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If you remember, I left off last time having recounted our Sunday activities, so

We woke up bright and early to get dressed for our first engagement at 10 am - a dip in the Cross Bath. We were meeting up with several friends at the baths and then had invited them back to our apartments afterwards for a breakfast. We donned our bathing dresses and added hats and coats for the walk around the corner to the baths. ( the Cross Bath is an original Georgian bath that is attached to the new Thermae Bath Spa complex, we were so lucky to be able to organise such a fantastic opportunity to bathe in the hot spa waters, in a historically accurate fashion in a lovely historic setting! It was a highlight of the whole week!)

The assembled company.

The first intrepid fellow to sample the waters (they were actually heavenly! so warm and relaxing!)

A selection of aquatic gentlemen.

Calum and me, modelling our delightful bathing dresses, about to take the plunge :)

More lovely bathing dresses ;)

It must have been a shocking place for flirts!!

It may look like a glass of champagne, but I assure you it was plastic, and apple juice ;)

I was hoping to post the rest of Monday's shenanigans for you, but my lunch break was just not long enough! more later hopefully!
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