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So little time! I'm frantically plodding away on my Titanic dress for our party this Saturday, it's going nicely now, after a long struggle with the undies. I have no idea why, but the corset took forever to finish, and instead of staring from scratch and making a new chemise and petticoat I decided to re-make the combinations and bodiced petticoat I made for Edwardian last year. I'm sure stating from scratch would have been easier, not to mention quicker! but I never wear the petticoat, preferring a waist petticoat for Edwardian, and the combinations ended up about 4" too short in the waist, so desperately needed re-doing!
Anyway, all this crazy sewing means that I'm behind on photo posting again :( I have lots to share, but here are the ones from the Bath Minuet Ball, Mummy in my re-fitted old sunflower sack back, and me in my new spotted silk, under the cut...... )
I still have photos from the 18th Century ball my dance group put on in February, our trip in Regency kit to the American museum in Bath the day after the ball, and a couple from a dress up dance party on Sunday, when I wore my new bustle ball gown to get some better photos! but before that, more Titanic sewing! I can't tell you how inspiring my FList has been in the last couple of days :D
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But not quite as pink as I'd hoped.


It's poly organza ribbon, so doesn't photograph well at the best of times, I tried photos with and without flash, and the pink is very washed out in both. Also, the hoops are wider in person, I think it's something to do with the angle?

While I'm at it, here are the fabrics and trims for my new sack. I won't be starting it till after my Elizabethan is done, but I just had to get everything out and have a play!
With flash:

Without flash:

I don't have a final trim plan yet, but I do know it will involve strips edged with the lace, laid on in puffs, like the ones on mummy's, but larger and stuffed. I'm not quite sure how I'll use the gold braid yet, and I may scrap it entirely, but we'll see :)

Also, I've realised I've not given any hints about my Elizabethan yet!


The dark brown at the top is my loose gown, the red is silk taffeta for sleeves, (I have stupid plans to do with the brown Russia braid and a chisel, we'll see if they pan out!) and I have a sari (poly I think, but looks like silk) in the exact shade of red that will be a forepart/underskirt. The goldish colour is actually a camel/caramel coloured wool melton that will be a doublet and over-skirt, trimmed with the wide gold braid (I'm not using the narrow gold/brown braid any more). I also need to make a shirt, ruffs, and a farthingale; and then shoes for both of us. Oh, and a hat for Mummy.

By the end of February.

I agree, I am insane.
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I keep meaning to post about my progress, but I also keep forgetting to take the necessary photos at fittings, so have nothing to show you! I've decided not to let that stop me any more, so you get a photo-less post this time :)
The yellow sack I've been altering for mummy is now done! All I have left to do for her for the Bath ball at the end of March is stitch the trim onto her stomacher (it's pinned ATM) and make some sleeve flounces, both of which I will do when we go to Scotland for a week's holiday in Feb.
More importantly, her Elizabethan is finally almost done! The trunk hose just need points; the sleeves need hemming and buttons for attaching to the doublet; and the doublet shoulder wings are ready to stitch up, trim and attach, then the armholes need finishing, button loops for the sleeves and buttons at the centre front and it's done. I'm going to do the shoulder wings and finish the armholes tomorrow, then the rest (all hand sewing) I will leave till we go away.
All this means I've been much quicker than I expected, so I'll hopefully have time for my Elizabethan stuff too! However, tomorrow, after I've done Mummy's bits, I need to replace the back of my crossbared silk petticoat (that I stole for my pink plaid bustle dress last Summer) because I think I'm going to wear it to our dance group's Georgian ball on Feb 11th.
I also think I might make my new hoops now. I need to make another set anyway, because we can't both wear the same ones in Bath, and Mummy has to wear the blue ones under the yellow because bigger ones won't fit. I rather like the idea of bigger hoops, and the way the crossbared is made, I think they'll fit fine. Then I'll have lovely big hoops for the new sack that I'm making for me for Bath :) These ones will be ruffly too, and made of pale pink organza ribbon that I just happen to have a roll of in the stash :)
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I had a dodgy start to the week, caused by grumpiness brought on by making new costumes for Mummy and not me, mixed with the monthlies, not a pleasant combination! I'm over it now though, mostly because I've rummaged through the stash and think I have a plan to make myself a new Elizabethan after all!

Anyway, the finished object in question is mummy's refitted sack! )

I must make myself an Elizabethan shirt, (I wore mummy's before) but I'm planning to machine it, which hopefully shouldn't take too long, and then, once mummy's kit is done, I'm going to see if I can't make a new dress for me :)
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I've actually been busy sewing, and not only have I made progress, I've even managed to get picture proof - and I'm posting them!!!!
Our first event this year is a Georgian ball our dance group is holding the weekend of Valentine's day. Mummy has said, that, while she loves wearing boys clothes, (and most of the time prefers them because they're so much more comfy) she does miss being a girl at balls, because she doesn't get to dance with the other boys ;) So I decided to re-fit my old sunflower sack for her. She helped me unpick all the trimming the other day, and the day before yesterday we did a fitting:


I unpicked the back pleats and undid the centre back seam in the lining, adding in a 3" piece at the top, above the eyelets, to let out the back shoulders. I've since re-pleated the back (only lightly pressing out my old pleats, I rather like the idea of the re-model being visible!) it's just waiting for me to sew them down.


