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Oh boy! the last couple of weeks have been crazy! It was my 30th birthday last Friday, and I celebrated with a cocktail party at home, which required not only a new cocktail dress, but also much food and a clean and tidy house!
I still have a small mountain of party related washing up to do, because this week has been pretty busy at work making up for the week before when I stayed home and tidied ;)
I know I still have the Bath reenactment photos to share, but first I thought I'd show you what we were up to two weekends ago :) Mummy and I found out about a Napoleonic reenactment taking place half an hour away from home, so decided to gatecrash! some of our dancing friends joined us, and we had a wonderful time, despite the crazy weather, it was so hot and sunny you wouldn't believe it was England! photos under here! )

I'm now all fired up for Regency again, which is excellent because Mummy and I have booked an apartment in Bath for the whole week of the Jane Austen festival this time :) I'm starting out with proper undies for mummy, she may not like it, but she's getting stays ...
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The Jane Austen festival was so much fun this year! Mummy and I stayed in the centre of town this time, instead of staying with our friend who lives in the suburb of Odd Down. We love staying with Ginny, but it was so nice to be 1 minute's walk from the Abbey Church Yard and able to say to new acquaintances 'come for tea this afternoon, and we'll have a nice noisy game of cards afterwards' which we did nearly everyday! Even better, we were only a few minutes walk from the lovely cocktail bar Ginny introduced us to last year :)
Mummy and I both had complete, brand new outfits for the promenade, then the rest of the week was a mixture of old and new, dresses and spencers, hats and caps, it's wonderful to have such nice big wardrobes of clothes to chose from each morning, I took everything we have, and some things came home unworn but it was so nice having them there if we wanted them, and I never wore the same thing twice, except my stays and petticoat ;) Then Aunty Jac joined us for the rest of our stay. I managed to get one of Clare's dresses to (sort of) fit her, and she wore mummy's spencers and wide brimmed hats to cover her modern hair, so, not too bad for a last minute addition!
Now, without further ado, pop on under the cut for lots of photos! )

Since coming home from Bath, I've been rather poorly, first with strained intercostal muscles from all the coughing, then with a dreadful head cold. I'm now over the cold, and most of the cough, but the strained muscles are as bad as ever, and now my back, which has been compensating for my chest muscles, is bad too, so I've been pretty slow this last week or so. I have finally managed to unpack from Bath and put everything away, including all the things from our reenacting escapades, and I've been indulging myself with a spot of modern sewing - some everyday tops and a skirt. I do need to get back to 'proper' sewing though! I need a ball gown for a Victorian Ballmoral ball next month, and then there's a Regency Christmas ball I want to make us new dresses for, and our winter dance demo this year is a Scottish Victorian theme, so I have a kilt I need to alter for Mummy, and I need something warm and tartany to wear too. Also, we've been invited to a 12th Night party by some new friends, so I kind of want a new Elizabethan dress ;) I really need to pull my finger out if I'm going to get all that done, and make a start on my WIlliamsburg wardrobe!!
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Having seen [ profile] reine_de_coudre 's latest post on her finished short stays, I remembered the pair I cut out ages ago and never got around to starting. Seeing as I'm all ready for the ball on Saturday I figured it was probably as good a time as any to start them! Originally I planned to hand sew them, but my shifts are all machine sewn, as is my petticoat, so I figured, what's the point? (Handsewing them was really going to be something to occupy me while on holiday anyway) Also, I've realised February is a very short month, so I need to get a move on with the things for the MA tea party on the 6th of March!

So I came home from work this afternoon, and got the pieces out at about 4. After pinning the gussets in and pinning the seams together I tried them on, altered them, tried them again etc. till they fit perfectly. I then stitched them together on the machine, and bound the edges (also on the machine, with only one pass because I'm lazy!) with cotton tape. I'd done 6 of the 10 eyelets (also by machine, I love my Husky eyelet plates!) by 7:10 when Gemma came round for supper! Another 10 minutes of eyelet sewing after supper and before Glee started and the stays were done!

I'm supper impressed with myself, and boy do they make the girls look good! It's really hard for me to get a cleavage because I have a pigeon chest (I come to a 'point' in front, my breast bone sticks forward instead of being flat, so my breasts sit in little 'hollows' either side of the bony bit) Although, I do need a longer lace, I had to pull a bit too much to get it to tie, so it's a bit too tight even for me!


I really need to tidy up!


Sep. 21st, 2010 01:54 pm
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I still have a couple of days of Flist to catch up on, but I just have to post right now to say how happy I am with my fabric! You guys are so sweet, and you picked the PERFECT fabrics for me :)
For those of you who have no idea what I'm on about, in June after UTR, while [ profile] koshka_the_cat and I were staying with [ profile] jennylafleur, I ran out of holiday before I ran out of spending money, so I asked them to get me something gorgeous while they were in the Garment District in LA after CosCol. Well, my wonderful friend brought the package this morning, and the fabric is FAB! I asked them to look for some pink and faun plaid silk taffeta, and they found it! And some gorgeous pale pink and faun taffeta as well. So now my dress for the Bath Minuet Company ball in March is sorted ;) YAY :o) as I posted on face book, I feel so loved <3

In other news, the trip to Kent was lovely, we did quite a bit of siteseeing, but mostly we ate, played games and read and watched films. I also worked on some sewing. Mummy's ballgown is finished, and Clare did the handsewing on her spencer, (it's wearable but still needs braid and buttons) I didn't get anything done on my short stays though, because I've decided a pretty new spencer is more useful than a comfortable undergarment ;)
I was hoping to post daily photo updates of the spencer, but have yet to find an android ap for LJ that lets you posts photos :(


Sep. 4th, 2010 10:14 pm
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The toe that I hurt 3 years ago in my moped accident has decided to hurt again :( I've been in lots of pain on and off all day, but it's not been too bad while sitting, so I've got lots of sewing done. Mummy's new ball gown is nearly done:
Since taking this pic, the skirt os now pleated and pinned, ready to sew on tomorrow. I need to make 2 little bands to join the bottoms of the slits in the over sleeves, and once I've got them, I'll have buttons to sew on and button holes to do, as well as the sleeve hems, but the hand sewing will wait till we're in Kent, after all, hand sewing is perfect for a proper holiday! (can you tell, I didn't think the Victorian festival was a proper holiday, too much like work!)
So, tomorrow, I'll get the skirt on, then I think I'll do either my pink and gold over gown or start on Clare's red and white ballgown. Still have a long list of things that would be nice for Bath! I also remembered this morning I decided I want a pair of short stays, so I'll have to see if I still have my long stays pattern ....


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