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I am alive, I'm just now recovering from a crazy crazy week! Both weekends were full, and the week in between was filled with work - going to school from 9 till just before 12, then rushing to the pub from 12 till after 2, then home about 3 in time to cuddle the puppy and nap before going to the pub again from before 6 to after 9, then falling into bed to repeat again the next day!
I never really felt like posting to LJ, all I had to post was 'worked, napped, worked, slept' not very cheerful :( And when I did have time off I couldn't work on my own sewing because I'm finally able to finish dressing the doll I've been comissioned to get restored and dress, I have NOT enjoyed it, but at least it's practically over now!
So last night I got the doll's dress to the stage where it only needs hand sewing so I moved on to my ball gown for the chocolate ball in 2 weeks. The bodice is together, complete with the alterations needed to make my old pattern fit my new post gallstone body! I'm all set to work on it tonight when I get home :)
Anyway, I have some photos from the ball, aaaages ago it seems! They're under here... )
I also have photos from the bazaar the next day, but they will have to wait, my lunch break is almost over!
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This morning I woke up bright and early and lay in bed enjoying the lie in and the lovely sunshine! Then I spent about an hour waiting for you-tube videos to load to see how to do my hair! I set it in pincurls (dry hair misted with water in a spray bottle) and went off to the pub (looking like a lunatic!) we were very busy, and when I finally got home we had visitors, so my nap was only 15 minutes long!
We got ready with very few glitches, and my hair was great, the curls took so well, better than I've ever managed to do before, and the style turned out wonderfully, thanks to Jenny-Rose's videos! The ball was lots of fun, as usual1 But I had trouble with my shoes again, so switched to jazz boots at the interval. I'm going to wear them tomorrow though, because I want to know how I will cope at UTR.
Anyway, now it's well past my bedtime, and the bazaar is tomorrow, so I better get some sleep!
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Although, after the photo shoot I ripped out the sleeve heads to try and get a bit more ease over the front of my shoulder, they're stitched back in though, so, it's finished!!!!The proof is under here! ) When I got in from the pub, after my lunch, it was such a nice afternoon I mowed the lawn and played with the puppy. So, because of that and the slight sleeve mis-hap, I haven't got onto my ballgown, and I have to go to the pub tomorrow again, and I'm usually totally useless when it comes sewing at the weekends, so I don't think there will be much progress to report in the next few days! Oh, and I want to bake tomorrow too ;)
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Poof, working at the pub is so exhausting! I don't know why, since I don't do much, well, except today of course, when I had 7 people order at once! After work I went to a friends to do some pottery ( I was useless!!) and didn't get home till about 7, when it was time to make supper, and I had a load of laundry to do, so no sewing this evening.
But I've been planning my ball gown ( in my head!) and there are some photos under here )
I got my hem done at the pub today, so tomorrow it's cuffs and I'll be done. Then I really need to get my brain round the ball gown, although I suppose I could be doing the skirt while I procrastinate!
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Every time I think I'll be finished soon something happens! This morning I didn't get time to mark the hem because I got a lift into Loughborough to go to the post office, so left the house at 10 instead of 11, when I got home from the pub I was so tired I had a nap, then a couple of hours sewing before supper, then an hour more and our friends from dancing came round! So I have managed to get the shoulder straps done, and the hem marked and I found some lace fro the cuffs. Who knows, maybe I'll get the cuffs hemmed and the lace sew in, and get the hem done tomorrow, but I'm not counting on it!
Anyway, I've decided to start on my 1860s ball gown tomorrow, and only work on the Gaulle while I'm at the pub. I got out all the fabric and trim and took pictures, but they're uploading so I think I'll post them, and my plans, tomorrow. I must get to bed! I was hoping to go earlier today, oh well...
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Well, I've been a busy little bee today, I was at the pub this evening as well as at lunch time, but my sleeves are in, one shoulder strap is pinned on and the other halfway there. Tomorrow before I go to the pub I will mark the hem, I have to go to the post office, but hopefully it will be as quiet as usual so I can get lots done, and I don't have to work in the evening.
Very sleepy now though, so it's off to bed for me!
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But I'm not loving being a girl right now :(
Anyway, the dress is progressing nicely :) The skirt is on and the sleeves cut out and ready to sew tomorrow, then setting the sleeves, shoulder straps and hemming and it's done. I am over the moon with how well it's turning out!
I also made a little bum roll today, from a remnant of green and gold shot something or other, it's teeny but it does the trick! (Watching The Duchess today I decided I needed a bit of shape on the hips as well.)
While I was patterning the sleeves (the same ones I just used for my Indian print, but I wanted the more streamlined at the sleeve head) I got Clare to take some photos for me, they're under here )
I'm in the pub again tomorrow, but I'll have my sleeves to sew, and if I get organised in the morning, I'll mark the hem so I can do that too if I don't have to cook any lunches.

