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I also have some photos of last Sunday's 18thC  reenactment to share, I can't find the charger for my camera so had to use my phone, which has the one bonus of easy photo uploading ;)
(I really need to work out how to do a cut on my phone app! )


Walking towards the government camp:

The view from our home from home - the officer's tent:

Mummy sorting out her lunch:

Me ditto ;)

Out for a stroll:

After stand down the boys got up a bit of a cricket match, our regiment, Pulteney's XIII and the visitors (who's name I can't remember! )

Needless to say, our boys won ;)

I'm going to be doing a lower class impression next year, which should be fun :)


Aug. 28th, 2013 02:11 pm
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Wow this summer has been busy! 2 weeks ago was the start of 5 weekends of reenacting! First was the Jacobite rebellion with our reenactment group, where mummy and I spent a lovely 2 days playing with soldiers :)

camping is cold!

Then this last weekend a couple of our dancing friends joined us as Suffragettes at a National Trust property.

So this coming weekend we're reenacting with Lace Wars again (Jacobite rebellion) then next weekend is Clare's birthday so we are celebrating with a 1920s speakeasy :) the weekend after we're off to the Jane Austen Festival for a week! I think things might finally settle down then!
Oh, and to add to the crazy, I started seeing someone a month ago and things have gotten pretty busy ;)

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I've been so busy at school this week, so not only do I come home too tired to do much sewing, but I've been working through my lunch breaks so haven't even been able to do any at school.
I did get some done in the shop today though, and managed a fitting after supper, when I sort of set the sleeve caps (still have to sew the back neck binding and shoulder seams, which involves unpinning some of the pleats in the sleeve) and tried the stomacher too. I took some photos, and Emmy decided she just had to help ;)

 photo DSCF6684.jpg

I tried encouraging her to leave, but she wasn't having any of it!

 photo DSCF6686.jpg

 photo DSCF6685.jpg
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Still working on my Williamsburg wardrobe, but now it's a 1745 dark blue wool en fourreau gown!

 photo 1D337DC4-orig.jpg

I started pleating the skirt yesterday over my larger hoops, and it would not lie right and looked dreadful and I though I was going to have to scrap the whole thing, but today I tried my smaller hoops and it works great! I am severely limited by the amount of fabric I have, but I've just managed to squeeze it all out. Luckily the petticoat is adjustable, so it works just fine with the smaller hoops. I have plenty of hand-sewing for work tomorrow, and hopefully it won't be too long before I can cross another thing off my list :)
Talking of which, last week was great for list crossing! I finished the Brunswick, right down to the matching stomacher for wearing it as a pet en l'air, and my fur trimmed short cloak (which I have just realised I've not posted any photos of!) and I knotted several necklaces and made a new fichu.
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I got lots done on my short gown and petticoat last week while we were on holiday, so, as promised, here are some photos of a fitting I had the other day to mark the pleats:


Needless to say, the neck is in it's untrimmed state in these photos :)


I think I will roll my cuffs down a little bit, the sleeves look a bit short to me here. Otherwise I'm very pleased, I love the red and blue together, and it's so comfy! I think, with smaller hoops, or even just multiple petticoats, this will be a nice lower class outfit for next season too. I even managed to make a new cap while we were away, in fact I was so productive I quite scared myself! Of course, this week has more than made up for it! I've been so exhausted from work that Wednesday and Thursday I got in at 7:30ish and was in bed by 9:30. So poor little Emmy only had her mummy for half an hour in the morning and less than two hours in the evening. I'm still so tired, and it's only going to get worse for the next few weeks until the play is over :(

My next project for Williamsburg is probably going to have to be new stays, my old ones are falling appart, and they're not the right shape any more either. I've been trying to find reed, but have so far only found one UK supplier, and never having seen reed in the flesh, I don't know if it's the right stuff?! does it look right to you guys? if not, any suggestions of US suppliers that might ship to me?!
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Since rushing to finish the new dress and ballgown bodice, I've been taking a little rest, not even going into my sewing room! I feel refreshed now, and ready to sew again :) The next event needing clothes is our Christmas demo the first weekend in December. I have a kilt I need to alter for Mummy, and for me I want to make a bustle skirt to go with the blue velvet bodice I made last year, and a plaid wool coat of some sort.
They will have to wait though, because tomorrow Mummy and I are going to Kent, where we will meet Clare and her Girlfriend for a lovely family holiday :)
Of course, being me I won't be able to sit still in the evenings if I don't have some hand sewing to do, so today I cut out a short gown! I will be taking it to Williamsburg in the spring to have something for 'messy work' but mostly it will be for reenacting next year. It's a fine red wool flannel, lined in linen, with Indian block printed cotton for the turn back cuffs. The cotton is the scraps left over from the first Indian muslin Regency dress I made years ago, I've been saving it for this project ever since! The wool is left over from the red flannel 1860s petticoat I made (also years ago!) so I had some interesting piecing to do! hopefully it'll work out, and won't look too odd, just nicely authentic :)
One of the options for a petticoat is a lovely Prussian blue wool I bought at Leicester market a couple of weeks ago. It looks like a delaine to me, (from what I can remember from University) and is exactly like the red wool I bought from the same guy a few years ago. He called it a challis, but it definitely isn't that. I'm currently in the middle of cutting off the petticoat pannels, and the rest will be a pet en l'air I think. I'm planning to make it to be worn over hoops, and adjustable, so that I can wear the petticoat with small pocket hoops and the shortgown for lower-class, and with my big hoops and the pet en l'air for upper-class, all 1745-60 ish.
Hopefully, when I'm home next week I'll have something to share :)


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