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Even though I have LOADS to do, here I am posting photos! I'm working in the shop today, and I only had enough hand sewing ready to occupy the morning, so, as I have nothing else to do, I may as well post some photos!
First up, some photos from back in May when [ profile] girliegirl32786 came to stay! The highlight of her visit was our trip to Kedleston Hall, so naturally I needed a new outfit! I eventually decided on a pierrot jacket, in a blue and white striped ribbed silk. I wish I hadn't decided to chevron my stripes though! and I completely blame [ profile] koshka_the_cat and her gorgeous stripedy 18thC dresses for the insanity that ensued!

So, pop under the cut for the pretties... )
Now that I've posted these photos, I'm starting to think maybe I want to take my pierrot to CosCol, hmmm, if I don't manage to get both bustle dresses done, it might not be a bad idea!
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So little time! I'm frantically plodding away on my Titanic dress for our party this Saturday, it's going nicely now, after a long struggle with the undies. I have no idea why, but the corset took forever to finish, and instead of staring from scratch and making a new chemise and petticoat I decided to re-make the combinations and bodiced petticoat I made for Edwardian last year. I'm sure stating from scratch would have been easier, not to mention quicker! but I never wear the petticoat, preferring a waist petticoat for Edwardian, and the combinations ended up about 4" too short in the waist, so desperately needed re-doing!
Anyway, all this crazy sewing means that I'm behind on photo posting again :( I have lots to share, but here are the ones from the Bath Minuet Ball, Mummy in my re-fitted old sunflower sack back, and me in my new spotted silk, under the cut...... )
I still have photos from the 18th Century ball my dance group put on in February, our trip in Regency kit to the American museum in Bath the day after the ball, and a couple from a dress up dance party on Sunday, when I wore my new bustle ball gown to get some better photos! but before that, more Titanic sewing! I can't tell you how inspiring my FList has been in the last couple of days :D
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Finally the yr 12 play is over so I get a chance to post some photos for you all! I'm putting them under this cut, to save your F-lists! )
The ball was wonderful! I think it may be the best event we do all year! I'm really sad to post the photos though, because this is the only way my US buddies will get to see the dress, it was going to make up part of my CosCon or CosCol wardrobe if I'd been able to swing the trip :( But there's no chance I'll make a trip to the US this year, but maybe next year if I save really hard (no pretty satin 18thC shoes for me!)

After the ball a group of us went to a local National Trust place, Dyrham Park, in a mixture of mostly Regency with a few in 18thC. I have more photos to share, but will put them in another post, I have to upload them first ;)
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Yeah, so I haven't posted my pics yet, I'm a bad girl. But then you knew that! Anyway, it's only been a week! We had a fab time, even though it was very very cold in the house, I was so glad I was able to wear my jumps (the bodice of my dress only just did up!) they kept 'my me' (my insides!) nice and warm :) After the trip everyone came back to our house for tea and cake, and I warmed up very very quickly! First the dress, then the petticoats, then the jumps came off, leaving me in stays and modesty petti for the rest of the evening!

We weren't allowed to take photos inside, and it was too cold for many outside, so I only have a few to share with you. )

The next day we went to a reenactors fair that we found out was happening not very far away. Normally I wouldn't be very interested in them, but a friend had said a very good fabric seller would be there, so we thought it would be worth it, since it was only an hour or so away.

There was another incentive. Reenactors fairs over here have very little later than Tudor and Elizabethan on offer, (Apart from fabrics and trims and things) so not very much to interest me, usually ;) But there has been a costuming development, and I needed ideas! )

I'm very excited for this new project, I can't think about anything else at the moment! I really need to though, because the Bath Ball is coming up soon!! Unfortunately we're not going to the Marie Anntoinette Tea Party tomorrow after all, I found out on Thursday morning, so haven't done any sewing since. All I had left to do for the Tea Party was buttons and button holes on both Mummy's coat and her secret waistcoat (which I put together on Wednesday, and she now knows about and loves!) I made my breast knot and frilly neck thingy, and only had the mits and new muff cover to do, so my outfit for the next 18thC trip is pretty much done, whenever it may be :) I may make the muff cover tomorrow, I'm feeling inspired, but I also want to bake, so maybe not ...
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This morning I re-cut Mummy's coat, and by lunch time I'd got it to the stage I was at last night. Then after lunch I was so exhausted I had to have a nap, I got up again at 5 and faffed around for a long time, I couldn't bear to go back into the sewing room :( I made supper, we cleaned out the freezer, I sulked some more, then at about 9pm I finally felt able to sew!

