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But not quite as pink as I'd hoped.


It's poly organza ribbon, so doesn't photograph well at the best of times, I tried photos with and without flash, and the pink is very washed out in both. Also, the hoops are wider in person, I think it's something to do with the angle?

While I'm at it, here are the fabrics and trims for my new sack. I won't be starting it till after my Elizabethan is done, but I just had to get everything out and have a play!
With flash:

Without flash:

I don't have a final trim plan yet, but I do know it will involve strips edged with the lace, laid on in puffs, like the ones on mummy's, but larger and stuffed. I'm not quite sure how I'll use the gold braid yet, and I may scrap it entirely, but we'll see :)

Also, I've realised I've not given any hints about my Elizabethan yet!


The dark brown at the top is my loose gown, the red is silk taffeta for sleeves, (I have stupid plans to do with the brown Russia braid and a chisel, we'll see if they pan out!) and I have a sari (poly I think, but looks like silk) in the exact shade of red that will be a forepart/underskirt. The goldish colour is actually a camel/caramel coloured wool melton that will be a doublet and over-skirt, trimmed with the wide gold braid (I'm not using the narrow gold/brown braid any more). I also need to make a shirt, ruffs, and a farthingale; and then shoes for both of us. Oh, and a hat for Mummy.

By the end of February.

I agree, I am insane.
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I had a dodgy start to the week, caused by grumpiness brought on by making new costumes for Mummy and not me, mixed with the monthlies, not a pleasant combination! I'm over it now though, mostly because I've rummaged through the stash and think I have a plan to make myself a new Elizabethan after all!

Anyway, the finished object in question is mummy's refitted sack! )

I must make myself an Elizabethan shirt, (I wore mummy's before) but I'm planning to machine it, which hopefully shouldn't take too long, and then, once mummy's kit is done, I'm going to see if I can't make a new dress for me :)
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Phew, two posts in quick succession!! Now for the photos from last night's trip to Tolethorp open air theatre! We were incredibly late leaving, so only managed to eat our picnic before the play started, so no photos or dancing :( I did manage to take a few pics, although most of them during the interval when it was getting very dark!

Finding out that the play was last night instead of tonight really threw me, I've been sewing non stop since we got back from the demo, and am so exhausted now it's not true! I did the millinery first, (and sorted out some jewellery) knowing I could wear just my kirtle if necessary, but what ever happened I'd want all the accessories!

Then I moved onto the loose gown. I'm so glad I had time to finish it, as I love it so! Photos and more details are under the cut ... )

All in all it was a wonderful evening, and I'm super pleased with my outfit, but boy am I glad it's finished and I can stop sewing and have a rest!!!
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After my last post I finished the kirtle, including binding the hem with a wide strip of chocolate brown silk velvet (it looks yummy!) and then, since, if the worst comes to the worst, I can wear just the kirtle with maybe a cloak for warmth, I moved onto the plaid bustle dress for the dance demo that's in a couple of weeks.
I'm using the pink ball gown skirt, and making a polonaise from some pale pink taffeta and the scraps of pink and green plaid from my crossbarred francaise. I started with my 1860s bodice, lengthening it and making up the lower half as I went along!


This is just pinned together to check the fit before sewing, hence the wrinkles! The green sheet is a false waistcoat that will be made from the plaid, there will be plaid elbow length sleeves with pink and plaid ruffles at the cuffs, pink and plaid ruffles at the neck, and there are now plaid bias bands edging the peplum and the back edges of the polonaise swoopy bits (that I am just bunching up in my hand for the photo!). If I have enough fabric, there will also be a big plaid bow of long loops and tails in the back coming from under the peplum between the edges of the swoops.

I've so far used practically all the scraps I had left, for the waistcoat fronts and piecing the bias strips, so I'm unpicking my francaise petticoat to cut out the top half of the back panel for fabric for the bias cut sleeves and loopy back bow! I wish I'd pieced in the top of the back of the petticoat when I made it, but at the time, I reasoned I'd probably have more use for plain taffeta than the plaid - I had no idea I was going to end up making a plaid trimmed bustle dress 6 months later!

I really need to get a wriggle on though, if I'm going to finish the dress (and make a hat and new hairpieces!) in order to have time to make a hat, coif, and loose gown for the Elizabethan as well! Although, I suppose there are 2 days after the demo to finish Elizabethan stuff ;)
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Yesterday, while revelling in piles and piles of books, I was reminded about out upcoming trip to Tolethorp to see an open air Shakespeare play in Elizabethan kit... it's the Saturday after the demo!
So, this morning I dug out my kirtle from the naughty corner, where it has been since Easter, and lugged out Patterns of Fashion and the Tudor Tailor, opened up my Elizabethan bookmarks and got stuck in. Luckily, it's time in the naughty corner did it good, and I now have something that looks like a dress!
If you need proof, just look under the cut... )

I'm trying to juggle Elizabethan sewing (not just the kirtle, a hat and caul, and maybe, if I feel up to it, some kind of loose gown ... I have some exciting (I think!) plans, in that line!), bustle planning, and dressmaking, and it's going well so far!

Last night was spent poring over books and coming up with a bustle plan for the demo (including, naturally, a fabulous hat!) and I've got another Sorbetto top all pinned and ready to go tomorrow! I've also taken some photos of the inside of one of my dresses that I'm so proud of! They're under hear. )

Right, now it's time for bed, loooads to do tomorrow!


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