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Oh boy! the last couple of weeks have been crazy! It was my 30th birthday last Friday, and I celebrated with a cocktail party at home, which required not only a new cocktail dress, but also much food and a clean and tidy house!
I still have a small mountain of party related washing up to do, because this week has been pretty busy at work making up for the week before when I stayed home and tidied ;)
I know I still have the Bath reenactment photos to share, but first I thought I'd show you what we were up to two weekends ago :) Mummy and I found out about a Napoleonic reenactment taking place half an hour away from home, so decided to gatecrash! some of our dancing friends joined us, and we had a wonderful time, despite the crazy weather, it was so hot and sunny you wouldn't believe it was England! photos under here! )

I'm now all fired up for Regency again, which is excellent because Mummy and I have booked an apartment in Bath for the whole week of the Jane Austen festival this time :) I'm starting out with proper undies for mummy, she may not like it, but she's getting stays ...
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I've not got as much done on my demo outfit as I'd like, I'm stupidly busy at work at the moment, and I've been so exhausted all week. Then yesterday we were helping Gemma at a village event she organises, and today we went to a re-enacting market and then dancing, so I'm even more tired and have had hardly any time to sew!
Anyway, in lieu of progress pictures, I bring you Bath pictures instead, not me nekid having a wash, but Jane Austen Festival goodies! )
I have made the skirt for my demo outfit, and I did manage to cut out a toile for my bodice last night in between getting home from Gemma's and going to bed, so once I've fit that tomorrow morning, hopefully I should get quite a bit done - I get the day off, hooray!
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Using my Bath icon, naturally :)

So, we went during the festival, but didn't actually do any festival things! We thought we might go to something, but it ended up with us just taking the opportunity to not look QUITE so out of place ;)

We spent the weekend meeting up with friends, eating and shopping, and it was lovely! It did feel a little bit odd not having a ball to go to during the weekend, but it was good fun all the same! I even managed to take quite a few photos, some of the best are under this here cutty thing... )
So, I think that's all the photos I need to post, I do have a few others, from trips we've done in kit etc, so I might get them up sometime soon, but at least now I don't feel so bad about my lack of posting!!
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I have no idea what happened to me, but I have hardly any photos from the ball! I think I was having too much fun to take photos ;) And I only have a couple from Sunday too, I took lots of photos of the portraits, but not many of us!
Anyway, here we all are )
Well, I guess I better get back to work, break time is over :( The next post will be mostly waffle about my next 18thC outfits ...
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As promised here we have some photos from the Jane Austen Festival in Bath, it's still going on now actually, but we only went for the first weekend.
As usual you'll find lots of photos under here... )
I didn't get any photos from the first evening when we went to the theatre because we were so busy chatting! I met some friends from college who I haven't seen in 4 years, quite by accident! And I was so busy watching the amazing dancing at the Baroque dance display we went to the second night I forgot to take any photos! I definitely want to go next year! And when I win the lottery I will be buying a holiday home in Bath!


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