribbon. I did think I wouldn't have time to cover the tricorn, so did the round hat as well, but I decided tonight that maybe I would have time, so the brim is almost done, then I'll cover the crown, put it together and trim it! I'm at school till 4 tomorrow, so I'll have lots of time to sew during my breaks, (I'm also working on a little cap to wear with the round hat, in case the tricorn has issues)
The ball gown bodice is still in it's pitiful pinned state, but the skirt is now halfway hemmed. I'll get there eventually, but it may be rather less trimmed than I planned!
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So, I'm home from work at school and the lunchtime shift at the pub, waiting till it's time to go back to the pub for the evening shift! So before I go for my little nap, I thought I'd post a photo of the jewellery I made for the ball on Saturday:
I had a very bad night's sleep last night, so after work and the pub I'm so tried :( I hope a nap now and a good night's sleep later will help, and luckily I don't have to do the evening shift the rest of this week, otherwise, this would be a very very long week!
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... with no sewing :( At least I'm used to it now :/ I did bake though, Nutella cupcakes (very tasty!) and I made rhubarb crisp, cabbage with bacon, and creamed carrots for the dinner we went to, and dancing was lots of fun! In the morning we went into town to look for some jewellery to turn into 18thC jewellery, I eventually found what I was looking for after much searching, and hopefully tomorrow I'll get it made up to take pics.
I'm not looking forward to Tuesday, the holidays are over, so I will be working at school from 9 till just before 12, then at the pub till 2, and depending on how stressed my boss at school is I may have to go back to school from just after 2 till 4. And the week after next I may have to work evenings in the pub too. So I guess I better get sewing then!


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