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I've not got as much done on my demo outfit as I'd like, I'm stupidly busy at work at the moment, and I've been so exhausted all week. Then yesterday we were helping Gemma at a village event she organises, and today we went to a re-enacting market and then dancing, so I'm even more tired and have had hardly any time to sew!
Anyway, in lieu of progress pictures, I bring you Bath pictures instead, not me nekid having a wash, but Jane Austen Festival goodies! )
I have made the skirt for my demo outfit, and I did manage to cut out a toile for my bodice last night in between getting home from Gemma's and going to bed, so once I've fit that tomorrow morning, hopefully I should get quite a bit done - I get the day off, hooray!
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Using my Bath icon, naturally :)

So, we went during the festival, but didn't actually do any festival things! We thought we might go to something, but it ended up with us just taking the opportunity to not look QUITE so out of place ;)

We spent the weekend meeting up with friends, eating and shopping, and it was lovely! It did feel a little bit odd not having a ball to go to during the weekend, but it was good fun all the same! I even managed to take quite a few photos, some of the best are under this here cutty thing... )
So, I think that's all the photos I need to post, I do have a few others, from trips we've done in kit etc, so I might get them up sometime soon, but at least now I don't feel so bad about my lack of posting!!
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Last night's ball was so much fun, but boy am I tired today!!! I don't think I've been this stiff and sore after a ball in ages! But any way, there are some photos under here )
It's half term this week, so I should be able to get lots of sewing done, but tomorrow I'm going shopping with Gemma and we're going to the cinema to see Valentine's day as well, then home for supper and Gleeeeee!!!
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Well, I did put some ribbons on a pair of little white ballet pumps so I can wear them to dancing tonightm I put green ribbons on to tie at the ankle and will make rosettes for the toes, with something sparkly in the centres. I did green so they match my new regency ballgown, the next ball is regency so I want to practice in these shoes so I'm used to them!
But no stays progress today :( I have spent ages trying to work out what to use for my hoops though. because I'm not making pocket hoops, or a covered pannier, the spring steel crin steel I ise will be no good, it's too springy and I don't want to have to do tapes tying it into an oval because you'll see them and they annoy me! I wanted cane, but can't work out what I need, or where to find it. When hunting though I found out that buckram covered hoop steel is bendy (ie, "be careful, don't bend it, it won't spring back") so it sounds like if you WANT to bend it you can. Not having ever used the stuff, am I on the right track?
Off to dancing now, I'm teaching new regency dances for the ball, well trying anyway, we all learn together pretty much!!
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We did several demos last weekend and made videos, they're quite long, but here they are if you want to see :)

I also did some silly filming at the Playford Ball we went to, we had fun :D
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Mummy and I and several of the members of our dance group went to a Playford Ball held just down the road from our house. It was a wonderful night, the dancing was great, and they mixed a lot, we had an odd number in our party, so it was lovely that they kept coming up to us and asking if we wanted to dance! Unfortunately the battery for my camera died after only a few pics, but we did manage to get some of my new dress, so here they are... )
So now I have to get cracking on my new corset, I need it for Saturday and have a very light week at work, so shouldn't be a problem! I have all the bits and bobs I need I think.
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So since yeteday was Saturday, I was baking!! I decided I needed to try and find a moister chocolate cake recipe, so I used Ina Garten's chocolate cake (from the Barefoot Contessa) And because I don't like to do just one type of cake I made some snickerdoodle cupcakes from but first I spent all of Friday trying to decide what frostings to make! In the end I went for caramel frosting for the snickerdoodles and whipped mint chocolate ganache for the chocolate, with mint butter-cream filling. Anyway, now I've made you hungry by talking about cupcakes, I better go the whole hog and make you feel even worse by showing you the cupcakes!!! They're under here )
I love Saturday baking :D
I did get some photos of my new dress at the ball last night, just waiting for my other computer to start playing nicely so I can upload them!
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The sari dress is all finished!! I spent about 3 hours just doing the sleeves!!! but I love them, I'm so pleased I did spend all that time. If I manage to get to CosCol this year I'll be bringing this baby with me, that's for sure :)
I also took a couple of tucks in my corset, it fits much better now, but since I took it out of the side under the arm the shoulder straps kept trying to slip off, so I took a dart in them to hopefully bring them in tighter over my shoulders. I've always had really sloping shoulders, straps never stay up!!
Any way, the ball is Saturday, and I'll TRY to get someone to take some GOOD pics of me that I can post!! I just hope I can dance, I've done something to the big toe on my right foot, don't know what, but it's been sore for a few days now, steadily getting worse, and now it's swollen :(
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Having finished my red challis ahead of schedule I'm now thinking what to make next. I need my corset for the 5th, but no other deadlines before March. We have a Playfor ball on Saturday, we usually wear Regency for Playford, and I DO NOT want to wear my pink again! I'm fed up with it, it's the only ballgown I have and it feels like I've worn it so many times! I've been wanting a new one for ages, but I couldn't make one in time for Bath in September because I had so much sewing for Mummy and Clare to do, but I bought the fabric, it's a sari, quite see through, pale minty green with sparkly beads and embroidery. So I'm going to try to make it up this week. I don't think it'll take me too long, I have all the patterns, and it won't need embellishing or hemming. This week is quite busy work wise though, I was at work today, 12 till 7, and Tuesday I'll be in from lunch time till 9 or so, then Thursday from 8 till 10:30 and Friday till 10:30 too, but Thursday and Friday I will have lots of time to kill, so I can do hand sewing then, and hopefully get the cutting and machining done on Monday and Wednesday. I need to do something with my corset though, it's way too big since my gallstone enforced diet :) I'm wondering about taking a tuck in it? I'll have to try it tomorrow.


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