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Since rushing to finish the new dress and ballgown bodice, I've been taking a little rest, not even going into my sewing room! I feel refreshed now, and ready to sew again :) The next event needing clothes is our Christmas demo the first weekend in December. I have a kilt I need to alter for Mummy, and for me I want to make a bustle skirt to go with the blue velvet bodice I made last year, and a plaid wool coat of some sort.
They will have to wait though, because tomorrow Mummy and I are going to Kent, where we will meet Clare and her Girlfriend for a lovely family holiday :)
Of course, being me I won't be able to sit still in the evenings if I don't have some hand sewing to do, so today I cut out a short gown! I will be taking it to Williamsburg in the spring to have something for 'messy work' but mostly it will be for reenacting next year. It's a fine red wool flannel, lined in linen, with Indian block printed cotton for the turn back cuffs. The cotton is the scraps left over from the first Indian muslin Regency dress I made years ago, I've been saving it for this project ever since! The wool is left over from the red flannel 1860s petticoat I made (also years ago!) so I had some interesting piecing to do! hopefully it'll work out, and won't look too odd, just nicely authentic :)
One of the options for a petticoat is a lovely Prussian blue wool I bought at Leicester market a couple of weeks ago. It looks like a delaine to me, (from what I can remember from University) and is exactly like the red wool I bought from the same guy a few years ago. He called it a challis, but it definitely isn't that. I'm currently in the middle of cutting off the petticoat pannels, and the rest will be a pet en l'air I think. I'm planning to make it to be worn over hoops, and adjustable, so that I can wear the petticoat with small pocket hoops and the shortgown for lower-class, and with my big hoops and the pet en l'air for upper-class, all 1745-60 ish.
Hopefully, when I'm home next week I'll have something to share :)
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Last weekend, we had a text from some dancing friends who also reenact, saying they were doing a Jacobite event at Kedleston this weekend, and did we want to go along and see what happens at a reenactment, and visit them in the officer's tent. So, as long as the weather clears up, Mummy and I are going tomorrow.
The period they do is 1740, we don't have anything that early, but I think my red wool round gown should be ok, but Mummy only has boy's stuff, which I don't think would be appropriate for a reenactment; or an '80s ballgown I remade for her last year that she wore over an illfitting pair of stays from my University course. At least, at the start of the week that's all she had!
She now has a linen shift (MUCH nicer than my old cotton one!) and blue stays boned mostly with cable ties. I was going to make her a shortgown, but she was out all day, so I couldn't do any fittings, so I made myself one first, since I don't have one. It has stitched down pleats in front and back, so it looks more like an English gown or caraco than a simple bed gown, I do like to be different ;) I was planning to make Mummy's more like the shortgowns on the Duran textiles website, or the one in Costume Closeup, so when I checked the fit of her finished stays and shift when she got home from work I also tried my new shortgown on her. It fit really well, except it doesn't pin closed, so will be perfect for a pattern for hers, but by this time it was 5pm, and I didn't feel like doing a manic rush job on her shortgown, and being really tired for tomorrow. So we decided, since mine actually looks really nice on her, she's going to wear it with a stomacher, and I'm going to make her her own later.
Here she is after the fitting:


We forgot about photos, so got her mostly dressed again for a snap shot!

UTR rundown

Jul. 7th, 2010 11:56 pm
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OK, so my main memory of UTR is of unbearable heat! Heat, and mosquitoes thinking I'm the best thing since sliced bread! But perhaps my other memory is the one that will last - spending time with some amazing people! The chance to play dress up all weekend, in the best company, has got to be worth the heat and bugs!
The only trouble is, it was so hot I didn't get around to taking very many photos. But I have a sample of my favourites, and will attempt a little write up as well, all under here )
So much for a little write up, this got HUGE! Jenny-Rose's picnic will have to wait till tomorrow I'm afraid! Hopefully, more photos, less waffle!!
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So, I got Clare to take some finished pics of my red wool round gown, in the garden in the sunshine, lovely! They're under here, if you want a look )
I'm just about to leave work for home, probably won't get much time to sew tonight, but if I do get any time, I think I'll be working on bathing suits for a change of pase!