She's wearing my hoops and under-petticoat, so I need to make new ones for her, but it's nice to know the petticoat or gown skirts won't need altering. The sleeves are much too tight for her though, and I had to make the arm holes larger. So I cut a sleeve mockup the same size as the old sleeves, with lots of extra seam allowance, and fitted them to her, noting the new seam line. I will unpick the old sleeves and piece in the missing width.

I've not quite decided how I want to trim it yet. I know I need to utilise the old trimming (but not the sunflower braid, that's gone back into the stash) but don't want to do the same style, so I'll have to do some playing to see what I can come up with. What I do know though, is she will be wearing black lace with it! I was thinking of putting black lace on the dress, instead of white, but I haven't found any examples of that, so the sleeve ruffles will be white, and she will have black lace in her hair, and a black lace fichu round her shoulders and woven through her stomacher (like the examples in the Kyoto book)

I'm probably going to wear my cross bared sack because I don't think I'll have time to finish my new sack in time, on top of all the other sewing I have to get done, namely, Elizabethan kit for a demo at the end of February.

I'm probably going to just wear what I made last year for Tolethorp, with a new shirt (I was wearing mummy's) although I do plan to actually get around to making some sleeves for my kirtle! Mummy, however, has nothing. Or rather, she had nothing until this evening ;)

We bought black wool melton and pink and silver silk brocade at the re-enactor's market in the autumn, for a black doublet with brocade sleeves, and some kind of breeches. They mellowed in the stash and I've since decided on paned wool trunkhose lined with plain pink silk taffeta from the stash (which just happens to be the most perfect match!) with wool cannions, and I'm planning to trim the doublet with silver braid and pink thread covered buttons. I think she's going to look pretty splendid!

As of this afternoon I had this:


Now all they need is a waist band, cuffs, and a finished front fly. Who knows, I might even get onto mocking up the doublet tomorrow :)

UTR rundown

Jul. 7th, 2010 11:56 pm
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OK, so my main memory of UTR is of unbearable heat! Heat, and mosquitoes thinking I'm the best thing since sliced bread! But perhaps my other memory is the one that will last - spending time with some amazing people! The chance to play dress up all weekend, in the best company, has got to be worth the heat and bugs!
The only trouble is, it was so hot I didn't get around to taking very many photos. But I have a sample of my favourites, and will attempt a little write up as well, all under here )
So much for a little write up, this got HUGE! Jenny-Rose's picnic will have to wait till tomorrow I'm afraid! Hopefully, more photos, less waffle!!

A video

Mar. 31st, 2010 06:10 pm
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Here we go:

This was my favourite dance of the evening I think! (mostly because I tried so hard to do the proper footwork that they taught us in the afternoon practice session) It's hard to pick a favourite, especially as we also did Auretti's Dutch Skipper, which is an old favourite of mine, but it was the last dance of the evening, so we were very very tired!! This one came while I was still feeling fresh :)
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I woke up feeling very poorly today, but Mummy wanted me to go out with her, we hoped to go to Chatsworth, but I got sick so we came home instead, so no sewing done yet :( But I do have some photos for you, so the day is not totally wasted :) They're under here )
I also have some photos from Sunday, and I'm waiting for a video to load to YouTube, but I think I'll post them later!!
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(so I thought I'd use an icon from Bath!)
Bath was so much fun, the ball was so wonderful! and Sunday we spent dressed in Regency, wandering the town and then to Sally Lunn's for supper. The only down side was Mummy getting sick on Sunday night :( But she's all better now!
The upshot of such an AMAZING weekend, is that I'm too tired to upload all the photos to show you, but here's one to keep you going:
I striped to my undies as soon as we got back to the apartment ( on Great Pultney Street!) where we all had tea and cake after the ball, then once nearly everyone had gone back to their hotels Clare took some silly photos of me lounging in my unmentionables, I felt quite decadent :D
Tomorrow I start on my Indian print cotton jacket and petticoat, I'm giving myself until next Wednesday (when I go to London to get supplies for my gold stripe 1860s ball gown) to get it finished, I work best with a deadline, lets see if a self imposed one will work as well!
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While I was waiting for Clare to bring her bottom back to fit the waist of her breeches (she went to get buttons for her coat) I got on with my frilly neck thingy, so here, to tide you over till next week, are some photos )
Today has gone very well, I even managed to bake! I made 2 batches of cookies, peanut butter chocolate chip oatmeal, and dark chocolate cranberry. I baked half a tray of the cranberry and a tray of the oatmeal, the rest are in the freezer to take with us to bake fresh :) I've got some raisins soaking in tea to make a tea bread/fruit cake as well.
Well, I think I hear silence, Clare must have finished the button holes, means I can use the machine to make the eyelets for the back of the breeches waistband, then that's all the machine sewing done!
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We leave for Bath on Thursday morning, visiting friends on the way, so all of our sewing needs to be done, or only hand sewing left, by bed time on Wednesday, EEK! My outfit is done except for hemming the skirt, finishing the stomacher (I'm not decorating it after all, just having the white ribbon from lacing it shut showing, which I think will look very pretty, I hope!) and making a neck thingy. I'm going to make a pear choker and mount it on a lace frill with a topaz drop at the front and a brown silk ribbon bow at the back.
Clare has been sewing like a trouper on her suit! The waistcoat just needs a little more hemming and buttons sewing on, the breeches need I think 2 more buttons, and the coat needs the other sleeve sewing in, hemming and finishing inside, the pleats setting and buttons and button holes, I think we'll manage it. Oh, and Mummy's breeches need something to fasten them at the knee and they both need stocks.
Tomorrow I also need to fish out Regency day clothes for wearing around town on Sunday, and pack ( I KNOW I will forget something!) I even had fond little dreams of baking something! Hah!
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Clare just showed me this, it is so clever!

