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Finally the yr 12 play is over so I get a chance to post some photos for you all! I'm putting them under this cut, to save your F-lists! )
The ball was wonderful! I think it may be the best event we do all year! I'm really sad to post the photos though, because this is the only way my US buddies will get to see the dress, it was going to make up part of my CosCon or CosCol wardrobe if I'd been able to swing the trip :( But there's no chance I'll make a trip to the US this year, but maybe next year if I save really hard (no pretty satin 18thC shoes for me!)

After the ball a group of us went to a local National Trust place, Dyrham Park, in a mixture of mostly Regency with a few in 18thC. I have more photos to share, but will put them in another post, I have to upload them first ;)
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Yeah, so I haven't posted my pics yet, I'm a bad girl. But then you knew that! Anyway, it's only been a week! We had a fab time, even though it was very very cold in the house, I was so glad I was able to wear my jumps (the bodice of my dress only just did up!) they kept 'my me' (my insides!) nice and warm :) After the trip everyone came back to our house for tea and cake, and I warmed up very very quickly! First the dress, then the petticoats, then the jumps came off, leaving me in stays and modesty petti for the rest of the evening!

We weren't allowed to take photos inside, and it was too cold for many outside, so I only have a few to share with you. )

The next day we went to a reenactors fair that we found out was happening not very far away. Normally I wouldn't be very interested in them, but a friend had said a very good fabric seller would be there, so we thought it would be worth it, since it was only an hour or so away.

There was another incentive. Reenactors fairs over here have very little later than Tudor and Elizabethan on offer, (Apart from fabrics and trims and things) so not very much to interest me, usually ;) But there has been a costuming development, and I needed ideas! )

I'm very excited for this new project, I can't think about anything else at the moment! I really need to though, because the Bath Ball is coming up soon!! Unfortunately we're not going to the Marie Anntoinette Tea Party tomorrow after all, I found out on Thursday morning, so haven't done any sewing since. All I had left to do for the Tea Party was buttons and button holes on both Mummy's coat and her secret waistcoat (which I put together on Wednesday, and she now knows about and loves!) I made my breast knot and frilly neck thingy, and only had the mits and new muff cover to do, so my outfit for the next 18thC trip is pretty much done, whenever it may be :) I may make the muff cover tomorrow, I'm feeling inspired, but I also want to bake, so maybe not ...
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So, we're all off to Keddlestone on Saturday, and next Sunday we're dancing at a Marie Anntoinette tea party, then April 2nd we're at the minuette ball in Bath. Mummy has been borrowing a coat from school and a modern shirt adapted to look 'right' with her own breeches and waistcoat I made last spring. The coat and shirt have had to go back to school because I need them for an upcoming play, so I'm making her her own.

Yesterday I started the shirt, because I figured I can't really fit a coat pattern very well if she isn't wearing a shirt! Mummy has been saying she'd really like girls clothes to wear for Georgian, but I don't have the time to make any for her, especially when she needs boy's clothes for the demos, so I want to make her boy's stuff really nice to make up for it. So I decided, instead of adapting a modern shirt for her I would make her a proper 18thC shirt, with the proper rectangular constuction.

Boy do I wish I hadn't decided that! Mummy has VERY sloping shoulders, and men usually have very square shoulders, so I have had soooo much trouble fitting the collar and neck gussets! I decided to make the shirt by machine, becase I have so much to do and the rest of her outfit is machined, and I worked out how to put it together looking at various different instructions. It went together fantastically, then I tried it on when it was all complete and the fit around the neck was awful! Absolutely dire!! By then it was time for bed, so I left it till today. We were out all day and had a few hours this evening before we went out for a meal with friends, so I took the collar off, took out the neck gussets and recut the slits lengthening them by 3 times as much I think? New huge gussets and several tries of the pinned on collar later and I have a finished, perfectly (almost!!) fitted shirt! As much as they can be when all they are is rectangles! It just needs ties at collar and cuffs and lace frills.

So, tomorrow it's onto coat patterning! I bought 2 lots of fabric last week, to go with what she has already. Her waistcoat is old gold, and her breeches are red floral damask. I found some bright, deep crimson chenilley velvet upholstery fabric, it's not right, but I think it will look nice, for a day coat for her, that I will make for Saturday, and she can wear for the Tea Party. I also got some old gold and brown fabric, it's sort of a taffeta, with lines of raised threads in a diamond pattern, with brown 'spots' at each conjunction, that I will use to make an evening coat and breeches for the ball.

She loves the fabrics and is very happy with the plan, except she would love an embroidered waistcoat like Clare! She was saying so so often that I had to tell her my plan for her birthday present, a waistcoat with ribbon embroidery! I'm not sure if I'll be able to get to it though, ( her birthday is March 20th) I have so much to do for the ball, so I've decided, as a surprise, to make her another waistcoat that she can wear to the Tea Party with the new red coat. I have 2 small scraps of brocade in a lovely narrow red, gold and cream floral 'regency stripe' that I think will be just enough for a waistcoat, hopefully she will like it :)

So that's what I'm up to at the moment! I also need to finish my dress for the Tea party, but my outfit for Saturday is all sorted, I'm wearing my Ikea duvet cover Anglaise, brown linen petticoat, the mits Clare knitted for me and my cardinal cloak. I'm going to see if I can wear the jumps under the dress as well, fo extra warmth. IF I have time (ha ha!) I want to make a muff, with a skin of cream taffeta with yellow taffeta and rococo ribbon trim.

