Jan. 5th, 2014

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On Saturday our friends are once again having an Elizabethan Twelfth Night party with their other dance group, to which we've all been invited, including the Boy! So obviously my first thought isn't "how well will he fit Mummy's old stuff" but "how quickly can I make him something new"!!
To that effect I spent Thursday making him a shirt, and patterning a doublet and hose :) we had a fitting and everything was looking good, he loved the (nearly finished) shirt and the fit of the doublet, but the hose were too short in the crotch - turns out that boys need rather more room down there than girls, who knew ;) I spent the weekend at his place, so took the shirt to finish, and tomorrow I have work, but Tuesday I will be going into town to see the braid man in the market (he's only there Tuesdays, so I hope he's not on holiday!!) and finally making a start.
I've got some nice navy wool in the stash for his doublet, to be trimmed with wide silver braid if I can find any, a couple of rows of narrow silver or black if not; some lovely black geometric figured silk for sleeves (Eventually I want to bead the centres of each circle, silver or pearl beads, about 1" apart, but obviously no time now!) and his paned trunk hose will be made from the navy wool trimmed with the braid, with black satin lining. Long black socks ( or maybe tights, if he's feeling brave!) and my black knee high boots, and he'll be all set! I'm so excited!!


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