It is now done, except buttons. Unless I get an energetic streak tomorrow and decide to go shopping, she will be wearing it on Saturday without! I think it'll OK ;)



As expected, putting the sleeves in went dreadfully! I wanted to do as little hand sewing as humanly possible on this thing, so I put the velvet sleeve into the armhole of the coat, both the velvet and lining, then put the lining sleeve the other side of the coat ( I only stitched one of the lining sleeve's seams, doing just the top 2 inches or so of the other seam, so I could fit the coat inside) This way I had the 2 sleeve pieces sandwiching the coat itself.

It worked really well, but naturally I put the linings in the wrong sleeves and had to re do everything! Then the cuffs were sewn to the ends of the sleeves, all raw edges hidden in the turn backs. The only handsewing I had to do was tacking down the pleats and sewing on the pocket flaps. I will machine non functional button holes and hand sew the buttons on ( can any one think of a shortcut for buttons?!) Then it's done done done!! Ooh, I must remember to put fastenings on the shirt tomorrow ...

Mummy says I'm not allowed to make her the gold suit for the ball, she'll wear this one. So I'm going to make matching breeches (it's a good job I got a nice long roll end! I've used so much fabric all ready!! The best £9.99 I've spent in a long time.) for the ball, and this means I'll have more time to do the embroidered waistcoat! I'm still going to make the secret brocade waistcoat for the Tea Party, and the coat will have buttons by then too ;)

Ugh :(

Feb. 23rd, 2011 10:28 pm
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Mummy's coat is too short. She's not here for a fitting so I don't know how much too short, but it's going to look stupid I can tell. Bugger.
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So, we're all off to Keddlestone on Saturday, and next Sunday we're dancing at a Marie Anntoinette tea party, then April 2nd we're at the minuette ball in Bath. Mummy has been borrowing a coat from school and a modern shirt adapted to look 'right' with her own breeches and waistcoat I made last spring. The coat and shirt have had to go back to school because I need them for an upcoming play, so I'm making her her own.

Yesterday I started the shirt, because I figured I can't really fit a coat pattern very well if she isn't wearing a shirt! Mummy has been saying she'd really like girls clothes to wear for Georgian, but I don't have the time to make any for her, especially when she needs boy's clothes for the demos, so I want to make her boy's stuff really nice to make up for it. So I decided, instead of adapting a modern shirt for her I would make her a proper 18thC shirt, with the proper rectangular constuction.

Boy do I wish I hadn't decided that! Mummy has VERY sloping shoulders, and men usually have very square shoulders, so I have had soooo much trouble fitting the collar and neck gussets! I decided to make the shirt by machine, becase I have so much to do and the rest of her outfit is machined, and I worked out how to put it together looking at various different instructions. It went together fantastically, then I tried it on when it was all complete and the fit around the neck was awful! Absolutely dire!! By then it was time for bed, so I left it till today. We were out all day and had a few hours this evening before we went out for a meal with friends, so I took the collar off, took out the neck gussets and recut the slits lengthening them by 3 times as much I think? New huge gussets and several tries of the pinned on collar later and I have a finished, perfectly (almost!!) fitted shirt! As much as they can be when all they are is rectangles! It just needs ties at collar and cuffs and lace frills.