May. 21st, 2010 02:13 pm
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I'm making up for weeks of almost no posting today :o)
So, my red wool is nearly done, (depending on how busy the pub is I may get it done today, at least tomorrow) I have my old print jacket and linen skirt and my new Indian print for day times, and my Gaulle for the dinner (I don't think I can fit my Sunflower sacque in my suitcase :'( I'll try, but probably not - it means hoops and another underpetticoat, as well as the dress and petticoat) so I'm sorted, at a pinch, for UTR, I want more, but I feel I can move on.
So next I want to make my chemise dress! I'm thinking of making it by machine (all my 18thC stuff so far this year has been done by hand) and TRYING to achieve a down and dirty quicky job (HA! Like it's ever going to happen!) Any way, hopefully it won't take aaages.
After my chemise dress (which is for Jenny-Rose's picnic) I think I better make our Regency stuff for the New Lanark ball, which is the weekend after I get home. I can ony make it if the fabric has come, but I think it must have done by now, so hopefully my friends will be bringing it to dancing on Sunday. I will leave things like hemming and sewing on buttons for Clare, or for the car ride up to Scotland.
I still want to make other things for UTR though. I don't really want to wear my old print jacket, so have plans for 2 new ones. Mummy bought me some fabric from Ikea (duvet covers and pillow cases actually!!) and I have pictures of them hanging on the line after washing they're under here, along with a LOT of waffling! )
Then there's my Lampas jacket and pink silk petticoat. I am really struggling coming up with a style for the jacket! I love the fabric, and want to do it justice, but it's a very big pattern, and I only have one yard. I don't really NEED it, so maybe I shouldn't force it to become anything, and just keep waiting for inspriation to hit? It's so pretty though :'( I bet this is all moot anyway, there's no way I have time to fit it in! But at least half term is coming up, a week of sewing! Although I have to make a couple of Victorian bathing suits as well for a trip to the seaside at the start of the week!! And then after term starts again it's the yr 7 play, with 70 odd children to cloth and organise!
Anyway, I really think this is my last post of today, so sorry for cluttering up your Flist!!!!
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I don't think I've posted any photos before, but I'm rectifying that now :) The dress is nearly done, just need to put the back skirts on and sew the skirt side seams and hem, and some trimming on the sleeves and it's done.
Photos from fitting the sleeve darts are under here. )
I've been busy planning my next outfit, but I think I'll do another post about that. And I have photos from the weekend to put up too...
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Sorry for the lack of updates, but I'm back helping Gemma at the pub again this week, just evenings this time though, and working my usual 3 days a week at school, plus last week was a performance week, so lots of late nights! Now that school has slowed down the pub has kicked off, so evenings are out and when I get home I'm too tired to think past 'where's my bed'!
Anyway, the ball was awesome, and we had people staying for it, who we met in Bath, and had so much fun! On Sunday we decided on a trip to Calke Abbey, a lovely National Trust property we hadn't been to in years. We all went in kit and had so much fun! Then they stayed for dance practice and went home Monday after breakfast, so all in all a very busy but very fun weekend! I have photos and will get them up as soon as I can.
Meanwhile, my red wool round gown is progressing nicely, although I had to change from doing an en fourreau to a pieced back, not enough fabric :( The bodice is done (complete with a terrifying point in back, no idea how it happened, but I like it!) sleeves are pinned in and the skirt pleats are pinned, the back ready to be sewn to the bodice, the front ready to be sewn to waist tapes, then I can sew the side seams and do the hem. I need to make and trim the compere front, and the box pleated trim for the cuffs, but I am darting the back of the elbow, so have to wait for another fitting for that. I have yet to decide if I want robings with trim on as well, to match the cuffs and stomacher, we'll see, I may not have enough fabric any way...
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So, I'm still plodding along! My birthday weekend was packed! My favourite aunty came to stay fro a few days, so Saturday was taken up with going to collect her from a charming little town half way between our houses where we had a lovely lunch. Then Sunday was a relaxing morning, followed by a rehearsal at school all afternoon, finishing at 8pm, when my friends took me out to a delicious dinner. Monday morning I was at school, lunchtime I went out with friends again, and then home for Birthday cake and presents! In between I have managed to finish the doll's dress - just a sash left to make; and my ball gown skirt is finished too, and a new sleeveless chemise I needed because of the net under-sleeves, plus the bodice is all done except for eyelets, which I'll hopefully be able to do tomorrow at work in my breaks. I have to be there from 9 till after the performance so probably 8 ish (2 hours earlier than a usual performance because we're having a new examiner and she wants to get home early, so means I get an early night too!), if I don't have enough time tomorrow I'll be able to do it Friday - I have to be in early again, because of getting a lift in, and the play is much later, so I'll have loads of time to kill.
So, since my ball gown is nearly done I've been working on my red wool round gown. But before I could start it I had to make a new shift ( I hate making undies, takes time away from the pretties!!) I don't have one with long full sleeves gathered into cuffs, and several of my planned outfits need this kind of shift! It's done though, except for handsewing the cuffs on (I did the rest by machine, it doesn't show!!) And now the bodice is all cut out and pinned to its lining, with the neck and hem turned in for stitching, and I'm in the middle of stitching it together now.
I must remember Mummy's chocolate velvet sash though, before I get to sucked into 18th C sewing again!! And I have to do lots of cleaning, and we need to cook for the supper as well, so looks like I'll be pretty busy the next few days!


May. 6th, 2010 02:38 pm
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So, my ball gown for next week is going well, and hopefully won't take too much longer to finish. I've decide to simplify it for this wearing, not make the fichu or put the ribbon and fringe on the skirt but make a plain berthe with fringe and ribbon trimming somewhat like the original.
Mummy will be wearing her old ball gown, it's gold taffeta and I'm thinking of using the off cuts of chocolate brown silk velvet I have to make a sash to kind of look like molten chocolate running down over a mummy shaped caramel centre :p And she can wear the new ribbon hairnet I gave her for her Birthday too, so I think that's sorted. Clare will be a boy, and either wear her tails or if she gets round to it, a brown frock coat with cream satin knee britches, stockings and pumps for an early Victorian look. She has a cream evening waistcoat and we could make a cravat/tie out of the left over gold spotted silk I made my Gaulle from. So now I get to think of Summer plans!
We have all the stuff we need for the demos in June (one of which I can't go to because I will be in the US) and I can spend July and the start of August working on anything we need for Llandrindod. But the ball we're going to in Scotland is the weekend after UTR, so I need to get our sewing done for that done before I go really. It's a Playford ball, and we've decided to go in Regency, tartan Regency at that, as a nod to the location :) I have some blue and gold silk plaid on its way to us, and we're all going to have the same fabric, just in different guises. I'm planning to make a 'jumper dress' for me, with a lace or fine cotton short sleeved shirt, and a sleeveless spencer wit for Clare to be worn over her white muslin gown, and Mummy will have a turban made from the left overs, and probably wear her beige cotton gown, maybe with a sash of the plaid if it's not dressy enough.
And now to UTR plans! )
So, lots to do, I better get cracking with my sewing hadn't I?


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