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Scotland was lovely, we had wonderful weather and had a nice relaxing time, did some sight seeing and visited a few castles. I didn't get as much sewing done as I thought I would, I think because I'm totally uninterested in Elizabethan sewing at the moment! I knew I should be doing the Elizabethan sewing but just didn't really want to :( But I did manage to put my kirtle bodice together, then couldn't get any further, because even though I remembered my lacing strips I forgot to take a lace! So I threw the horrid thing in a corner and turned to Regency sewing instead!

With waht I managed to do while we were away, and what I've done today, I now have a half made pink silk spencer, a pink coal-scuttle bonnet just waiting for ribbon ties and an almost finished white figured muslin long sleeved cross-over dress :) The dress would have been finished days ago if I had remembered I needed to fit the pattern over my new short stays :(

I had the sleevs set in, the darts sewn, waistband sewn on and the skirt pinned in place, when I tried it on to find it didn't fit :( so I had to take out all the hand sewing in the waistband, darts and side seams to make it bigger! I had to taper the side seams into the armholes, because there was no way I was going to re-set the sleeves as well as everything else! It now just needs half a hem and wrist ties, and the lace trim round the neck, down the front and round the sleeve hems. I'm hopefully going to wear it for a birthday tea part in a few weeks :)

The spencer will be taking a back burner now though. It's made from the train from my huge pink 1860s ballgown, after taking off the ruffles and waistband. I decided I'm not likely to ever wear the train again, and it's such lovely fabric, so I finally get the pink spencer I've been wanting since I was 12 :D

I do have slightly scary plans for the next 2 weeks though, there's a ball coming up and I may have decided to be totally insane ...! The huge pink ballgown is lovely, I'm really proud of it, but I'm bored of it. It has a day bodice and an evening bodice, but the evening bodice doesn't fit anymore after I lost so much weight with the gall stones, and I've worn it several times already, so I was thinking of what I could do with it. It's a shame to just leave it in a drawer. Amazignly, a solution fell into my lap without me even looking!

I took The Buccaneers to Scotland to watch while sewing, I'd never seen it before, and then when I got home and read through the many pages of my Flist I was bombarded on all sides by even more bustley goodness, so I think I may have finally given in to the dark side! A be-ruffled pink bustle is in my future! More plans tomorrow, but for now, bed ;) Let's see if I can manage the undies and re-make in time for the ball, on May 14th!
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I finally have time to post some pics from the ball! This week has been stupidly busy, and next week is only going to be worse :(

The pictures are under this here cutty thingy )

Work is manic as we try to get the yr10 play up and running. They're doing 'The Christmas Carol', and each kid has an average of 4 roles, with quick changes thrown in for good measure, so the costuming is being a huge PITA. Then there's the set and props! Ugh, I hate it! I've been in school nearly every day this week (instead of the one half day I'm supposed to do this term!) and next week will be the same, but with longer days because of the performances.

The weekends are just as busy, we have a Sufragette march tomorrow night, choclate making Sunday morning, and a school rehearsal on Sunday evening, then next weekend there's a performance on the Saturday night, and then on Sunday, our first demo ( the important one!) during the day, then going down south as soon as that's finished to catch a ferry to France.

Somewhere in there I have to fit in making Christmas presents as well! I did make something for Clare the other day, and will hopefully be making many, many chocolates this weekend, but I have sewing I want to do, no idea when I'll fit it in :(

Talking of sewing, the demos this year are Scottish in theme, so, as you know, I decided to make a new dress. I finally had time to cut it out this morning! I did it while I was recovering from the dentist, before going to school at lunch time, then once I got home from work, I put the bodice together, and one sleeve is pinned in ready to sew. Also this week I managed to make a skirt to go with the cycling outfit I made at Uni, to wear while Sufragetting. Somehow I think there won't be a new paletot happening this year!

I am sooooo tried!
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After a long slog, doing far too many excess hours at work this week and last, and coming home to get straight to work on the ballgowns each day, Mummy's ballgown was finally finished this morning, and the retrimming on mine was finished five minutes ago. Just in time for the ball on Saturday.
I have to go to work extra early in the morning because of finishing early to take Mummy to the dentist, but will hopefully be able to start the demo dress after I get home (lucky old me!)
But now? Now I sleep ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz............
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I didn't do anything really over the weekend, I've given up expecting myself to though, so it wasn't such a disapointment :D
Anyway, Mummy's ball gown is nearly done, all that's left are sleeves, and I'm still not entirely sure how I'm going to do them! Also, I've decided to leave the lace bertha off for this wearing, because I found a long black mink collar in the stash, that works quite well with the bodice neckline, and works very well with the Russian theme!
I still have to trim my old pink ball gown to make it Russiany, and we have food to cook for the ball supper as well, so with that and work combined, it's going to be a busy week!
Then as soon as I get these ball gowns done I need to get a wriggle on with my apricot plaid dress for the demos at the start of December. I think someone should shoot me because I'm also considering making a new paletot as well as the dress ... eek!