So, tomorrow it's onto coat patterning! I bought 2 lots of fabric last week, to go with what she has already. Her waistcoat is old gold, and her breeches are red floral damask. I found some bright, deep crimson chenilley velvet upholstery fabric, it's not right, but I think it will look nice, for a day coat for her, that I will make for Saturday, and she can wear for the Tea Party. I also got some old gold and brown fabric, it's sort of a taffeta, with lines of raised threads in a diamond pattern, with brown 'spots' at each conjunction, that I will use to make an evening coat and breeches for the ball.

She loves the fabrics and is very happy with the plan, except she would love an embroidered waistcoat like Clare! She was saying so so often that I had to tell her my plan for her birthday present, a waistcoat with ribbon embroidery! I'm not sure if I'll be able to get to it though, ( her birthday is March 20th) I have so much to do for the ball, so I've decided, as a surprise, to make her another waistcoat that she can wear to the Tea Party with the new red coat. I have 2 small scraps of brocade in a lovely narrow red, gold and cream floral 'regency stripe' that I think will be just enough for a waistcoat, hopefully she will like it :)

So that's what I'm up to at the moment! I also need to finish my dress for the Tea party, but my outfit for Saturday is all sorted, I'm wearing my Ikea duvet cover Anglaise, brown linen petticoat, the mits Clare knitted for me and my cardinal cloak. I'm going to see if I can wear the jumps under the dress as well, fo extra warmth. IF I have time (ha ha!) I want to make a muff, with a skin of cream taffeta with yellow taffeta and rococo ribbon trim.

And now, bed!
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So, while taking the photos I've pretty much made all the decisions I was unsure about yesterday! But here are the photos anyway! )

There is still one thing I'm not sure about. I can't tell if the original has any trim at the neck. I like it plain like this, and I will be wearing it with a lace fichu (very like the original's, and it will be fastened with the breast knot) but I wonder if it SHOULD have trim? It would be the same box pleated scalloped frill, just a lot narrower. I'd be very happy not to have to cut out any more scallops that's for sure!!

I think I need to move the flounce down a bit more, I think the skirt is still going to be a bit short. Annoyingly the flounce isn't long enough to go round the whole petticoat, so I have to cut another bit, more scallops :'(

I may be putting the whole project on hold for a while though, some members of the dance group have decided to go out in kit at the weekend, and we're going in Georgian, so mummy's new coat needs to get made sharpish! I'll tell you all about it tomorrow :) Also, I think I want to make me a muff, and maybe some mits, and perhaps a hat ...
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Well, I didn't wear my red wool after all, didn't get the buttons on the shift so decided to wear my Indian print instead. It was a rather glum looking morning, but by the time we set off at about 2 it had cheered up, and we had glorious sunshine all afternoon!
Clare decided not to dress up in the end, so she was our official photographer! There are quite a few pics, so they're all under here... )
Now I need to finish my bathing suit for Wednesday, and then I can get on with my long long list!!

A video

Mar. 31st, 2010 06:10 pm
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Here we go:

