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I also have some photos of last Sunday's 18thC  reenactment to share, I can't find the charger for my camera so had to use my phone, which has the one bonus of easy photo uploading ;)
(I really need to work out how to do a cut on my phone app! )


Walking towards the government camp:

The view from our home from home - the officer's tent:

Mummy sorting out her lunch:

Me ditto ;)

Out for a stroll:

After stand down the boys got up a bit of a cricket match, our regiment, Pulteney's XIII and the visitors (who's name I can't remember! )

Needless to say, our boys won ;)

I'm going to be doing a lower class impression next year, which should be fun :)


Aug. 28th, 2013 02:11 pm
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Wow this summer has been busy! 2 weeks ago was the start of 5 weekends of reenacting! First was the Jacobite rebellion with our reenactment group, where mummy and I spent a lovely 2 days playing with soldiers :)

camping is cold!

Then this last weekend a couple of our dancing friends joined us as Suffragettes at a National Trust property.

So this coming weekend we're reenacting with Lace Wars again (Jacobite rebellion) then next weekend is Clare's birthday so we are celebrating with a 1920s speakeasy :) the weekend after we're off to the Jane Austen Festival for a week! I think things might finally settle down then!
Oh, and to add to the crazy, I started seeing someone a month ago and things have gotten pretty busy ;)

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Still working on my Williamsburg wardrobe, but now it's a 1745 dark blue wool en fourreau gown!

 photo 1D337DC4-orig.jpg

I started pleating the skirt yesterday over my larger hoops, and it would not lie right and looked dreadful and I though I was going to have to scrap the whole thing, but today I tried my smaller hoops and it works great! I am severely limited by the amount of fabric I have, but I've just managed to squeeze it all out. Luckily the petticoat is adjustable, so it works just fine with the smaller hoops. I have plenty of hand-sewing for work tomorrow, and hopefully it won't be too long before I can cross another thing off my list :)
Talking of which, last week was great for list crossing! I finished the Brunswick, right down to the matching stomacher for wearing it as a pet en l'air, and my fur trimmed short cloak (which I have just realised I've not posted any photos of!) and I knotted several necklaces and made a new fichu.
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and mine is so nearly finished!!! I've decided not to do the fur trimming after all, so all I have left to do is the lower sleeves and it's finished :) while I as all dressed up for a fitting I took a few teaser photos for you:

 photo DSCF6648.jpg

 photo DSCF6645.jpg

My Emmy-boo decided she needed to help, and then she decided she'd do a lion impression as well for good measure, silly old thing!

 photo DSCF6651.jpg

The only trimming it has is the gold silk lining in the hood and the buttonholes, and the fabulous buttons! they're casts of Roman coins! I'm imagining a brother or lover brought them home from the grand tour for me ;)
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It's finished!! and needless to say I love it :)

 photo DSCF6640.jpg

The wrinkles and all the bumps from my stays aren't quite so noticeable in real life, and I think the flash makes them 100 times worse! The fit isn't perfect, it's a bit small in the bust and a bit big in the waist, and because I changed the fronts to be a bit smaller the front point ended up a bit too short, but even with these problems I still think it's one of my most favourite gowns evva!

I've been plodding away on my Brunswick, the waistcoat hood is nearly done and the sleeves are set with pins ready to sew tomorrow. I'm going to tackle cuffs tomorrow, then it's just the lower sleeves, buttonholes and trimming, but I'm still struggling to get hold of some silk buttonhole thread :( in the mean time, to celebrate finishing something, I've cut out a brown wool short cloak :)
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I've stopped working on the Brunswick for a while, and moved on to something much more girlie ;)

 photo DSCF6613_zpsd0d6c5dd.jpg

Our reenacting friends came round at the weekend and told us about a Burns Night party that the Charles Edward Stuart Society are holding on Saturday, and did we want to go if there were any tickets left? Of course we did! and also of course, it meant I'd need a new frock ;) Unfortunately Rob told me today that there aren't any tickets left :( but so I figure, why not carry on with it and see if I can get it done by Saturday anyway :D
I had a hunt through the stash, unfortunately I don't have many dress lengths of fancy fabric, but there was a short length of pale pink taffeta, and I think I have just enough to make a 1770s en fourreau round gown. I should be ok as long as re-cutting my fronts doesn't take too much fabric! I foolishly rushed into it without doing a proper mockup and the first version was a disaster! It was only pinned together though, I hadn't yet sewn down the en fourreau pleats, so I was able to re-do the pleats to fit the new back without having horrid visible stitch marks!
I'm planning to trim it very simply, with either white silk gauze box-pleats or puffs of some very pretty white silk 'smooth chiffon' I found in town yesterday. The trimming will just go round the neck and a double row around the cuffs, more of a posh day dress than an evening gown, and it should be perfect for Williamsburg :)
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I assembled the waistcoat fronts and finished the edges of the back yesterday in my lunch break, and today I made the most of my day off (after getting back from the dentist, who still won't refer me to have my wisdom teeth out, even though they're giving me such grief :( I could scream!) I pinned the waistcoat together so I could try it on to double check the fit and dart positions. It's a good thing I did as it was too big, so I took some width out of the fronts so there would actually be a gap at the back where the ties are. I also double checked the fit of lining of the brunswick while I was at it, and had Mummy mark where the edge came on the waistcoat back so I could add in the piece of silk .
After a fortifying cup of tea I got on to draping! It's really starting to look like clothes :D

 photo DSCF6606_zpscefd64b4.jpg

Tomorrow I will finish assembling the waistcoat and do the buttons on the shirt collar and cuffs. I can't do the waistcoat buttons yet, because I'm still trying to find some silk buttonhole twist. I've found a UK supplier, but they haven't replied to my email about colour matching :(
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I wish I had some photos to share, but so far all I've got to show for the past few days is a nearly finished habit shirt and two nicely fitted mockups :( One is for the waistcoat for my Brunswick, the other a new lining for the 'jacket' of the Brunswick and to be a base for all my other gowns. I hate this kind of progress!! I know that now I don't have to do any more tedious fittings for dresses, I can just go straight to making up the lining and drape the pleats of a sack or an en fourreau gown, but at the moment it still feels like I've achieved nothing! Oh well, tomorrow is another day :)
Talking of tomorrow, I have big plans for my lunch break, (and my bus ride home!) I'm really hopeful I can finish my habit shirt. The collar is pinned in place, and then I have to gather the sleeve ends and add the cuffs. I think I can manage that, then all I have to do is decide what to make my ruffles from. I really wanted to use a very fine linen, but have completely failed to find any in the UK :( So my options are, the same linen as the shirt, which is pretty nice, but not terribly smart, or cotton lace (the embroidered net type that looks a bit like tamboured net) or, if I have enough, some silk/cotton mix (or Swiss muslin or something else that I use for Regency chemisettes and things) Any suggestions? (The ruffles will be detachable for laundering)
Just before we went to dance practice I cut out the linen lining for the Brunswick waistcoat from some scraps of pale blue linen, (stash busting again!) it's a lovely weight for lining, and the pieces are too small for anything else, in fact, they're so small I've had to piece the fronts :) I love having to piece things, it's so period correct :D I'm using a dark Claret coloured corded silk for the Brunswick, so the waistcoat will look quite funny with it's pale blue back :) And I may end up lining the Brunswick itself with some other equally unlikely colour ;)


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