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The ball was fantastic, as usual! But today didn't turn out as expected!
On Saturday after lunch Mummy and I went to help set up for the ball, and got home at 4 to find our visitors ( 3 officers and a lady. People we met in Bath in March and have become VERY good friends, and one of their fellow officers from the re-enactment group) all camped out on the doorstep waiting for us :) We had tea and chats and then all got ready. The ball was very good fun, 10 couples, and we actually had the right mix of sexes! One of the girls was dressed as a boy, but the others were all real men! There was much giggling before the dancing started, and lots of eating during the evening! Home again, we all lounged around in our jammies for a while winding down to go to sleep.

Then, this morning, (after a pancake breakfast, with a pancake initial letter for everyone, made by me!) was spent learning the steps for the Russian Mazurka, (a Russian lady living in Scotland came to the ball and agreed to teach us the next day before she went home again) and we didn't finish until early in the afternoon, so no chance to go anywhere in kit. We came back home though, and drank more tea, chatted some more about costuming and playing dress-up and had soup and bacon butties before the others had to go home.

Now Mummy and I are sitting on the sofa in the empty house! But while I've been typing this, my photos have been uploading, so I can post them!
They're behind this here cutty thing... )

Now that my 2 weeks of half term holiday is over, with it's balls and visits and fun, I feel very very tired! I do NOT want to go to work tomorrow :( Oh well, I suppose that's life isn't it!

The next few weeks are going to be CRAZY! At school I'm preparing for 'A Christmas Carol' with the Yr10s, most of them have 2 or 3 roles, and all need costumes, and our wardrobe is just not eqiped, so lots of sewing at school!

At home, we have the Russian Winter Palace ball coming up, the weekend after the play opens, for which I am adding 'swansdown' trim to my big pink ballgown, and I need to make Mummy a new corset, and, if I can, a new ball gown. It will be dark red/black shot silk, with hopefully brown trim on the bertha and oversleeves, either the leftover silk velvet from my pelise or some fur. I think I may use the velvet, then it can be permantent, fur IS only really suitable on a ballgown for a Russian theme!!

Also, it's Christmas demo season soon, and our theme is Scotish Victorian, so I thought I might make myself a new dress :D My red challis is lovely, but, it IS a year old! So I bought some apricot coloured silk/wool mix plaid from fashion fabrics, and my lovely lovely friends are bringing it to me tomorrow when they come to visit!! I have lots of the golden brown velvet ribbon from my gold stripe ballgown, so I may trim it with that somehow, if it goes. I will wear it with my beige paletot and my new muff and tippet (worn as a scarf) and be toasty toasty warm!
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So, last weekend we went to Hampshire for a Regency ball. It was held in a fabulous Georgian building that's been a school since the '20s, and the next day about half of the attendees went to a local National Trust place in Regency costume. Of course, you guys would know all this by now if I wasn't such a lazy bum and had actually got around to posting some pictures!!!
Anyway, I thought, since we have another ball tomorrow, that I ought to post the pictures for you now! So, if you will follow me this way, I have some photos to share! )

This week I've not just been lazy, I've been busy busy busy getting ready for this weekend! I've been sorting out the house for all the ball guests we have staying with us, and yesterday and today I was cooking too. But inbetween I have been sewing.
When I made my brown velvet spencer it started out as a pelise, but I decided I liked it better as a spencer. I kept the skirt part though, and it is now hemmed and sewn to a little bodice like thingy (like the riding habbit in Patterns of Fashion) made from the same silk as the lining of the spencer.
I also made Mummy a new hat, green velvet, that is so plush it's almost like fur! Trimmed with turkey feathers, a green ribbon half rossette and a brown silk bow with a gold buckle, as well as my new muff and tippet. I will try really hard to take more pictures this weekend, and I may even get them posted before the next event!!
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i've finally finished my corset! here are some pics!
front )
side )
back )
i'm really pleased with the way it turned out, and it's really comfy too! a bit tight round the rib cage, but you've gotta suffer to be beautiful, right! in the flesh i think the red stitching looks a bit stark, but i'm getting used to it now, and my family said it was great, so maybe it's just because i was so close to it when i was stitching it.
i don't think you can see, but i've had a massive tidy up in my room, my friend gemma came round and we had a mad blitz. it's so much better, and makes me really eager to sew every morning - i love being on holiday!
now i just need to make a crinoline and petticaot and the undies are all done!


Mar. 22nd, 2006 05:40 pm
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as promised, here are the photos i took of the toile fitting of my corset. they are a bit bad, cos i took them myself, my first go at taking pics through a mirror!
the front looks a bit wrinkled, but that's just the extra seam allowance photo )
the back isn't laced properly i know! photo )
i know this is a bad photo, but i love the way the pose makes my waist look small! photo )
these are the materials i'll be using photo ) closeup )
also, please excuse any mess you can see, my room is in sore need of a big tidy and clean, but my friend will be round soon, and she loves cleaning, so she'll get me motivated!!
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i finally have pics of what i've been doing the last god knows how long! although, the main problem has been work. we've got the first GCSE play coming up on monday, and rehearsals have been a bit manic, and my boss keeps wanting me there, when i'd be better off getting the last few props and costume bits. i have to be in again tomorrow, from 4:30 till 8:30, and all sunday afternoon. bleh!

anyway here are the bears i made to sell at the spring fairs

photo )

although i don't think i'll be able to sell the big cinnamon coloured one, he looks so mournful everytime i mention it! and i finally took pics of the chemise, i'm really pleased with the front
photo )

especially the tucks and lace at the neckline
photo )

but the back went a bit wrong
photo )

i don't know how i managed to measure that my waist is so far down! i followed the instructions from elizabethstewartclarkandcompany for the free chemise pattern, and did the steps to remove the fullness across the back, but it still works, so never mind!
i'm in the middle of making the corset now, it's been a bit of a pain though, the first toile had bust gussets the size of dawn french's chest, and i'm only a C cup!
it's gonna be white duchesse satin with pink flossing, pink bone channels and pink ribbon insertion in the lace. can't wait to get it done!
i've still had no response from the spring manufacturers, so might try emailing them again, i really need to get started on the cage.


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