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Wow, has it really been two months?! what is wrong with me! I'm so sorry you guys! I would like to say I'll be better, but all I can really say is I'll try :(
Anyway, here are some photos of Calum's new 18th Century ball attire, with the huge labour of love that is his gold-work embroidered waistcoat :) I can't tell you how pleased I am with how it turned out, and so

I wore an old dress from 3 years ago I think, there was no way I was going to have time to make anything for me! and it's lovely and should get more outings and besides no one recognised it :)

Look! I finished it :)

We went to a fantastic cocktail bar after the ball, and invaded the back room, which just happens to be decorated entirely with nudes, including the ceiling :) perfect for a party of decadent Georgians ;)

I am such a naughty drunk ;)

And it's just possible I may have fallen asleep....

I did wake up again though :) and the bar tender gave us cheap cocktails, not sure I know why ....

The face of a boy who has had a few too many drunken requests for pictures ;) but lookit how handsome he is :D

I took some photos just now, to show the embroidery a bit better, needless to say it fits him a lot better than the mannequin ;)

The fronts are lined in (almost) matching silk taffeta, the back is one layer of linen to try and keep him cool!

The spangles are actually all plastic faceted sequins that have been ironed on a low setting! The larger ones were ironed completely flat before I sewed them on, the small ones got ironed after they were sewn on, when I pressed up the seam allowances on the edges of all the pieces, so some of them are still pretty much in tact while others are smoothed flat. Ironing them not only gets rid of the facets but also makes them a bit mat and if you iron them long enough they get wibbly and not quite round any more, which I think makes them look like proper metal ones at a fraction of the price! (I can't think how much I would have had to spend to buy metal ones for all the edges!!)

The buttons are covered pennies, the cheapest covered buttons you'll ever buy ;) I was intending to add an edging of spangles to them, but totally ran out of time - I sewed the buttonholes in the car on the way to Bath and finished sewing on the last button just before we got dressed!

You'd be surprised how much a boy can fit in his blush-pink-linen-lined pockets ;)

Wow that's a lot of photos :) But I'm proud of it so you'll just have to put up with me! I have some more photos of other recent events I really should post, but I've been hogging rather too much of the bandwidth, so it'll have to be another time, I just hope it won't be another two months...
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