My Gaulle

Apr. 11th, 2010 09:45 pm
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So I took some photos today to show how I'm putting my Gaulle together, I'm not sure if they'll help any one, but here they are anyway! )
I'm really loving this dress! I cannot WAIT to wear it :D
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I've not been feeling too good this afternoon/evening :( After work at the pub I went into town on the bus to get thread (It took nearly 3 hours just to get 4 spools of silk thread! No one sells it in Loughborough, 10 minutes away, so I have to go to Leicester, 45 minutes away!) Once I got home I was soo tired I went upstairs for a nap! I did get lots of sewing done at the pub though, and on the bus, so now the front lining pieces are4 all finished and the back of the bodice is all together, and then after supper while we re-watched a couple of episodes of Glee I sewed the panels together for the back skirt.
We have some friends coming for tea tomorrow before dancing, so today I baked a cake that I will frost tomorrow - it's a toffee-fudge cake, I'm still trying to decide what kind of frosting to do ... I'm not sure what else we will do, usually we go crazy over tea, but I'm a bit tea partied out at the moment!we have had so many tea parties lately!! It may just be a cup of tea and a piece of cake this time! There are only 3 of them, not like usual when we have over a dozen, so I guess we don't need as much :)
I just hope a good night's sleep will sort me out, I'm getting to bed early anyway!
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Even though I did do a little 'work' at the pub today, I had time to get all my sewing done (except for the hooks and eyes, I've decided not to bother, and will pin it shut instead I think) so as soon as I got home I got to work on the Gaule :D
Well, I say 'got to work', what actually happened was a couple of hours spent trying to decide how to make this wretched thing!! I got there in the end though, and I think I'm going to try to write up what I do, in case any one else wants to skip some of the head scratching :p Other peoples diaries were almost all I had to go on!
I decided to do the back as normal, with the skirt pleated to a round waist. The front will have a fitted lining that will pin shut, and a full length panel of the silk, with a drawstring in the neck and (probably) one in the waist too. I added in an extra seam to the front, about where the side seam is on modern clothes, so that I don't have a huge flat area at the side in the skirt.
I've used the blue sash I just made for the print outfit as a temporary tie, I was planning to make a black sash for the Gaule, but I think the blue looks good! I really like the colours together, the black would be very elegant I think, but I think the blue is ... pretty :D
Now it's time for bed! Hopefully I'll get lots done tomorrow, but I need to get some more thread at some point!
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I've nearly finished the Indian print, I would have been more nearly finished but I'm helping my best friend out, her chef has left her in the lurch, so I'm covering making sandwiches in her pub for today and the next few days, either till she gets a new chef, or till I have to go back to work.
I have managed to make the peplum though, it's all pined on, and I had a fitting so it's ready to be sewn tomorrow. The centre fronts are right so I can do the hooks and eyes, and I made the sash, except I made it from 3 panels of silk, when I think I only needed 2, so I have to undo a seam and finish the ends - all those extra feet of hand sewn hem down the drain :'(
I was hoping to be able to post some photos for you, but it's being so slow, and it's way past my bed time, so I'm afraid you'll have to wait till tomorrow now :(
Even though I'm only helping Gemma at lunch time I have to go into school in the morning to borrow soe bits and bobs for my Mother, and she will drop me at Gemma's after, so it's lucky I have lots of sewing to do! Hopefully once I get back at about 3 I will be able to start my Gaule.


Apr. 7th, 2010 11:14 pm
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I'm so so tired!! I feel like I've walked miles and miles today :) I got most of the things I went in for, all the things I actually needed I found, but I didn't find any of the things I was looking for 'just in case' - no taffeta for sashes, no wool for pelises, no handkerchief linen ... maybe I was being picky, who knows.
I got all my sewing done, so now it's just the peplum and hooks and eyes, a sash, and I might add some lace to the cuffs. Hopefully all done tomorrow, so I can get onto the Gaule.


