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Today has been much better, I managed to go to work, and I've not spent the rest of the day faffing! I have realised I'm a bad girl though, and haven't been posting my baubles, so here we go, the latest to be photographed are under the cut... )

So, I have a few more that haven't been photographed yet, but they're just different coloured versions of ones I have photographed, so you're not really missing anything :)

Mummy's pelise is finished now as well! I may put some more buttons on, for pretty, and I think it needs an iron, but it's ready now for the trip to Uppark after the ball ( on the 23rd, eek!) and my headache is nearly all gone too!
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I have been feeling rather out of sorts the last few days, not doing much but faff about on the net and read, when I want to sew but just don't have any get up and go, I'm stuck in a bit of a rut.
To top it all off, yesterday started with a headaceh, so no work. Then last night I had a headache too, that morphed into a total inability to feel sleepy, so it was half three before I could even try to get to sleep. Then this morning I woke with such a bad headache I couldn't even see straight, so straight back to sleep till lunch time. I managed to get up and dressed, had some toast, but then felt dreadful again, so back to bed till half four! And the evening then morphed into a horrid few hours on the sofa with the puppy trying not to through up :( I think it must have been a migraine, I've not had one since I was a teenager, so it really hit me hard. But I'm feeling alive again now, so hopefully it's gone for good now and I'll finally be able to get to work tomorrow.
And I want to sew dammit!!! Part of my sleeplessness last night was spent planning Regency ball gowns from the saris we got a few months ago, and new ideas for baubles as well. At least I've been managing to do the odd bauble while I'm stuck in this rut, but poor Mummy's pelise still only has half it's hooks and no bars, and no buttons!


Oct. 4th, 2010 11:21 pm
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I've been sewing today! I'm halfway through a pelise for Mummy, and I finished a bauble I started on Saturday, and did another one. I think my sew-jo may be back :)
The pelise is made from a dark olivy green wool, the left-overs from making Clare's bathing dress. I'm lining the bodice and collar with the green taffetta from my chesspiece dress and it's going to have a self fabric belt and buttons. She'll be wearing it on the 24th when we visit a National Trust property after the ball in Hampshire, I have a feeling it's going to be cold and icky, so she needs warm weather wear!! Also, Clare and I have 4 spencers between us, Clare can wear mine and the one I made when I was 15, as well as her own, but Mummy can't fasten mine over her ample bosom!! So she'll have options at last :)
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Sorry to pic-spam you all, but I just did another bauble that I think I like even more than the last ;)
The glue is all still drying, and you can't really see the 'puffyness' of it, but there you go! It's made on a styrofoam ball, it's marked into wedges, then the wedges are cut with a scalpel, and the fabric is 'shoved' (technical term!) into the slits, bead strip glued onto the 'seams' and beads and ribbon added for the loop and tassel.
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I was right, the spheres arrived while I was at work, so this evening I have been having a go at my first bauble :)
Made using thie tutorial from :;all
I completely forgot how many pins it would use! so now I need to get more before I can make another one like this.
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As per usual, I need a little break after too many events to get my brain in gear for more sewing :)
Anyway, while I wait for my sew-jo to kick in, I've been going crazy gathering supplies for making Christmas decorations :) While we were in Bath we went to a shop called December 25th, that sells, you guessed it, Christmas stuff all year round! We went in to get some baubles for the tree we have in the sitting room, it's a cream and gold theme and we found lots of pretties! But while we were looking round I fell in love with the 'pink' section! The others said I couldn't put pink on an otherwise gold tree, so I've decided to have a tree in the new conservatory, and it's going to have a pink and white theme! I bought 3 or 4 baubles, and have a huge (and growing!) pile of bits and bobs to make more :) I just have to wait for the polystyrene balls I got on ebay to arrive so I can start decorating!! I think they may even have arrived while I'm stuck here at work! But I'm only doing a short day today ... :)


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