pooh :(

Nov. 5th, 2010 09:12 pm
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I left my keys at work when I left at 12 today, so I didn't get home till 7pm :(
I go from school to the nearest village in the mini bus, it's laid on for the support staff who live locally, so I get a lift, then wait for my bus home, which means a 25 minute wait. Today I decided to go into the local town on my way home, so got a different bus. While I was on the bus, I noticed my keys were not in my bag! My mother was out working, my friend who has a spare key is away in Manchester, and our next door neighbours who also have a key were not answering their phones. I had lost all interested in shopping by this point, so in desperation I rang a friend who lives in a neighboring village to ask if I could crash at hers while I waite. Mummy collected me on her way home at quarter to seven!
Since getting home I have made and eaten supper. And looked at LJ. And now I am going to bed, I am sick and tired of today!
Tomorrow WILL be better! I'm going into Leicester to look for some wool for a cloak, and maybe see if I can find something for a zuave type jacket ( I have some lovely brown wool, but don't know if it's going to be enough...) I also need ribbon for several pairs of ballet pumps I have to wear with regency frocks.
This weekend I will hopefully get on to my apricot plaid, I'm at a standstill with mummy's things, (unless my boning etc order comes tomorrow) so I may as well start on my dress for the demos. While i have my undies on, fitting the bodice, I will try on the ball gown bodice I'm retrimming for the coming Russian ball, to see where I need to take it in after my gallstones.
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I have lots to do but keep getting distracted! Been getting ideas for ball headsdresses and my new apricot plaid!
Yesterday I cut out Mummy's new corset mockup, and fitted it, but only just got round to ordering the hardwear! So now it'll be an extra day before it gets here! I can't make her new ball gown till it's done, and ball is in 2 and a half weeks!
The dress is going to be good though I hope. Luckily I have 5 metres of the silk, not 4, and some wide black lace for a skirt flounce, and 2 lovely pieces of wide black lace for sleeve frills or bertha. It'll probably just be trimmed with velvet for this ball though. I'm going to work on the skirt tomorrow, I'm off work so hopefully could get a lot done ... if I tried!
I think I'm going to use some chocolate brown silk charmeuse I have in the stash to make a headdress for her, with either ostrich feathers hanging down in back, or maybe pheasant feather pads... we'll see.
The trim for my ball gown re-trim is on it's way, and I think I might wear my tiara again, with maybe a flower decoration over the chignon.
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The ball was fantastic, as usual! But today didn't turn out as expected!
On Saturday after lunch Mummy and I went to help set up for the ball, and got home at 4 to find our visitors ( 3 officers and a lady. People we met in Bath in March and have become VERY good friends, and one of their fellow officers from the re-enactment group) all camped out on the doorstep waiting for us :) We had tea and chats and then all got ready. The ball was very good fun, 10 couples, and we actually had the right mix of sexes! One of the girls was dressed as a boy, but the others were all real men! There was much giggling before the dancing started, and lots of eating during the evening! Home again, we all lounged around in our jammies for a while winding down to go to sleep.

Then, this morning, (after a pancake breakfast, with a pancake initial letter for everyone, made by me!) was spent learning the steps for the Russian Mazurka, (a Russian lady living in Scotland came to the ball and agreed to teach us the next day before she went home again) and we didn't finish until early in the afternoon, so no chance to go anywhere in kit. We came back home though, and drank more tea, chatted some more about costuming and playing dress-up and had soup and bacon butties before the others had to go home.

Now Mummy and I are sitting on the sofa in the empty house! But while I've been typing this, my photos have been uploading, so I can post them!
They're behind this here cutty thing... )

Now that my 2 weeks of half term holiday is over, with it's balls and visits and fun, I feel very very tired! I do NOT want to go to work tomorrow :( Oh well, I suppose that's life isn't it!

The next few weeks are going to be CRAZY! At school I'm preparing for 'A Christmas Carol' with the Yr10s, most of them have 2 or 3 roles, and all need costumes, and our wardrobe is just not eqiped, so lots of sewing at school!

At home, we have the Russian Winter Palace ball coming up, the weekend after the play opens, for which I am adding 'swansdown' trim to my big pink ballgown, and I need to make Mummy a new corset, and, if I can, a new ball gown. It will be dark red/black shot silk, with hopefully brown trim on the bertha and oversleeves, either the leftover silk velvet from my pelise or some fur. I think I may use the velvet, then it can be permantent, fur IS only really suitable on a ballgown for a Russian theme!!

Also, it's Christmas demo season soon, and our theme is Scotish Victorian, so I thought I might make myself a new dress :D My red challis is lovely, but, it IS a year old! So I bought some apricot coloured silk/wool mix plaid from fashion fabrics, and my lovely lovely friends are bringing it to me tomorrow when they come to visit!! I have lots of the golden brown velvet ribbon from my gold stripe ballgown, so I may trim it with that somehow, if it goes. I will wear it with my beige paletot and my new muff and tippet (worn as a scarf) and be toasty toasty warm!
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So now that my laptop is finally behaving (thank you Clare!!) I can post some photos! I thought I'd start with the oldest :p
So pop under here for lots of Victorian Festival photos )
I have almost as many from Bath, but I think they'll be for tomorrow's instalment! I've done all the editing though, and I'm about to upload them, work was actually good today as well, so I'm a happy bunny now!


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