Apr. 6th, 2010 10:15 pm
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Well, I'm off to London tomorrow, I have my wheely shopping bag and my list (which is about as long as your arm!!) and I must remember my tube map and my street map when I go upstairs! I think the address for Barnet and Lawson is on there, so I'm ready to go!
I've got my jacket all packed ready to sew on the train - the sleeves are pinned in ready to sew, and I have the printed cotton shoulder straps ready to sew in over the sleeve seam allowance. I can also edge stitch the neckline ( the centre front is waiting for one more fitting to double check before I finish it and add hooks and eyes) but the peplum thingy isn't ready to do yet. Hopefully by the end of tomorrow the jacket will be done except the centre front and the peplum, and I think they should be relatively quick, maybe one day?
Then it's on to the next project, which I think will be the Gaule, not the 1860s ball gown, because I need the Gaule 1 week after term starts, and the ball isn't till May 15th. Once the Gaule is done I will work on the ball gown, then it will be sewing for UTR!! I must get to work on caps and fichus, as well as the pretty dresses and hats :D Eek, its fixing up for a busy few months round here!
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But then I didn't expect to get any sewing done, we had a lovely tea party though, and dancing was great fun as always!
Tomorrow I need to go into town to get a Birthday present for a friend from dancing (sweet 16, so something pretty is definitely needed!) and in the evening I'm supposed to bee going out with my old school friends again, and I think we're having a sleep over too (so grown up!) So I really really need to extract the digit and get my mockup done so I can cut out so I can SEW! Ah, I just thought, I can take the jacket with me to sew on the train!!! Ah-ha, 3 or 4 hours extra sewing time if I need it!!
I'm so cross that I didn't fit a centre front fastening bodice when I did my mockups in December, I did one for the saque back, and one for the fitted and en-foureau backs, but they all had stomacher fronts :( But I guess I can mockup the Gaule as well tomorrow, so I can get straight onto it as soon as the jacket is done. So many dresses to make, so little time!!! ( I've been toying with the idea of looking for a creamy cotton voile for a chemise dress too ... but don't tell anyone!)
I've also decided what I want to do for my Birthday - dress in 18th Century and go to Derbyshire, either to the Carriage museum to have a picnic and a ride in a carriage, or to Chatsworth or Keddleston to have a picnic and take photos in the grounds. If there aren't any events we can go to, we'll just have to make up our own!!
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I didn't gets loads dine today because I went bowling with friends this evening, I've known them since we were in school, so it's always fun when we get together, we regress dreadfully!
I did sew before I went out though, I finished the seams of the Indian print skirt, hemmed the pocket slits and stitched the hem and started pleating on the frill, hopefully I'l get it done tomorrow, and I may even get onto mocking up the jacket.
I think the Gaule is a definite now! I've got the fabric out ready and am trying so hard to resist starting on it!! If anyone doesn't know which dress I'm in love with there are many great screen caps here:
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No rest for the wicked, so today I made 2 new 18th C petticoats to wear over my bum roll for UTR. A purple and white striped cotton one, which wound up being somewhat on the short side! And a white linen one, made from some linen I bought hoping I could make kerchiefs or a shift but turned out to be very course, it's still sheer, but not at all fine, still, works as a petticoat except under white muslin when the purple shows through!
Then I ripped panels for my Indian print outfit. Like many on my Flist I fell in love with the white floral cotton dress from The Duchess seen here: based on the dress from Williamsburg. My fabric is green and blue, and a much more condensed print, but I'm using the same style ideas.
Since I only have 5 yards to play with I'm not making a frill mounted on the skirt with the skirt hem showing, (I don't like it very much any way) my frill will be the hem of the skirt, and I think it may end up a little bit on the skimpy side, but never mind ;)
Only trouble is, while looking for references on the Duchess costume I kept being tempted by the green Gaule she wears! I was thinking, "I'd love a dress like that, shame I can't afford any fabric" but then I thought of the brown spotted silk I bought in LA that I used to line my brown velvet spencer, it would be lovely as a Gaule I think. Only thing is, when would I wear it?! Everyone says don't wear silk at UTR, except in the evening when I want to wear my sunflower, so when? I am going to a Playford Ball in a few weeks, but would long sleeves be suitable I wonder? Or there is another Playford Ball in October, long sleeves in winter is logical, hmmm... I want it NOW!!!
And the huge question of the night is, how do I do my HAIR!! It's nearly waist length again, so a hedgehog is presumably out!! Maybe I'll do something like Jenny-Rose's lovely do for her tea party - an early turban with tall ostrich feathers? And I can make a black taffeta sash from the stash, with maybe a paste buckle? Oh dear, looks like I'm adding another one to the list!


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