I've seen flat bits at the edges of staircases before, and wondered what they were, now I know :D And the bike storage reminds me of nothing so much as Monster's Inc!
Now I must get back to the wig, it's practically finished, thank goodness! Then onto my dress, and we've decided to make Clare a new outfit for Saturday after all, because one of the girls at dancing is borrowing my blue and silver dress, and I forgot that if Clare wears her suit, they'll look like they're meant to be together! So we're going to make the greeny-blue fabric with the little pink flowers into a waistcoat, and make a coat and breeches from some pink upholstery fabric a friend gave me last year, using the patterns I drafted for her blue and silver, so more costume than accurate clothing, but she should look rather splendid I think, and it's pink!! I love to see her in the really foppish dandy styles, being a girl who looks like a very good boy when she's dressed, I think it works so well, better than boring drab styles anyway!
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Mummy had a lovely Birthday, lots of friends came for her Bithday tea, including a couple that used to come to dancing who we haven't see in months, they brought their 8 month old King Charles Spaniel and he and Emmy had a wonderful time! The party was supposed to only go on till 6:30, but our dancing friends only went at about 10:30! We got to chatting, and I showed Bryony ( one of the girls) how to do 18thC hair and did some machined button holes on a waistcoat Mel is making for another member of the dance group for the ball on Saturday. So it was a long and tiring day, but lots of fun!
We gave Mummy her presents in the morning, and she was so pleased with her new caps! I did her hair just now to take some photos, they are under here ) if you want to see :)
Tomorrow I have to make the wig ( for the same chap for whom Mel's making the waistcoat) then I can get on with my dress, I think I'm going to carry on with pinning the fan things onto the skirt, and hopefully I'll get to stitching them down. I will be working on Monday, but hopefully only the morning, so I can get some sewing in in the afternoon, but Gemma is coming for supper and to watch Glee, so I won't be able to sew in the evening, but I will have all of Tuesday to make up for it! I'm so beyond glad the play is over!!!!!
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Nothing much happening, Mummy and Clare helped me to strike the set this morning, we went out for lunch, came home and I napped the afternoon away! I ade meatballs with BBQ sauce and mashed potatoes for dinner while Mummy made blancmange and jelly for her party tomorrow. Tomorrow will be busy busy busy! People are coming at 3:30 and we have cakes and scones and sandwiches and things to make before then, Mummy wants party games too, so we need to sort out a pass the parcel as well!
I need to style a wig for Sunday too, one of the men at dancing wants an 18thC wig for the ball in Bath and I said I'd style one for him, the ones I did for school for Amadeus worked out well, hopefully this one will too, I got a slightly different wig this time, so we'll see which works out better, and if he likes the one I did for school better we'll swap ;)
All this means I doubt I'll get much sewing time in this weekend :'( But I do have next week, although I keep forgetting to factor in time to finish Mummy's breeches!!
Ooh, also, I'm super excited about giving Mummy her presents tomorrow!!
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The play went very well tonight, except I forgot one of the quick changes so we were a bit late getting her back on stage! But I'm sure I won't forget tomorrow!!
I had to be in school early again, so had lots of time to work on Mummy's net. It's all finished and in her birthday hat box ready for Saturday! I also have most of another cap made up, it's probably going to end up looking like a morning cap, rather than anything else, it's white cotton net lace and gold silk satin. I got most of it sewn together and was starting the decoration over the ears but didn't think it looked good, so I stopped for the day and asked Clare what she thought when I got home, she likes it, so I'll finish it tomorrow hopefully. I have to be dropped off at 10 tomorrow, so lots of time to sew before I start work at 5. Once I've finished her cap I'll put the last 2 sleeve ruffles on, ready to get cracking on my dress, but the weekend will be quite busy with Mummy's Birthday party, so not sure when I'll be able to sew.

