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Boy do I have lots to post! But I'm too busy to edit and upload pics, and it's only going to get worse! I've been sewing like mad, in between coughing fits, Sunday we're doing a demo at a local hippy type dance festival, as long as it doesn't rain that is! Mummy will be wearing the early Victorian I fixed the sleeves on, and I'm wearing 18thC, probably my Indian print jacket with a cream taffeta petti and my new blue clocked stockings from Williamsburg, so hopefully there will be pics from that. And next Saturday we go to Wales for the Victorian festival! EEK!!!
It's this festival that has me sewing like a crazy person, for instance, today I finished Mummy's new 1860s cotton dress, it's dark blue with a yoked bodice and double puff sleeves (all I had left was the centre back cartridge pleats, moving the dog-leg buttons and hemming the cuffs). I also did the fastenings and decoration on a day bodice to go with my gold stripe ball gown skirt, trimmed the same way as the original I'm copying with velvet ribbon and fringe. I cut out, assembled and made the boning channels for Clare's new corset, but it's so tiny I'm worried it might actually be too small, even though she's a midget, so I'm waiting to finish it till she gets back. I also trimmed a straw bonnet form my best friend bought me for my birthday, using the vintage rose ikat print ribbon from the first bonnet I made, which I also re-trimmed a few days ago. And last, put in an extra hook and bar on the plaid skirt for Clare's new Bustle walking suit. Whew, just writing it makes me tired! Now, bear in mind that this is a completely abnormal day, making up for yesterday's almost total slacking, but it does give you an idea of the little sweat shop I've made for myself! A word to the wise, when you know you have a deadline coming up, however many months away it is, don't faff around doing nothing for days on end, it WILL come back to bite you in the arse!!!!
To top off the enjoyment, I've spent the last 24 hours obsessing about '20s dresses, thanks to certain people who will remain nameless ... you know who you are and should feel ashamed!!! I need to finish things for Llandod, not daydream, and WILF for pretty frocks and the House of Eliot DVD!!!!!
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Work was PANTS :( I had nothing to do all day, so just wandered aimlessly till lunch, then wandered some more till home time, read my book, finished my book! So had to print something off to read in the bus on the way home! I got some of the articles on dressmaking and re-enacting from the Elizabeth Stewart Clark website, so now I'm in 1860s mood and have found a whole bunch of lovely cotton prints I want to get!
When I got home I started supper, loaded the dishwasher and finished the washing up, had time to window (website?) shop for fabrics then Gemma came for supper and to watch the third episode of Glee!! When that finished it was nearly bed time, so no time to sew. This is very very bad.
I'm at work tomorrow, I'll TRY to sew when I get home, but not so sure how well that's going to plan out. I have Wednesday off, so hopefully I'll get lots done, but Thursday I'm at work again, till late because we're taking yr8 to see The Tempest, although I'm hoping I'll be able to just go in later in time to go to the theatre so I don't have to be in for sooooo long :( Then I might get some sewing done during the day.
The weekend will be taken up with going to my cousin's birthday party, and Friday I have to spend baking for it, so all together this week is probably going to be pretty pants as far as sewing chances go. Also, my boning isn't here. Still. *grump* I know I have plenty to get on with, but the way I'm feeling right now I don't want to work on anything :'(


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