And now, bed!
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So, while taking the photos I've pretty much made all the decisions I was unsure about yesterday! But here are the photos anyway! )

There is still one thing I'm not sure about. I can't tell if the original has any trim at the neck. I like it plain like this, and I will be wearing it with a lace fichu (very like the original's, and it will be fastened with the breast knot) but I wonder if it SHOULD have trim? It would be the same box pleated scalloped frill, just a lot narrower. I'd be very happy not to have to cut out any more scallops that's for sure!!

I think I need to move the flounce down a bit more, I think the skirt is still going to be a bit short. Annoyingly the flounce isn't long enough to go round the whole petticoat, so I have to cut another bit, more scallops :'(

I may be putting the whole project on hold for a while though, some members of the dance group have decided to go out in kit at the weekend, and we're going in Georgian, so mummy's new coat needs to get made sharpish! I'll tell you all about it tomorrow :) Also, I think I want to make me a muff, and maybe some mits, and perhaps a hat ...
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I haven't posted in ages! I've been sewing lots though, I took a picture to prove it to you, but I took the picture on Wednesday! And I'm only now getting round to posting it :(


The bodice now not only has the skirt attached, and the shoulder straps sewn in, but the skirt trim is nearly all sewn on as well! I should have posted this pic ages ago!

Cutting the strips for the pleated trimmings took aaaages. I stared at the original till I went cross-eyed, and decided they were plain cut scallops, about half an inch in diameter. So I made a template and drew hundreds of little scallops on what felt like hundreds of yards of fabric. Then I had to cut them out! My poor hand feels like it's never going to recover! All of Sence and Sensibility (the Thompson/Winslet version) and half of Emma (the Kate Beckinsale one) sheesh!

I just have to decide if i want the neckline trimmed as well as the edges of the skirt, and finish the centre fronts, and the gown is finished. Except I'm really not pleased with the sleeve heads. The way they pleat into the armscye is really not working, and after wilfing around look at all the Burnley and Trowbridge draping class pics I think my problem is I'm trying to put the pleats too far back, with my shoulders it just doesn't work, I think the pleats probably need to be almost on the top of my shoulders to work.

The petticoat flounce is also cut out (all those bloody scallops!!!) and I've started pinning in the pleats ready to sew it on tomorrow. I'm very glad the petticoat has a flounce, because I made it too short :( I think the gown is too short as well, but it's being polonaised so that's not such a problem.

I have lots of ideas for final trimming/finishing bits and bobs, such as what to use for polonaising, buttons or bows or what, and the neck trim, and I want advice, so I will actually pull my finger out and take some more photos tomorrow to show what I mean. If I don't, you have my permission to yell at me!
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I think I may have solved my lack of motivation at the weekend, and cured another niggling problem into the bargain :)
I'm usually totally useless at sewing over the weekend, and always feel cross with myself for 'wasting' two whole days. Also, over the last few weeks I've become interested in my BJDs again (asian ball jointed dolls), but never manage to find the time to 'play' (they need new clothes and I want to start doing photo stories again so need to sort props and room sets for them) because I'm sewing costumes all the time, except, it seems, at weekends!
So my solution was obvious! I can sew and make props for my BJDs at the weekends, (and take photos for stories in daylight) and spend the week working on costumes. Last week I spent working on my ball gown for the Gothic Romance ball, and the weekend I played! I got lots done, and then this afternoon after work I put all my dolly things away and got out the books and patterns and things for the floral polonaise.
So now Meg is all dressed and ready to go, and the skirt is ripped and one seam half sewn. Not bad considering I had visitors who didn't leave till 7pm, then Mummy came home and we had supper :)


Jan. 27th, 2011 10:33 pm
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I am amazed at myself! I have finished my ballgown, and I don't need to wear it for 2 weeks! ( well, finished except fastenings, and I still haven't decided how I'm going to fasten it, so they can wait)

This poor dress has been through so many versions! It's nothing like any of my plans, but I like it anyway! See what you think, there are pictures under here )

Now I just have to decide how to do my hair!

I never do this, I'm always rushing at the last minute. I'm very glad though, because the next 2 projects are needed in pretty quick succession and are going to be pretty big jobs. First up is this dress:
made from this fabric:
to be worn for a dance demo we're doing at a charity Marie Anntoinette tea party at the beginning of March.

The next one is a cross bared silk sacque back, inspired by the dress in the Kyoto book and made from the pink, faun and green plaid my fabulous friends bought for me in thegarment district in LA last summer. It will be for the Bath ball at the beginning of April, the one I made my sunflower for last year.

In other news, I feel like I still haven't shifted this flu, and worse is I can't sleep, so I'm exhausted all day :(


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