Aug. 28th, 2013 02:11 pm
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Wow this summer has been busy! 2 weeks ago was the start of 5 weekends of reenacting! First was the Jacobite rebellion with our reenactment group, where mummy and I spent a lovely 2 days playing with soldiers :)

camping is cold!

Then this last weekend a couple of our dancing friends joined us as Suffragettes at a National Trust property.

So this coming weekend we're reenacting with Lace Wars again (Jacobite rebellion) then next weekend is Clare's birthday so we are celebrating with a 1920s speakeasy :) the weekend after we're off to the Jane Austen Festival for a week! I think things might finally settle down then!
Oh, and to add to the crazy, I started seeing someone a month ago and things have gotten pretty busy ;)

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So, I've finished trimming my hat for Sunday, and I love it! It has a huge felt dahlia, 2 orange poppies, a brown hydrangea leaf and 2 large, vertical, pointy ribbon ends. All sounds rather odd when you list it like that, but I think it looks pretty cool :) My hat will be rather more up to date than the rest of my outfit, but I'll just say I've updated an old suit with a brand new hat, I'm sure they did that back in the day.
Now, the only trouble is, if I take off the ribbons and replace them with ostrich feathers the hat would be absolutely perfect for the 1920s outfit I'm taking to CosCol, but how on earth do I get a large, fragile straw hat on the plane without looking like a total numpty?!
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Finally, 2 months later, I have photos from Llandod to share! I can't believe it's been this long! But then again, the fact that it's been a month since my last LJ post just shows how crazy busy I've been.
Anyway, without further ado, for many, many, MANY photos, step this way! )

I'm going to post the photos from Bath, Hampshire and the Cotillion in separate posts, sorry for the ridiculous number you had to trawl through this time :D
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Yesterday was wonderful! The weather was glorious, the sun was shining and there was just enough of a gentle breeze to cool us down to the perfect temperature! As always, photos and such can be found under the cut ... )

All in all, the perfect day out :)
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Just thought I'd post a pic of what I'm working on :) Please ignore the pink ribbon, it was just handy for trying the belt buckle! I've since decided to use a different one that has it's own black velvet ribbon (and I think it was my Great Grandmother's, or my Great Great Aunt's, so that's nice to know!) and looks better with the poof, I'll save this butterfly one for a less poofy blouse ;)

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Still hard at work on my Edwardian bits and bobs, all the undies are done (right down to re-doing the neckline of the combinations to take off the lace frill that was too bulky) I just need to sew the flounce onto the petticoat hem.
I patterned a basic bodice block tonight, it's front opening, fitted with darts and high necked so I can use it for any futre styles. So tomorrow I need to mockup a back opening, pigeon fronted blouse, with a low square neck for the yoke collar :)
I think I've got all the bits and bobs I need for the hat, I'm going to be following Jen's tutorial here: I've re-shaped lots of straw braid hats, but never a woven one, so we'll see how it goes! I'm so glad it's the half term holiday now!!!
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Yesterday, after I posted, I finished my corset, all except a pretty pink bow (need to order the ribbon, BUT I have finally found a UK supplier of silk ribbons!!!!) and drafted and made up a pair of combinations, all they need is buttons and a neckline drawstring.
The combinations are crazy! I feel like such a floozy in them :) They have circular legs (very drafty!) and are completely open in the croth, only joined by the buttons at the front! I don't think I'll be posting a photo of me in JUST the combinations somehow!!
After I'd finished the corset I tried my linen skirt from my cycling outfit on with my new bustle petticoat, and with the addition of a bustle pad I think it's going to be great! The corset gives me a great figure (if you ignore the square hips I made by miscalculating the amount I needed to take out at the fitting!) The only trouble is, the cycling outfit's waistcoat is now miles too big! I need to take it appart to take in the side seams I think, but I'm going to finish the undies first, the number of frills and ruffles I add will probably affect the fit.
I have to decide if I want to use the bustle patticoat or make a new one, probably a petticoat waist with the corset cover attached. Either way, I'm going to make the bustle pad seperate on strings, because I want to be able to put the petticoat in the wash when it gets muddy, as it certainly will with me wearing it!
I've been trying to decided what style to make my waist, and had come up with an idea I really liked, but sounded very complicated! I was thinking of basing it on the pink linen dress in Patterns of Fashion and another dress in Costume in Detail (can't tell you the page numbers, as I'm typing this at work! the ones with Gibson tucks at the shoulders). I have lots and lots of nice lightweight firm linen so I thought of dying some with tea or coffee, and trimming it with some oak brown soutache I bought for an 1860s jacket. With some heavy ivory cotton lace I found at school (it's a sheath dress, horridly ugly, but lots of lace to cut up!) for a yoke, collar and cuffs. My skirt is beige and cream houndstooth though, so I'm worried the brown idea might not go so well.
While looking through my lace for trim for my undies though I found the lace we bought at the Victorian festival last year, and tucked away in the bag was a piece I had forgotten about! It's a very pretty square yoke with high collar, and it fits! So now I have another plan :) I'm going to clean the lace (it has a rust spot) and see if I can whiten it a bit, then use it for a simple pigeon fronted blouse with puffed sleeves of some kind, buttoning up the back, made from something white from my stash, either the linen, or if I decide that's too tailored, some soft cotton - swiss muslin or something like that, I need to have a play :)
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so, my head is doing better (still not perfect, but the weather's still iffy) so you get the photos I promised! They're under here, just waiting for you! )

I really want to shift this headache though, because I'm having a Regency Birthday tea on Saturday, and I need to finish my new chemisette! I also was toying with the the idea of making Mummy a new dress, she hasn't had one in aaaages! Then next week and the week of half term I'm planning to use to make an Edwardian white linen waist to wear with my beige check linen skirt. We're planning to do something in Edwardian kit at the end of half term, either a trip on the steam railway or even just a picnic. I've not finalised the style yet, but I want something summery and pretty! I need to watch Room with a View for some ideas! Oh pooh, I need to do something for Mummy too don't I!?!? EEK!!!


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