busy day

Mar. 15th, 2010 10:27 pm
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I got lots of sewing done while I was at work, I had all afternoon to kill after I'd done all my work before the rehearsal in the evening started. I've finished adding braid to all the sleeve flounces now, and have finished sewing the flounces onto one of the sleeves, and I've so far sewn one onto the other sleeve. It's looking good, I think it will probably want the ruche as well as the braid.
I also started Mummy's ribbon hairnet, the lengths are all cut and woven together and pinned in place on a circle of cardboard. I can't decide if I should sew the joins together with beads ( pearls?) or glue them together the way we did her black one ... I'll look at my beads, and if anything says 'use me' I will, otherwise I'll have to remember to take glue to work tomorrow!
This evening I also took apart a cheapy straw hat to turn it into a hat for Clare for the Victorian festival, I wanted a hat for the play, so decided to kill 2 birds with one stone! It's currently sitting on a polystyrene head in the airing cupboard waiting to dry so I can decorate it in the morning before I go to work.
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I woke up refreshed and happy, with the whole day planned out, then my mother got up with plan of her own and turned it topsy turvy! It worked out in the end though. We went grocery shopping, I walked the dog, did a much needed load of washing, didn't end up baking a cake as I'd planned, but made chocolate biscuit cake instead (yummy scrummy!!) and then finally got to SEW! I marked and pressed the hem of the dress ready to sew and started work on the frilly things for the sides of the skirt - more pinking :( I've gathered and pinned 3 fanlike wiggly things and joined on the next strip to do the last 2 on one side, I think it's going to look so cool! I took a photo of it pinned in place, but it's very hard to see what's going on, especially without the braid over the gathering lines, so I'll have to take another photo later when I've done some more to it.
Tomorrow while I'm at work I'll hopefully have time to sew once my work is done before the rehearsal starts, (especially as I don't get home till 9 or so) I've got the second set of sleeve ruffles to finish then I can sew them to the sleeves, and I have what I need to start work on a ribbon hair net for Mummy's birthday (a big hank of biscuit coloured velvet ribbon and an 11" cardboard circle!) so 2 things to choose from! ('m working late every day till Friday, so will probably come home too tired to sort out sewing for the next day so it's good I have lots lined up!
Oh, but we came home from dancing to find that the puppy had got into the spare bag of dog food, over eaten and pooed on the kitchen floor. She's lying on the sofa with a very full belly feeling sorry for herself, naughty naughty thing! She's got lots of water though, so I think she'll be OK.
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I didn't get home today till 6:30 in the end, when I went straight to bed for a nap, only to be woken half an hour later by my sister coming home with some friends from dancing, they'd been to a roller disco, (I was supposed to go, but even if I'd not been working still I'd have been way too tired) so I came down to chat to them in my PJs! Mummy cooked supper today to give me a rest, but I've not managed to do any sewing all day, and it makes me sad :'(
It's mothering Sunday tomorrow, I want to bake, and it's dancing in the evening, but I WILL fit some sewing in if it kills me! Next week I'm in work till 9 or 10 or so every day till Friday, but with any luck I'll be able to work on the sleeves and stomacher while I'm at work, and maybe I could take ruffles to pink as well, I need easily portable things, don't want to try to take the big dress in!! Also I want to make Mummy a cap or decorated hair net for her birthday (next Saturday) so that's something else I can do at work.
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But the dress still has a LONG way to go! I need to hem it first though, so I guess that's my next job, I might get to it tomorrow after work, (but probably not since I'm in work till 8 or 9) or Saturday, but I have to be in work in the morning for open day, and then the late afternoon evening I'm supposed to be going to a roller disco to see if we like skating enough to skate Victorian style in Llandrindod in the summer! So at this rate I'll have another unproductive weekend :(
Anyway, I guess it didn't happen without proof huh?! So there are a couple of pictures under here )
Tomorrow while I'm at work (for hours and hours and HOURS!!) I should be able to get some more work done on the sleeves, I've got one flounce with the braid pinned on ready to sew and one more to pin and sew, then they're done and I can start to put them on the sleeves. I can't decide if I'm going to just put the braid over the join at the top of the flounces or if I'm going to do a ruche with the braid down the centre, I think I'll wait and see how much fabric I have left after I do the skirt decoration.


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