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In lieu of Williamsburg pictures, I present you with ball pictures from Bath instead, in the hope of slightly mollifying your frustration at my singular inability to keep up to date with my events ;)

I didn't really take any frock pics, as both dresses were 'this old thing' and we were having too much fun to think of them till the end! But here are what I did take )

We're back in Bath at the weekend, with the first reenactment of the season. It's only a one day thing, but it's on the lawns in front of the Royal Crescent so we shall have a perfectly splendid backdrop! and we have the use of the Museum at Number 1 The Crescent, so if it rains we ladies (and the officers) get to sit inside playing cards and looking glam ;)

I'm afraid my posts will still be pretty sparse, I have the yr11 plays coming up in a couple of weeks, and still have so much to do for them :( a bustle dress and corset for one play; and two tail coats, one in puce and the other lime green, for another; luckily the other two plays don't require any new costumes - I can pull from the wardrobe for them, but still, so much to do!
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It's finished!! and needless to say I love it :)

 photo DSCF6640.jpg

The wrinkles and all the bumps from my stays aren't quite so noticeable in real life, and I think the flash makes them 100 times worse! The fit isn't perfect, it's a bit small in the bust and a bit big in the waist, and because I changed the fronts to be a bit smaller the front point ended up a bit too short, but even with these problems I still think it's one of my most favourite gowns evva!

I've been plodding away on my Brunswick, the waistcoat hood is nearly done and the sleeves are set with pins ready to sew tomorrow. I'm going to tackle cuffs tomorrow, then it's just the lower sleeves, buttonholes and trimming, but I'm still struggling to get hold of some silk buttonhole thread :( in the mean time, to celebrate finishing something, I've cut out a brown wool short cloak :)
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I would appear to be icing a cake, not trimming a gown ;)

 photo DSCF6627.jpg

White silk 'smooth chiffon' puffs trimmed with silver spangles (unfortunately plastic, I can't find metal ones anywhere over here) held down with two lengths of silver 'bright check'.

 photo DSCF6629.jpg

I'm going to twinkle so daintily in candlelight!
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It looks like a dress!

 photo DSCF6625.jpg

I know I don't look it, but I really do love this dress!

 photo DSCF6626.jpg

The sleeves are only pinned in, the shoulder straps too, and the hem. Hopefully I can get at least some of that done in my lunch break tomorrow, then it's time to trim!!!
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 photo DSCF6623.jpg

I decided my skirts needed some help, and I really don't like the shape my bum rolls give me, so I made a new rump :D I used Kendra's awesome article from DemodeCouture: it's number 3, I ended up making mine bigger than the text, it's 16" long by 39" wide. Instead of quilting it in lines to form the squares, I just tied off each corner of the squares with embroidery cotton, it's made of the same cream open stripe 'linen' that my banyan is lined in, and wadded with wool.

It gives my skirts a very nice shape, but you'll have to wait for pictures. Tomorrow I'm hoping to get the sleeves done and start working out trimming, so you may get a picture then ;)
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The new fronts work just great :)

 photo DSCF6616_zps5ab628a5.jpg

I may have to piece the sleeves to make them fit, but that's perfectly period, right?! I felt like such a pretty pretty princess swanning round in my rustling pale pink silk, I cannot wait to get to wear it :D and I have lots and lots of sewing to do in my lunch break tomorrow and while I'm at the shop! The back pleats and the bodice seams in the silk need top-stitching, all 4 skirt seams need sewing ( I only did the top foot or so on each side, just so I could set the waist pleats) and the waist pleats need tacking to the lining and top stitching. If my linen tape gets here I can do the waist on the apron front too, I'm using a too small scrap of tape at the moment, just for the fitting.
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I've stopped working on the Brunswick for a while, and moved on to something much more girlie ;)

 photo DSCF6613_zpsd0d6c5dd.jpg

Our reenacting friends came round at the weekend and told us about a Burns Night party that the Charles Edward Stuart Society are holding on Saturday, and did we want to go if there were any tickets left? Of course we did! and also of course, it meant I'd need a new frock ;) Unfortunately Rob told me today that there aren't any tickets left :( but so I figure, why not carry on with it and see if I can get it done by Saturday anyway :D
I had a hunt through the stash, unfortunately I don't have many dress lengths of fancy fabric, but there was a short length of pale pink taffeta, and I think I have just enough to make a 1770s en fourreau round gown. I should be ok as long as re-cutting my fronts doesn't take too much fabric! I foolishly rushed into it without doing a proper mockup and the first version was a disaster! It was only pinned together though, I hadn't yet sewn down the en fourreau pleats, so I was able to re-do the pleats to fit the new back without having horrid visible stitch marks!
I'm planning to trim it very simply, with either white silk gauze box-pleats or puffs of some very pretty white silk 'smooth chiffon' I found in town yesterday. The trimming will just go round the neck and a double row around the cuffs, more of a posh day dress than an evening gown, and it should be perfect for Williamsburg :)


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