Jul. 19th, 2014 04:09 pm
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The rouleaux are all sewn on! Now I just have to sew the piped lozenges over the joins and I'll be very happy to wear it as is :)

I mocked up the bodice for my riding habit skirt over my lunch break. I decided to make it into something more fancy than just glorified suspenders (like the Patterns of Fashion one) so that I can wear it as a jumper dress! Two outfits for the price of one! And of course I'll have a braided wool spencer as well :) I'll link to my inspiration when I'm on an actual computer!

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Slight change of plan - I'm in the shop tomorrow needing hand sewing so it's time for rouleaux :)

I'm going to do the rouleaux for tomorrow but not worry about the fan thingies till later, I think it'll still look nice without them?

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My hand hasn't been as bad as I feared! The only trouble is I've not had much time to try it out :( I have nearly finished my gala dress though! This is an old pic of the bodice front:

it's one section of the antique lace, the rest is now an overskirt. The underdress is a goldy browny greeny satin and the overdress is this greeny grey chiffon. It's not elaborate or fancy at all and kind of looks a bit frumpy actually, but wheni showed it to my dancing friends they said "ooh, is that an original?!" so I must have done something right ;) I do think I'm going to be the boring country cousin of our little group though :(
Next on the cutting table is my riding habit. It is going to happen if it kills me!!!!!!!!!


Jul. 14th, 2014 08:26 pm
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So my costume college sewing pans are going to be slightly affected by this:


Two stitches after chopping into the web of skin between my thumb and forefinger :( I should be Ok ina few days and the stitches come out on Monday but I'm not sure how much sewing I'll be doing! my robe de style will happen but my braided Regency riding habit may not :(

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I have to finish the end of the belt but can't do that till I try it on again, but otherwise it's wearable :) I even did the hooks and eyes! I'm going to put it on hold for now though and get on with my gala dress. No idea where to even start! Aaaaaaaaaargh!!!!!!!!!

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I finally gave in and started the skirt. Luckily I didn't have to think too hard how to make the base - copy my chess piece dress :) although I did forget to flip the seam to the outside for the hem and had to redo the bottom few inches.


The hem padding is all pinned and ready to sew, so I thought I'd have a play with my rouleaux. I'm amazed, but it only took me two tries to make a nice looking rouleau, and I worked out an easy way to turn and stuff it at the same time :)


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I have a complete bodice! Now I just need to conquer the skirt!

note to self - don't talk while having your picture taken....


the rather fetching purple zip will be replaced with hooks and eyes ;)

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So, I said my main inspiration was the collar, but you can't just wear a collar and some underwear now can you?! (yes yes, I know just wearing underwear is a common trait with me by the end of the evening, but just humour me ok?!) I knew I wanted a plain bodice to showcase the collar; with long full sleeves like the dresses Cynthia wears in Wives and Daughters. The general idea is something like this dress:

I also knew I wanted a crazy hem, but what kind of crazy?! Pinterest to the rescue!
I'm planning something like this:

With these fan thingies instead of the leaf things:

I'm not sure though if I'll have time for the loopy lines that I like so much in the fashion plate, I have to work out a quick way to make the rouleaux, I have an idea but it may only work in my head! If not, I'll probably do something a bit more like this:

I got a fair bit done over the weekend, the bodice just needs the second sleeve sewing in (all the pleats are pinned in already though, and that's the time consuming bit isn't it?!) and I think I'll do hooks and eyes, and it's done! Which does of course mean I can't put the skirt off any longer ;)

1820s love

Jul. 2nd, 2014 10:43 pm
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It all started with a lace collar I've had for donkeys years and been meaning to make a dress for for almost as long ;) add in [livejournal.com profile] reine_de_coudre planning an1820s outfit for costume college and me needing another outfit that utilises the wonderful no specific time period of costume college and it all feel into place!
So far I have made a chemisette for the collar and assembled the bodice. tomorrow I'll finish piping the neckline and probably work on the sleeves. Then it's on to the skirt! I'll have to post my inspiration pics tomorrow (assuming the Internet is working by then....) but to keep you going here are two in progress photos:

the colour is not photographing correctly - it's a very changeable duck egg, neither blue nor green, a bit grey, and very pretty!
also, spot the inspiration in the background ;)

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life has been so crazy over the last month and a half, I've hardly had time to think, let alone post! School has been, and will be for the next week, it's usual busy self, I've been doinga few extra shifts at the shop and went to France for 3 days last week, but the real killer has been my sister's wedding!
She married her girlfriend of  2 years on Friday the thirteenth of June :D it was only a simple wedding - registry office ceremony and afternoon tea reception in our garden - but it was just perfect for them!
I made Clare's dress, and a lovely floaty silk shirt for Carmelle, wheni get ontoa computer I'll find a photo to show you all. The trouble was, they were both such simple designs that they took forever and were so hard to make! There's no way I'm making my own wedding dress!!!! No way do I want that stress :p
All the crazy has meant that it took me a month and a half to make my first original costume college outfit! I already have 3 made, from previous events, thank goodness! And hopefully once school is over next week I'll be able to be a bit more productive! It's a 1790s drawstring printed muslin, the same pattern as my dress for this year's Bath ball, and is all[livejournal.com profile] girliegirl32786s fault!!!! Anyway


a few phone pics are under the cut to wet your appetites ;) )

Still need to work out what I'm going to do with my head (bonnet? Big hat? turban? fancy hair?) but I'm so glad one more dress is ticked off the list!


