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Yesterday, while revelling in piles and piles of books, I was reminded about out upcoming trip to Tolethorp to see an open air Shakespeare play in Elizabethan kit... it's the Saturday after the demo!
So, this morning I dug out my kirtle from the naughty corner, where it has been since Easter, and lugged out Patterns of Fashion and the Tudor Tailor, opened up my Elizabethan bookmarks and got stuck in. Luckily, it's time in the naughty corner did it good, and I now have something that looks like a dress!
If you need proof, just look under the cut... )

I'm trying to juggle Elizabethan sewing (not just the kirtle, a hat and caul, and maybe, if I feel up to it, some kind of loose gown ... I have some exciting (I think!) plans, in that line!), bustle planning, and dressmaking, and it's going well so far!

Last night was spent poring over books and coming up with a bustle plan for the demo (including, naturally, a fabulous hat!) and I've got another Sorbetto top all pinned and ready to go tomorrow! I've also taken some photos of the inside of one of my dresses that I'm so proud of! They're under hear. )

Right, now it's time for bed, loooads to do tomorrow!
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Since finishing my sewing room (which I know I still haven't posted pictures of!) I've been a happy busy little girl, spending nearly all my time in there! I don't have a costuming deadline until the 3rd of August, so I've been making more clothes for everyday wear. I have several to show you, so the photos are under the cut )

I've still got loads of ideas for more dresses, skirts and blouses! At some point though, I'm going to have to switch over to costuming! We have a demo on the 3rd, doing Scottish Victorian dancing, and only have a small area, so my crinoline would be too big, so I get to make another bustle dress! I'm planning to use the left over crossbarred silk with some pale pink taffeta to make a polonaise to go over the newly re-modelled dark pink bustle skirt. I think it'll work, hopefully I'll have enough fabric, but if not, I can always take half of the back panel from the Francaise petticoat ;) I'm going to have a look through my dancing friend's huuuge costuming book collection on Friday for some ideas!
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Here we have some photos of the clothes I've been making lately! I've been obsessed lately with lots of sewing and vintage blogs, and just can't help myself, there are so many ideas swimming round my head. Anyway, follow me to see what I've been up to... )
Yesterday we went to the market, (where I found some more lovely fabrics!) and ran several errands, so we were exhausted when we got home, and that, on top of Wednesday's set striking, left me good for nothing but a nap!

I've now finally decided that it's time to rearange my sewing space. When we moved in, the little room off the kitchen was my sewing room, and we put in a sofa to make it comfy. Over the three years we've been here the three of us have spent nearly all our time sat on the sofa in my 'sewing room', only using the sitting room for company. So I used to do a lot of my sewing in the dining room, and really struggled to get in clear when we had guests and needed to actually use it as a dining room! Last Autumn we had a conservatory built, that is now our dining room, so I have unoficially moved into the old dining room. It still has the piano in it, and half of my sewng things (including my bookcase, the linen press with most of my fabric, and the table I used to have for my sewing machine) are still in the old sewing room, but all this is going to change! I'm about to start the arduous task of sorting all my sewing stuff from the two rooms so that we can move the furniture around and finally get me all in one place! Ikea shelf units need to bought as well, but for the moment, I'm sorting piles and bags of accumulated crap into boxes ready to go on the shelves! Needless to say, dressmaking is taking a back seat for a few days!


Jun. 22nd, 2011 10:45 pm
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I'm freeeeeee!! (well, till next Friday when I do my last day this term :o)
Today nearly killed me though! I had to strike the set and put everything away - it took me several weeks to get everything organised for the play, and one day to put it back again. I made 23 trips from the theatre, half-way across campus and up 2 flights of stairs. Carrying things like very heavy rubbish bags full of costumes or 7 wooden hobby horses (also heavy, and unbelievably awkward!) I was so hot and tired after I'd taken the last load up!
But I'm feeling much much better now! I've made a good start on my sewing :) This morning before taking Emmy to get her hair cut on the way to work at half past 10, I cut out a second top from this pattern :
I made one on Monday, and wore it today :) Then after work I made up the top (took less than an hour), had supper, and then refashioned a man's button down shirt into a summer skirt. It's white with big pink and dark brown flowers, very tropical, although, I'm wearing it now and it really doesn't go with my top ;) I need to get photos posted don't I?
Tomorrow I'm going to the local market to buy some zips and things, and see if I can find any nice fabric for even more projects! I had a rummage through my stores at work, and found a couple of lovely summery prints to make summer dresses, one of them is the most fabulous vintage print that I have to make something really special from!

So close!

Jun. 20th, 2011 11:32 pm
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One day left, with a matinee and an evening performance, but at least by this time tomorrow they'll be over, then strike the set, and I'm freeeee :)
I've been squeezing a bit of sewing in here and there, I made a summery top this morning before going into work in the afternoon, but I can't wear it yet because I have to wear black as I'm back stage :(
Oh the plans I have brewin! I want to sew while I still have the urge!!
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I'm so fed up with work at the moment, by the time Tuesday is over, I will have done nearly all of my remaining hours for this term, and term doesn't end till the second week in July! Last week and this have been awfull! The yr7 (age 11/12) play is always the worst part of the school year, and this one is more than usually dreadful - the kids are useless, half of them are high most of the time and the rest act like they've been given a sedative!
The first performances, matinee and evening, are tomorrow, then there's an evening performance on Monday, and a matinee and evening performance on Tuesday. In between I have to fit in helping at a village fete on Sunday, so by Wednesday I will be sooo tired!
And all this comes when I really want to have time at home to sew! I've got all these ideas for new clothes, and no time to do anything about them :(
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We both woke up this morning not really in the mood to go out, and the weather forcast was not at all good, so we decided not to go to the reenactment. We might still go tomorrow, but probably not, we're really enjoying a do-nothing weekend for a change!
Since we weren't going out, I got to do some play sewing :) I've been looking at lots of sewing blogs lately, especially vintage inspired ones, and have been taken by a bit of a refashioning bug, and not having any costuming deadlines has let me spend some time making modern clothes! I've so far turned a thrifted man's button down shirt into a summery skirt (of course, it was stupidly cold and rained the day I wore it to work this week!) and another one into a tunic top, although it still needs something to give it a bit more shape through the underbust.
Today I threw myself into apron making! I found several pretty patterns and tutorials on the web, and made these two this afternoon... )
Tomorrow I shall be wearing one of the aprons while I attempt to whip up a batch of Mars bar brownies (Milky ways to those of you over the pond) and then I expect I'll also do some more dressmaking, I still have several shirts to cut up, not to mention several patterns for skirts I want to try :D


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