This was my favourite dance of the evening I think! (mostly because I tried so hard to do the proper footwork that they taught us in the afternoon practice session) It's hard to pick a favourite, especially as we also did Auretti's Dutch Skipper, which is an old favourite of mine, but it was the last dance of the evening, so we were very very tired!! This one came while I was still feeling fresh :)
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I woke up feeling very poorly today, but Mummy wanted me to go out with her, we hoped to go to Chatsworth, but I got sick so we came home instead, so no sewing done yet :( But I do have some photos for you, so the day is not totally wasted :) They're under here )
I also have some photos from Sunday, and I'm waiting for a video to load to YouTube, but I think I'll post them later!!
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Nothing much happening, Mummy and Clare helped me to strike the set this morning, we went out for lunch, came home and I napped the afternoon away! I ade meatballs with BBQ sauce and mashed potatoes for dinner while Mummy made blancmange and jelly for her party tomorrow. Tomorrow will be busy busy busy! People are coming at 3:30 and we have cakes and scones and sandwiches and things to make before then, Mummy wants party games too, so we need to sort out a pass the parcel as well!
I need to style a wig for Sunday too, one of the men at dancing wants an 18thC wig for the ball in Bath and I said I'd style one for him, the ones I did for school for Amadeus worked out well, hopefully this one will too, I got a slightly different wig this time, so we'll see which works out better, and if he likes the one I did for school better we'll swap ;)
All this means I doubt I'll get much sewing time in this weekend :'( But I do have next week, although I keep forgetting to factor in time to finish Mummy's breeches!!
Ooh, also, I'm super excited about giving Mummy her presents tomorrow!!
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My hoop boning just came!!!!! And I think it's going to work perfectly as well!!! Of course, I'm still going to make the 1820s dress first, but now there's nothing to stop me from getting on with my sacque back!
Yesterday I was off work, so I spent it finishing Mummy's waistcoat (right down to covering the spare button and sewing it to the inside of the side seam!) And cutting out her breeches and making them up for a fitting. We did the fitting last night and they worked really well!! there are photos from the fitting under here )
So now I need to add the back gusset, let out the right leg a little bit, move the overlap at the cuffs over a bit and add the cuffs and buttons. I'll try to do most of that as soon as I can before I forget what needs altering, but I don't have buttons to cover yet, so they may wait till I've made my 1820s dress.
Off to work now, not home till very late, so no chance to work on my 1820s today, nor tomorrow because I'll be baking for the party on Saturday. I won't have time to sew now till next week I think :(
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I took my bodice fronts to work, but only had time to do 4 eyelets, which must mean that my work day wasn't as tedious as yesterday :) I would have liked to get more done, but in a way I'm glad I didn't, maybe the next few work days won't be so bad. Thursday I'm going in after lunch till about 10:30, and I only have a couple of hours of 'work' time, we're going to the theatre at 7, supper is at 6 so between 4:30 and 6 I can work on my eyelets! and the morning I could spend sewing, if I manage to pull my finger out!
When I got home I started making a mockup for Mummy's breeches, but supper and house work got in the way, so it wasn't ready for a fitting till about an hour ago, but it went really well :) I'm using a pattern I borrowed from a friend from dancing, just missing out the fall front. I meant to take a photo of the fitting, but forgot :( Surprisingly there weren't too many adjustments to make, I think because she has a bit of middle aged spread - her tummy is quite round- so her shape is more like a male shape than a woman's usually is. Unfortunately I don't think the same can be said about Clare! Her breeches will be an interesting exercise in fitting skills on my part! I think I'm going to have trouble with her waistcoat too, she is rather well endowed with a tiny ribcage and good hips, nothing, in short, like a man!! I'm trying to decide if I should hide her girlyness or dart her waistcoat to show it off, the coat she's wearing for this ball is darted, but I wasn't planning to make the next coat the same, I wanted a more correct look. But maybe I should just accept that she's a girl and go with it! The buttons for her waistcoat came, anyway, and they look really good, they're plastic, but they go really well with the fabric, and since I'll never find cut steel, something that looks a bit like cast pewter, or oxidised silver, will do just as well!!
I also got something else in the post which has got me all excited and thrown a spanner in the works! I may be adding something to my to-do list fro the end of february!!!