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Thank you all so much for your kind words about our Bath outfits :) I can't believe I forgot to say, but my outfit is coming to Costume College with me for the Ice Cream Social :D
Now, here we have some photos from the first re-enactment of the season. It was just a little village history festival, but was being held in the village of one of our members, so we all arrived on the Saturday evening and set up camp, he and his wife brought dinner out to us and the next day we spent entertaining the villagers with drill displays (no battles because the enemy weren't there this time!) SO, pop on under the cut to see... )

We have a ball tonight (and then Calum and I are supposed to be going out for drinks and dancing in Nottingham with some old friends who are in town over the weekend! Eeek!) So hopefully some more pictures will be forthcoming :) It's only a teeny ball again, just our dance group, and it's a seaside theme!
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So late posting these photos :( I'm sorry guys but I'm just useless!! I don't even have the excuse of wisdom teeth pain any more! I wish I could do better, I don't know why I always put it off, and I wish I could do better about posting when I'm working on something too. I love seeing all your construction and fitting pics. The updates every few days are really cool and make it so much more exciting when I get to see the final creation, I should do that for you guys too!!
Anyway, enough wallowing in 'why am I so useless' whining! Here are some photos from the Bath Minuet Company ball last month! )

Next up, our first reenactment of the season :)

Ouch :(

Apr. 12th, 2014 08:01 pm
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Having three wisdom teeth pulled out hurts. A lot :( It was only on Monday so I guess I shouldn't expect miracles but I do wish I could eat real food again!
I need to post photos from Bath I know, but at least now you know why I'm being tardy! Soon I promise, maybe even tonight ...
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As I said before, Calum is coming to the Bath Minuet Company ball with us
in a couple of weeks. He will be wearing his Regency kit again, but I didn't want to wear Regency to the only Georgian ball we go to, but I do want to match him (obviously! We needs good photos!!!) so I thought the obvious thing would be to make 1790s stuff :)
I have in the stash a short length of silver metal and white, narrow striped, silk to make an over robe; and found a lovely cotton muslin with a narrow silver metal stripe in Leicester to make a round gown. I've been working on the round gown and finally have something that's starting to look like a dress!

Here, have some hideous fitting photos too ;)


I have a feeling I'm going to be skirting the fine line between fuggly and awesome ;) no one ever said the high waisted, full skirted, fluffy look was flattering though did they?! And maybe the over robe will calm it down a bit...

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I'm finally getting round to posting photos from the ball :) And look, it's not even been a week!!! That's amazing for me isn't it?!?
Making men's clothes is so much fun but oh boy is it hard work! Anyway, here we go, I kind of got carried away! So pop on under the cut to see lots of pictures! )
His Coat was slightly unfinished for this first wearing - I hadn't managed to stitch down the skirt pleats and attach the buttons over the tops of the pleats, and there were no faux pocket flaps! I've since finished it though, so it's all ready to go for the ball in Bath in April!!!! There is much more to say about that another time!
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Here are some photos from a fitting we did last night after we got home from our valentine's weekend in Bath ;)


Regency breeches are so funny!

Emmy likes to help with fittings :D

Think they need pulling up a bit, and, ahem, he needs to arrange himself to one side not right in the middle!


Lovely curtain fabric mockup!

I'm very happy with the collar, just hope it works in the real fabric...

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Guess what I'm up to now?!

The boy had so much fun at Twelfth Night he's started dancing with us on Sundays and is coming to the next Regency ball! Of course it's in two weeks and I'm having to start from scratch with his kit, but Yay!!!
He's even happy to wear satin breeches!!! He said "which is more correct?" when I asked him what fabric he was comfortable with! Just have hand sewing left to do on the breeches then hopefully I can do the waistcoat on Saturday. Going to a reenactors market on Sunday where hopefully I will find some wool for his coat - I have Brown but really want Blue or green. I think I can finish it all in time, I may have to give up on a new dress for me though :(

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Doing a pub quiz, and one of the bonus questions was "what year was the first British manned balloon flight?" Thanks to Lunardi hats we won the T shirt :D


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The Twelfth Night party was on Saturday afternoon, and I sewed the last button on the boy's doublet at 11:45 that morning! Phew!

I had such a great time, dancing and feasting and enjoying good company, and he loved it too! He danced every dance, sometimes with me and sometimes with our friends, and he said he had fun! So keep your fingers crossed, who knows, I might be able to persuade him to go to a ball or two! although maybe joining the demo team is a bit of a long shot ;)

Anyway, I know you all want pictures, so here they are! )

I do like having a Boy to dress, and a real one at that ;)
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On Saturday our friends are once again having an Elizabethan Twelfth Night party with their other dance group, to which we've all been invited, including the Boy! So obviously my first thought isn't "how well will he fit Mummy's old stuff" but "how quickly can I make him something new"!!
To that effect I spent Thursday making him a shirt, and patterning a doublet and hose :) we had a fitting and everything was looking good, he loved the (nearly finished) shirt and the fit of the doublet, but the hose were too short in the crotch - turns out that boys need rather more room down there than girls, who knew ;) I spent the weekend at his place, so took the shirt to finish, and tomorrow I have work, but Tuesday I will be going into town to see the braid man in the market (he's only there Tuesdays, so I hope he's not on holiday!!) and finally making a start.
I've got some nice navy wool in the stash for his doublet, to be trimmed with wide silver braid if I can find any, a couple of rows of narrow silver or black if not; some lovely black geometric figured silk for sleeves (Eventually I want to bead the centres of each circle, silver or pearl beads, about 1" apart, but obviously no time now!) and his paned trunk hose will be made from the navy wool trimmed with the braid, with black satin lining. Long black socks ( or maybe tights, if he's feeling brave!) and my black knee high boots, and he'll be all set! I'm so excited!!


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