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I keep meaning to post about my progress, but I also keep forgetting to take the necessary photos at fittings, so have nothing to show you! I've decided not to let that stop me any more, so you get a photo-less post this time :)
The yellow sack I've been altering for mummy is now done! All I have left to do for her for the Bath ball at the end of March is stitch the trim onto her stomacher (it's pinned ATM) and make some sleeve flounces, both of which I will do when we go to Scotland for a week's holiday in Feb.
More importantly, her Elizabethan is finally almost done! The trunk hose just need points; the sleeves need hemming and buttons for attaching to the doublet; and the doublet shoulder wings are ready to stitch up, trim and attach, then the armholes need finishing, button loops for the sleeves and buttons at the centre front and it's done. I'm going to do the shoulder wings and finish the armholes tomorrow, then the rest (all hand sewing) I will leave till we go away.
All this means I've been much quicker than I expected, so I'll hopefully have time for my Elizabethan stuff too! However, tomorrow, after I've done Mummy's bits, I need to replace the back of my crossbared silk petticoat (that I stole for my pink plaid bustle dress last Summer) because I think I'm going to wear it to our dance group's Georgian ball on Feb 11th.
I also think I might make my new hoops now. I need to make another set anyway, because we can't both wear the same ones in Bath, and Mummy has to wear the blue ones under the yellow because bigger ones won't fit. I rather like the idea of bigger hoops, and the way the crossbared is made, I think they'll fit fine. Then I'll have lovely big hoops for the new sack that I'm making for me for Bath :) These ones will be ruffly too, and made of pale pink organza ribbon that I just happen to have a roll of in the stash :)
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After my last post I finished the kirtle, including binding the hem with a wide strip of chocolate brown silk velvet (it looks yummy!) and then, since, if the worst comes to the worst, I can wear just the kirtle with maybe a cloak for warmth, I moved onto the plaid bustle dress for the dance demo that's in a couple of weeks.
I'm using the pink ball gown skirt, and making a polonaise from some pale pink taffeta and the scraps of pink and green plaid from my crossbarred francaise. I started with my 1860s bodice, lengthening it and making up the lower half as I went along!


This is just pinned together to check the fit before sewing, hence the wrinkles! The green sheet is a false waistcoat that will be made from the plaid, there will be plaid elbow length sleeves with pink and plaid ruffles at the cuffs, pink and plaid ruffles at the neck, and there are now plaid bias bands edging the peplum and the back edges of the polonaise swoopy bits (that I am just bunching up in my hand for the photo!). If I have enough fabric, there will also be a big plaid bow of long loops and tails in the back coming from under the peplum between the edges of the swoops.

I've so far used practically all the scraps I had left, for the waistcoat fronts and piecing the bias strips, so I'm unpicking my francaise petticoat to cut out the top half of the back panel for fabric for the bias cut sleeves and loopy back bow! I wish I'd pieced in the top of the back of the petticoat when I made it, but at the time, I reasoned I'd probably have more use for plain taffeta than the plaid - I had no idea I was going to end up making a plaid trimmed bustle dress 6 months later!

I really need to get a wriggle on though, if I'm going to finish the dress (and make a hat and new hairpieces!) in order to have time to make a hat, coif, and loose gown for the Elizabethan as well! Although, I suppose there are 2 days after the demo to finish Elizabethan stuff ;)
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Finally the yr 12 play is over so I get a chance to post some photos for you all! I'm putting them under this cut, to save your F-lists! )
The ball was wonderful! I think it may be the best event we do all year! I'm really sad to post the photos though, because this is the only way my US buddies will get to see the dress, it was going to make up part of my CosCon or CosCol wardrobe if I'd been able to swing the trip :( But there's no chance I'll make a trip to the US this year, but maybe next year if I save really hard (no pretty satin 18thC shoes for me!)

After the ball a group of us went to a local National Trust place, Dyrham Park, in a mixture of mostly Regency with a few in 18thC. I have more photos to share, but will put them in another post, I have to upload them first ;)
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I had today off work, so I decided to cram as much as possible in :)

In the morning I did a humungous load of washing, then got down to some serious work on my cross barred sack. I've been slowly plodding away on trimming the front pannel of the petticoat, and finally finished it yesterday:


I've tried to recreate the original as accurately as possible, measuring the sizes of the frills in my book and scaling up to me size :) In case any one doesn't have the Kyoto book, I'm making this dress: It's not quite right, the wavy line above the bottom frill isn't wavy enough, but I'm happy with how it's turning out so far!

