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Emmy has decided her santa baby needs to go to America with me ;)

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some progress pics:

puppy photo bomb!

wow that's a long train!


And I promised to tell you about my trim. I'm using wool soutache braid and teddy bear fur!

it's made with an alpaca pile and woven cotton baking. I have loads of it, in longer mohair as well, in all sorts of different colours, left over from when I used to make antique style teddy bears :) it looks to me a lot like the 'plush' you see on originals.


Jul. 19th, 2014 10:09 pm
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I tried the 1820s dress on to mark the length of the belt and check it fits now it's finished

I can't tell you how pleased I am with it :)


I also tried on my jumper/habit skirt bodice to Mark the back and check the shape of the front

I think even if I don't get the braided Spencer finished this may be coming to costume college with me ;)


Jul. 19th, 2014 04:09 pm
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The rouleaux are all sewn on! Now I just have to sew the piped lozenges over the joins and I'll be very happy to wear it as is :)

I mocked up the bodice for my riding habit skirt over my lunch break. I decided to make it into something more fancy than just glorified suspenders (like the Patterns of Fashion one) so that I can wear it as a jumper dress! Two outfits for the price of one! And of course I'll have a braided wool spencer as well :) I'll link to my inspiration when I'm on an actual computer!

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Slight change of plan - I'm in the shop tomorrow needing hand sewing so it's time for rouleaux :)

I'm going to do the rouleaux for tomorrow but not worry about the fan thingies till later, I think it'll still look nice without them?

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I have to finish the end of the belt but can't do that till I try it on again, but otherwise it's wearable :) I even did the hooks and eyes! I'm going to put it on hold for now though and get on with my gala dress. No idea where to even start! Aaaaaaaaaargh!!!!!!!!!

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I finally gave in and started the skirt. Luckily I didn't have to think too hard how to make the base - copy my chess piece dress :) although I did forget to flip the seam to the outside for the hem and had to redo the bottom few inches.


The hem padding is all pinned and ready to sew, so I thought I'd have a play with my rouleaux. I'm amazed, but it only took me two tries to make a nice looking rouleau, and I worked out an easy way to turn and stuff it at the same time :)


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Here are some photos from a fitting we did last night after we got home from our valentine's weekend in Bath ;)


Regency breeches are so funny!

Emmy likes to help with fittings :D

Think they need pulling up a bit, and, ahem, he needs to arrange himself to one side not right in the middle!


Lovely curtain fabric mockup!

I'm very happy with the collar, just hope it works in the real fabric...

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Guess what I'm up to now?!

The boy had so much fun at Twelfth Night he's started dancing with us on Sundays and is coming to the next Regency ball! Of course it's in two weeks and I'm having to start from scratch with his kit, but Yay!!!
He's even happy to wear satin breeches!!! He said "which is more correct?" when I asked him what fabric he was comfortable with! Just have hand sewing left to do on the breeches then hopefully I can do the waistcoat on Saturday. Going to a reenactors market on Sunday where hopefully I will find some wool for his coat - I have Brown but really want Blue or green. I think I can finish it all in time, I may have to give up on a new dress for me though :(

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Doing a pub quiz, and one of the bonus questions was "what year was the first British manned balloon flight?" Thanks to Lunardi hats we won the T shirt :D


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I finally have a camera charger so hopefully I'll be able to get some better photos! I had to use my phone again today though, but seeing as the lighting was good they're not too bad :)

So here we go ... )

Tomorrow we are out for lunch with friends then to the library for a reading of Pride and Prejudice :)

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I also have some photos of last Sunday's 18thC  reenactment to share, I can't find the charger for my camera so had to use my phone, which has the one bonus of easy photo uploading ;)
(I really need to work out how to do a cut on my phone app! )


Walking towards the government camp:

The view from our home from home - the officer's tent:

Mummy sorting out her lunch:

Me ditto ;)

Out for a stroll:

After stand down the boys got up a bit of a cricket match, our regiment, Pulteney's XIII and the visitors (who's name I can't remember! )

Needless to say, our boys won ;)

I'm going to be doing a lower class impression next year, which should be fun :)

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I'm celebrating Happy America Day with copy cat cheesecake factory bread ;)

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I'm being good and not opening it, but I really want to! Thank you[ profile] girliegirl32786

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Sitting backstage during the yr11 play :)
This performance is very tedious. I'm usually kept super busy helping with quick changes and props, but three of these plays are so simple, the kids go on at the start then come off at the end! only one has any changes, and they manage them all on their own. Oh well, it could be worse :)
On the sewing front, I've been really struggling with my birthday dress. I'm having a vintage cocktail party, and I'm making my dress from a pale turquoise sari. I was planning to make a full skirted, staples dress, with a boned bodice with draped cups, but I'm really struggling to get the boned foundation to work. So, I think I might go for something much simpler, and use a patern for a summer dress I know fits! It'll still look good I think, and I should be able to get it finished by the time I come to work tomorrow, which is a huge plus!

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Mummy couldn't resist these in the supermarket, so now they're helping me sew :)

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Just thought I'd share what's been keeping me so busy lately :)
I'm costuming 4 plays at the moment, 2 are super easy and need nothing new, the other 2 are more complicated!
First, The King's New Clothes, for which I have to make 2 tall coats, one on bright pink, the other lime green! The first one is finished except for hand work:


The other play, A Sequence of Events, is a melodrama. The prostitute needed a new corset, but luckily I realised I don't need to make one, I can just use my old one! It's white, and I wanted her to wear a red one, but it does have red stitching :)
The mother also needed a new dress, 2 hideous '80s ballgowns later, and I had this:


First time using the Lj app, hope it works :)



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