Aug. 28th, 2013 02:11 pm
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Wow this summer has been busy! 2 weeks ago was the start of 5 weekends of reenacting! First was the Jacobite rebellion with our reenactment group, where mummy and I spent a lovely 2 days playing with soldiers :)

camping is cold!

Then this last weekend a couple of our dancing friends joined us as Suffragettes at a National Trust property.

So this coming weekend we're reenacting with Lace Wars again (Jacobite rebellion) then next weekend is Clare's birthday so we are celebrating with a 1920s speakeasy :) the weekend after we're off to the Jane Austen Festival for a week! I think things might finally settle down then!
Oh, and to add to the crazy, I started seeing someone a month ago and things have gotten pretty busy ;)

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Well, I did manage to get some sewing done today, around visiting with my Aunt and dance practice. The petticoat is nearly all sewn the the waist tapes now, just half of the back left to do, which hopefully I'll get to tomorrow during my breaks ( I decided it's not too big to get to school at the moment, it folds up quite nicely, but once I start getting trim on there I'll be leaving it behind)
Oh, and as promised here is a photo from yesterday's madness ;)
Why does it have to be the end of the weekend all ready :'(
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So, I have some photos from the wassailing yesterday :) It was great fun, but very VERY muddy! Photos of silly dress-up are under here! )
Giving the trees cake and cider or perry while singing (or trying to sing!!) wassailing songs and toasting the the trees to ask them to bear well next year :D
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Such a bad girl! But to be fair, after work, (where I managed to sort out my queen costume almost completely, just need to sort out one hem) I went to my dancing friends' house to start work on an exhibition dance that we're going to learn - just the 3 of us so we're not doing it at normal dance practices on Sundays. Then when I got back, at about 7, I made some supper and watched a program I'd recorded last night. That brings us to about half an hour ago! So now I'm so sleepy I think if I start to sew I'll probably do it backwards or sew my fingers too and not even notice!
This week has been rather hellish, work has been stressful with my boss worrying about the inspection, and the snow has made getting to work such a pain in the but! To top it all off I'm finding it SO hard to get to sleep. I turn my light off after reading my book and suddenly all these ideas for costumes start shooting round and round my head! And even once I get to sleep there's no rest, I keep waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to get back to sleep :(
So I think I'm going to try to get an early night tonight, and work really hard tomorrow, I've decided to finish the other bodice front and if my boning still hasn't arrived I'm going to make my cloak, I found some lovely cardinal red wool a couple of weeks ago :) I only have the day though, I'm going to be learning some bollywood dancing in the evening :D
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I was at work again today, and managed to while away the hours day dreaming about the outfit I'll wear when we wassail some orchards on Sunday - I'm the queen who gives the apple trees their cake! I'm aiming for generic medieval queen, think Errol Flynn movies :) So working on that might take a bit of sewing time this week, but since I'm making it for school too I can get lots done at work tomorrow.
Tonight I did manage to get a little tiny bit more done on the sunflower dress, but such a tiny bit it's not really worth mentioning :( However, when I was looking for fabrics at school I found a scrap of upholstery material that will be perfect for a waistcoat for Clare for the ball, it will go with her current coat, so that means I don't have to make another one, which was worrying me because of the time constraints. Also, before I cut into the fabric for her new coat( a very small amount of red silk brocade given to us by a friend) I want to get a good pattern because I don't want to mess it up and ruin the GORGEOUS fabric! So my list is smaller by one very time consuming (and worrying!) item!
While I was looking through my fabric I came across the last of the pale blue pretend silk I used for my first 1860s ballgown and decided to just use that, and the sewing machine, to make the panniers. They'll look just as cute, and do the job just as well, but take a quarter of the time (and make my Mother stop fretting that I'm using silk to make UNDERWEAR!!) Serendipitously the blue silk taffeta that I was thinking of using is the perfect shade to go with Clare's coat and the waistcoat fabric I found! I bought 5yds of it, and decided not to use it for the purpose for which it was bought, and there's not enough for some projects and too much for others, so it's perfect to use some of it for her breeches!!
The rest of the blue silk has been featuring in my day dreams as the pettticoat for a blue and gold striped pollonaise trimmed with blue and gold fluffy wool used like fly fringe! And the petticoat could do double duty when I want to change out the look of my cotton print jacket (which has green linen at the moment). I think I may have a problem developing! All these ideas for fabulous 18th century outfits! When on earth am I going to wear them all!!! I may have to be a very wealthy looking English girl visiting Williamsburg at this rate!!!


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