I'm leaving the petticoat for now, and moving onto the dress, because I want to see how much fabric I have left after all the trimmings. If I need to I will piece in the top of the back, but I'm not sure what I'll be using. I have pink or beige silk taffetas that would match, but I have enough to make whole garments, so don't really want to use any up if I don't have to. I'm toying with the idea of using some of the other patterned silk taffetas I have left from other projects, that I have no use for. It would look very odd, but, as long as it doesn't show through...!!

Today I cut out the bodice lining, and hemmed the silk fronts in place, and I've pleated the back (the plaid made it so easy to make it match!) and started pinning it to the bodice, ready to stitch tomorrow hopefully.

I had to stop work just before 5pm to get ready to go to a local history society that was having a talk on a famous local Sufragette. A friend from dancing and I decided to go dressed up ;) We took along our banners, and the speaker was so pleased to see us! The rest of the audience was quite tickled with the idea too :) I got Clare to take a photo when I got back home:


I feel the urgent need to make more Edwardian stuffs now ;)


Jan. 27th, 2011 10:33 pm
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I am amazed at myself! I have finished my ballgown, and I don't need to wear it for 2 weeks! ( well, finished except fastenings, and I still haven't decided how I'm going to fasten it, so they can wait)

This poor dress has been through so many versions! It's nothing like any of my plans, but I like it anyway! See what you think, there are pictures under here )

Now I just have to decide how to do my hair!

I never do this, I'm always rushing at the last minute. I'm very glad though, because the next 2 projects are needed in pretty quick succession and are going to be pretty big jobs. First up is this dress:
made from this fabric:
to be worn for a dance demo we're doing at a charity Marie Anntoinette tea party at the beginning of March.

The next one is a cross bared silk sacque back, inspired by the dress in the Kyoto book and made from the pink, faun and green plaid my fabulous friends bought for me in thegarment district in LA last summer. It will be for the Bath ball at the beginning of April, the one I made my sunflower for last year.

In other news, I feel like I still haven't shifted this flu, and worse is I can't sleep, so I'm exhausted all day :(


Jan. 2nd, 2011 11:35 pm
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My house party is now over, our guests left this afternoon! The Georgian party on Thursday was lovely, then Friday we had a leisurely brunch, dressed in Georgian kit again and played games all day, then saw the New Year in with lovely drinks and nibbles :) Yesterday we all went to a local historical park for lunch and to skate on their temporary ice rink (that turned out to be made of plastic, not snow!) the boys were dressed as Georgian soldiers and we girls were in Regency.

So I've been rather a busy girl! I have really enjoyed seeing peoples cotuming revues though, and have started finding all the pics for mine, I have a feeling it may be quite an undertaking, but I will hopefully get it up tomorrow.

Once that's done I guess it's time to start this year's sewing! So far, I'm planning, in roughly the order they'll be needed:

Raspberry wool regency
Tan wool cloak for Mummy
Red flannel petticoat for Mummy
Gothic Regency ball gown
Printed silk 18thC(gown or caraco or pet en l'air? haven't decided yet, and need to buy the fabric!)
Cross-bared silk sack back
Pink and gold striped 18thC coat for Mummy

But this list only takes us to the beginning of April! Eeek!!


Sep. 21st, 2010 01:54 pm
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I still have a couple of days of Flist to catch up on, but I just have to post right now to say how happy I am with my fabric! You guys are so sweet, and you picked the PERFECT fabrics for me :)
For those of you who have no idea what I'm on about, in June after UTR, while [ profile] koshka_the_cat and I were staying with [ profile] jennylafleur, I ran out of holiday before I ran out of spending money, so I asked them to get me something gorgeous while they were in the Garment District in LA after CosCol. Well, my wonderful friend brought the package this morning, and the fabric is FAB! I asked them to look for some pink and faun plaid silk taffeta, and they found it! And some gorgeous pale pink and faun taffeta as well. So now my dress for the Bath Minuet Company ball in March is sorted ;) YAY :o) as I posted on face book, I feel so loved <3

In other news, the trip to Kent was lovely, we did quite a bit of siteseeing, but mostly we ate, played games and read and watched films. I also worked on some sewing. Mummy's ballgown is finished, and Clare did the handsewing on her spencer, (it's wearable but still needs braid and buttons) I didn't get anything done on my short stays though, because I've decided a pretty new spencer is more useful than a comfortable undergarment ;)
I was hoping to post daily photo updates of the spencer, but have yet to find an android ap for LJ that lets you posts photos :(


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