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So little time! I'm frantically plodding away on my Titanic dress for our party this Saturday, it's going nicely now, after a long struggle with the undies. I have no idea why, but the corset took forever to finish, and instead of staring from scratch and making a new chemise and petticoat I decided to re-make the combinations and bodiced petticoat I made for Edwardian last year. I'm sure stating from scratch would have been easier, not to mention quicker! but I never wear the petticoat, preferring a waist petticoat for Edwardian, and the combinations ended up about 4" too short in the waist, so desperately needed re-doing!
Anyway, all this crazy sewing means that I'm behind on photo posting again :( I have lots to share, but here are the ones from the Bath Minuet Ball, Mummy in my re-fitted old sunflower sack back, and me in my new spotted silk, under the cut...... )
I still have photos from the 18th Century ball my dance group put on in February, our trip in Regency kit to the American museum in Bath the day after the ball, and a couple from a dress up dance party on Sunday, when I wore my new bustle ball gown to get some better photos! but before that, more Titanic sewing! I can't tell you how inspiring my FList has been in the last couple of days :D

A video

Mar. 31st, 2010 06:10 pm
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Here we go:

This was my favourite dance of the evening I think! (mostly because I tried so hard to do the proper footwork that they taught us in the afternoon practice session) It's hard to pick a favourite, especially as we also did Auretti's Dutch Skipper, which is an old favourite of mine, but it was the last dance of the evening, so we were very very tired!! This one came while I was still feeling fresh :)
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I woke up feeling very poorly today, but Mummy wanted me to go out with her, we hoped to go to Chatsworth, but I got sick so we came home instead, so no sewing done yet :( But I do have some photos for you, so the day is not totally wasted :) They're under here )
I also have some photos from Sunday, and I'm waiting for a video to load to YouTube, but I think I'll post them later!!
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While I was waiting for Clare to bring her bottom back to fit the waist of her breeches (she went to get buttons for her coat) I got on with my frilly neck thingy, so here, to tide you over till next week, are some photos )
Today has gone very well, I even managed to bake! I made 2 batches of cookies, peanut butter chocolate chip oatmeal, and dark chocolate cranberry. I baked half a tray of the cranberry and a tray of the oatmeal, the rest are in the freezer to take with us to bake fresh :) I've got some raisins soaking in tea to make a tea bread/fruit cake as well.
Well, I think I hear silence, Clare must have finished the button holes, means I can use the machine to make the eyelets for the back of the breeches waistband, then that's all the machine sewing done!
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We leave for Bath on Thursday morning, visiting friends on the way, so all of our sewing needs to be done, or only hand sewing left, by bed time on Wednesday, EEK! My outfit is done except for hemming the skirt, finishing the stomacher (I'm not decorating it after all, just having the white ribbon from lacing it shut showing, which I think will look very pretty, I hope!) and making a neck thingy. I'm going to make a pear choker and mount it on a lace frill with a topaz drop at the front and a brown silk ribbon bow at the back.
Clare has been sewing like a trouper on her suit! The waistcoat just needs a little more hemming and buttons sewing on, the breeches need I think 2 more buttons, and the coat needs the other sleeve sewing in, hemming and finishing inside, the pleats setting and buttons and button holes, I think we'll manage it. Oh, and Mummy's breeches need something to fasten them at the knee and they both need stocks.
Tomorrow I also need to fish out Regency day clothes for wearing around town on Sunday, and pack ( I KNOW I will forget something!) I even had fond little dreams of baking something! Hah!
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Clare just showed me this, it is so clever!

I've seen flat bits at the edges of staircases before, and wondered what they were, now I know :D And the bike storage reminds me of nothing so much as Monster's Inc!
Now I must get back to the wig, it's practically finished, thank goodness! Then onto my dress, and we've decided to make Clare a new outfit for Saturday after all, because one of the girls at dancing is borrowing my blue and silver dress, and I forgot that if Clare wears her suit, they'll look like they're meant to be together! So we're going to make the greeny-blue fabric with the little pink flowers into a waistcoat, and make a coat and breeches from some pink upholstery fabric a friend gave me last year, using the patterns I drafted for her blue and silver, so more costume than accurate clothing, but she should look rather splendid I think, and it's pink!! I love to see her in the really foppish dandy styles, being a girl who looks like a very good boy when she's dressed, I think it works so well, better than boring drab styles anyway!


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