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While I wait for the energy to post costume college pictures I thought I should at least post something, so

Me and my soldier ;)

In the officer's tent after hours, drinking and gambling the night away!

Saturday was mostly spent doing this:

I was working on a new bedgown for the next day.

And here it is!

Sunday was mostly spent doing this:

And ended up with this:

Or at least, I ended up with rather more than that, but the hungry hoards would never have let me stop them to take a picture!
The frying pan has some 'chutney' in it, made with blackberries gleaned from the hedgerows, half an apple, some jam and the pickling juice from the previous day's pickled onions, all cooked down in our breakfast bacon-grease :) The plate behind has some apple fritters that I made from the day before's bread, that I dried over the fire and rubbed into breadcrumbs, mixed with some chopped apples, sugar liberated from the Jacobites' camp, eggs and milk.
I was very very pleased with myself! My first bit of proper reenacting (I don't count our other events because my 'reenacting' consists of sewing!)

I don't know when I'll get to my costume college recap, hopefully soon, but I'm in frantic Jane Austen Festival mode and must Sew All The Things!!! A man cannot live in Regency clothing for a week with only one set of clothes!!!
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