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But I did just think of something to do tomorrow at work. I may as well take my bodice fronts in to make the eyelets while I'm at work. I can't work on Mummy's waistcoat because I need to make the button holes, and I'm not going to do them by hand! But maybe if I've done some work at school I'll be more likely to get on when I get home, so I might get the waistcoat finished. And if I get Mummy to take the fabric for the breeches home when she takes me in to school I might be able to make her breeches on Wednesday. Although, I won't be able to do that if I need to fit them, Mummy will be at work :( Maybe I should do the breeches mockup tomorrow after work, get Mummy to try them when she gets in, and work on them on Wednesday, and leave the waistcoat till later. Ugh. I am pissed off with sewing at the moment :( Just ignore me, having a grouchy moan. I think I'm just in a very grumpy mood at the moment, it just hit me like a tonne of bricks after Gemma left. Hopefully I'll wake up happier.
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I managed to cover and sew on 2 buttons for Mummy's waistcoat! Amazing progress isn't it?! But, I did have a very full day!! I had another lie-in, and finished the pulled pork I'd had cooking in the slow cooker all night (boy was it YUMMY!!) I baked a tray of brownies for tonight, then it was time to go out Wassailing our friend's apple and pear trees, hopefully I'll have some photos to show you my medieval queen get up, it was great, I looked just like an escapee from an Errol Flynn movie :D we finished feeding the trees their apple-cake and cider at about 4 so came home to wash the very muddy dog and give her her supper, then out again to eat the rest of the tree's cake! Then it was time for dancing, and we got back a few minutes ago, and since I have work tomorrow and cannot afford a lie-in I'll be going to bed as soon as I can!
I think part of the reason I had a lie in this morning is because Mummy woke me at about 2:30am to tell me that I'd had a reply about the fabric. So I bought and paid for it and it'll be on it's way to me soon :D It's this fabric : and there was only 1 yd! I'm hoping that I'll manage to squeak a jacket out of it, I may be doing some piecing, but it WILL happen :D When it arrives I'll borrow my friend's taffeta swatch-book from BR exports to match the silk for the petticoat. Maybe a pink to match the roses? I'm so excited about this project!! I bet when I get the fabric I won't be able to stop petting it, or able to keep focussed on the projects I'm in the middle of and NEED!! I really love this pattern, but I fell in love with the Scalamandre strawberry pattern weeks ago, and have been dreaming about it ever since! I'm hoping that the fabric I've just bought will cure me of wanting the hideously expensive stuff!!
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So, I've spent far too long today dreaming about fabrics and new dresses I want to make :) Now I'm waiting for a reply about postage for some lovely silk, and getting very anxious that someone else will buy it before me :(
The rest of the day began with me having a very naughty lie-in :D Then we went into Loughborough to get the buttons for the waistcoats. I didn't find anything I liked for Clare's, but I got some buttons on ebay last night that might be OK, otherwise, I'll do cover buttons for hers too. I got some pink spotty buttons for Mummy's waistcoat, that have a lovely domed shape! I've covered 3 and sewn them under one of the pocket flaps and I think they look really good, the fabric is an old gold coloured ribbed moire something, and looks very rich, it should look good under the coat, which is red and gold brocady stuff, and I have some red damasky stuff to make the breeches. The fabrics all go together nicely, I know they're not 'right' but since it's more theatrical than historical, I'm not too worried! Mummy loves it, which is all that really matters!!!
I've finished all the sewing on her waistcoat except the buttons and button holes, which I hope I'll get to tomorrow, but I may not since we're out from 3ish till 9 or so wassailing and at dance practice, and I have work on Monday so can't stay up too late!
I never get as much done at the weekends as I'd like, even if I've had the end of the week off, I still don't seem able to get out of the 'weekend' mentality!!
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I did sewing today! Lots of sewing! I did both of the darts in my bodice fronts, and I'm so proud of my stitching! I did teeny (well for me, for SOME of the people on my Flist they might not be so teeny!!) back-stitches, and they're so even and smart :) Squee!! I should then have got on to the eyelets, but I had to make Mummy's waistcoat. I'm sharing fabric with another member of my dance group, and she needs it to make her stays, and obviously she wants to make her stays as soon as possible! So after she gave it to me yesterday I wanted to get the waistcoat cut out to give the rest to her on Sunday.
It took quite a while to fit the mockup though, because obviously the patterns from original waistcoats are not going to be a good fit on a woman, and a woman with a good bust at that!!! Then after it was cut out, it made sense to make it up, she needs it the same time as I need my outfit after all! It just needs one of the armholes finishing and the pocket flaps sewing in place, then buttons and buttonholes and it's done :) I might go into town tomorrow to look for buttons, gold ones would be nice, but I expect I'll end up with covered buttons, so I'll get some plain ones to use for forms. I'll look for buttons to cover for their breeches too, and I want cut steel buttons for Clare's waistcoat, not that I'll find cut steel while I'm out! But something imitating it might do OK, especially as the fabric isn't totally accurate!
So, a good day!!


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